Welcome to the place where lust is unleashed!
Why did I create this blog you wonder? Basically because I thought…
What if my laptop breaks?
What if I can’t save my stories in a safe place?
So, in order to keep my erotic writings safely, (pornographic writings I would say)
I created this blog.
This is a place to keep all my stories made with the one and only aim of arouse you.
I should warn you that most of my writings are performed by asian characters,
Japanese mostly
(a specific Japanese man tbh)
I don’t think it matters tho. As soon as you see the result, I’m sure it won’t

Sometimes, a friend shows me a pic through whatsapp and then, sometimes, a wild short story also appears!

I’ll be satisfied watching your visits here, but if you could stop for a second
to share what do you think or what you feel about them I would be very happy.
Reviews are the best way to improve!
I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I enjoyed writting them.


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