The Movie

I’ve got a friend with terrific ideas. She explains them to me and soon after I write the result because her perverseness is almost the same as mine. In this short story, the main characters are a busty gaijin (guess who xD) and three horny yakuza. They are brothers and they look like this:

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From first to last: The younger one, Toraji; the brother in the middle, Tomo; the big brother, the boss, Tom.

And if you’re still alive after these pics, you’re welcome to read this… this lustfull insanity I’ve just wrote xDD


– It’s official, this is the biggest mall in which I’ve ever been – my friend tells me, looking around.

– Look at this dress!! I need it… I love Japanese fashion!

– I go first – she raises her arm full of clothes, pointing the fitting room.

– Let me check this rack and I’ll be with you – she nods, walking happily.

I hear her apologizing in a worried tone so I look up. A man with spiky hair, wearing a black suit is looking at her back. A second man pats his shoulder, whispering something into his ear. His hair is curly and messy, and I feel uneasy for my friend. I run hurriedly into the fitting room, walking by those men without even looking at them.

– You ok? – I ask her.

– Yes, but stay, please.

– I’m here, don’t worry – and I whisper – I’ll kick their ass if I have to.

– Don’t!! They look dangerous.

I look at them. I don’t know if they are dangerous but surely what they are is hot. Really attractive. And they look alike so I guess they must be family or something. That lack of ties while wearing a suit and those horrible and flashy shirts make me think about them as something really dangerous. When I’m about to look away, the curly dude notices me. His sided smile is dangerous, full of lust when his eyes reach my chest. I can’t help smiling back to him. From that moment on, I try not to look at them, but it’s a useless attempt. I’m more curious than scared. The one with spiky hair walks away but the other seems to be really interested in some girly shirts. His eyes are glued to me and his smile is attached to his face. And I’m smiling back.

– Let’s get out of here – my friend says, rushing towards the cashier.

– Don’t run – I ask her. When I walk by that curly, hot stranger he grabs softly my arm.

– See you at 00:00 in Shinjuku – he releases my arm, stroking my butt softly – next to a green food stand in the main street – I look into his dark, playful and menacing eyes – I really hope you can meet us there.

I can’t reply because he leaves right after making a gesture to the other guy with two fingers. The spiky haired one smiles at me too, winking. I’m aroused. I’m not scared when I should be terrified. I’m going to have problems and I don’t care. I don’t say a word and I barely eat anything for dinner. My friend doesn’t notice how nervous I am. When we go to the hotel room I wait for her to fall asleep and then I sneak out of the room. I have to take the underground and I’m bitting my nails non-stop. I’m about to turn around more than once, but I don’t want to live with that “what if…” my whole life. The lights of Shinjuku guide me through the street. The sound of pachinko machines, local owners attracting people in and some girls from the host clubs surround me. I stop in front of the green food stand all hysterical, and I freak out when I hear some loud laughs. People move away, hurrying to not interfere with three men who walk as if they owned the place. I can recognize two of them. They are really tall for a Japanese guy, and I don’t need to see any tattoo to know they are yakuza. My eyes meet with the guy in the middle, the older one, the one I don’t know, and he’s so intimidating I look away. I try to focus on the food in front of me but all I can hear is their footsteps moving closer. I wish they walk away, I’m regretting this, my heart is racing cause I’m scared and excited as fuck. I turn my head a bit giving them a sided look. His eyes again, he’s staring at me. But now he’s smirking and though is a bit creepy I kinda like it. The footsteps stop right behin me.

– Oe – I hear in a deep voice – busty gaijin, here, look here – I feel a hand on my shoulder and I turn abruptly.

– Me? – the youngest of them, the spiky haired, thinner guy, laugh outloud.

– Of course you! How many busty gaijin are around here?

– We’ve got a work for you sweety – I realize that their voices sound really alike, also their eyes are almost the same. But this time is the touchy guy with his mane of curly, messy hair and longer beard than the others.

– Aniki here told us you were looking at him – says the thinner guy pointing at the older one. He’s staring at me in silence with a cigarrete between his lips, thick and slightly curved on a tiny smile.

– I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to—

– But you did – the curly one says – what were you looking? What did you expect we would do if you act like that? I dated you here, not him.

– You know you shouldn’t look at him but you did – said the other.

– And let me tell you that we would came to you even if you weren’t staring at him as you did.

– ‘Cause, girl, look at you…

– How not to came closer? – actually, they are much closer.

– Ok, ok. Stop it – the older one, the boss, grabs their shoulders when my back hits the wall behind me. They are so intimidating but yet so handsome… I don’t know what to do – we should talk in somewhere more private. Don’t scare her, you idiots.

– It wasn’t our intention, aniki.

– And at least you could introduce yourself – the older one looks at me. His black eyes pierce my soul – sorry for their behaviour. It’s unacceptable – I don’t understand why a yakuza is talking to me in such polite way – I’m Tom, nice to meet you – he bows slightly.

– Mary – is all I can say, looking at him with my hands against my chest.

– Hello Mari chan, Toraji here – says the younger one, spelling my name in a different way.

– Tomo – the one with curly hair winks and I feel so ridiculously attracted to him I want to run away. This is not ok. Not at all.

– Would you give me the pleasure of coming with me? – Tom offers me his arm but I don’t move. He doesn’t look dangerous at all, but maybe that’s what he wants me to believe. I can’t trust a yakuza!

And yet, I’m walking alongside them. I feel a bit overwhelmed by the situation but I don’t want to think about it much. It’s exciting, it’s new, and they are brutally handsome. I’ve never acted out of the box and it seems that today is my first time losing control. They take me to a huge, expensive hotel and while hearing them talking about trivialities we stop at the highest floor. I feel their eyes on me, their attention put mainly in my body but also in my face. They look really happy and I feel like fainting. The first thing I see in the room is a big bed. Tom sits in a couch in front of it, removing his jacket.

– Get comfortable sweetie. Do you need something to drink? Would you like to have a bath? – Tomo asks.

– What are we going to do exactly? – I ask even when I know the answer.

– A porn movie, what else? – Toraji says removing his shirt – and you are the main star.

His body is covered by black tattoos, leaving a space in the middle of his chest in blank. Tomo’s body is decorated in almost the same way, but he’s bigger than his brother and some of his tattoos has color. Again, I know I must be scared, but I’m not. I’m excited and aroused as I’ve never been. Toraji is the first approaching me, holding a camera. Both are only wearing their trousers but Tom is still completely dressed. However, he looks at us thoroughly. I feel Tomo’s hands from behind, on my breasts. He strokes them sweetly, kissing my neck too. I let go a soft sigh, letting him unbutton the front of my dress. I want to laugh but I smile instead.

– Huge – he whispers in my ear when my bra is on the floor – I can’t grab them with my hands – and his hands are really big. He pulls my dress down, and as soon as I can think about it, his fingers are between my labia, over my underwear. I moan – do you like it?

– Yes – I whisper, blushing, pressing his hand with mine – touch me.

Soon after, my underwear is stained, soaking wet. Tomo’s fingers moves exactly as I want them to. Toraji holds the camera near my inner thight, licking his lips and touching his crotch. Tomo kneels in front of me, lowering my underwear, licking softly my labia, between them, my clit. I moan louder, grabbing his curls while he gulps me down. Toraji makes a gesture and he moves aside letting him film my wet flesh and his tongue over it. My body shooks when his thick, warm lips close around my clit and his tongue touches it slowly, in circles. I cum in his mouth, whimpering, feeling my legs trembling. He moans against my skin too. Tom asks for the camera, Toraji obeys. Tomo makes me lay on a bed sideways but facing him. Toraji lays behind my back. The younger one lifts my leg and I feel his warm dick rubbing against my skin. I moan in Tomo’s mouth, and suddenly, in his cock. I can’t focus in just one thing at the time. I hear Toraji’s moan and I feel how his dick penetrates me. It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s not big enough to harm me. I feel him getting slowly inside me and his pants on my neck. I touch his hair, turning my face around to kiss him, but his brother demands my attention. Tomo’s cock is bigger, but it fits in my mouth. He moans louder than his brother when I lick his warm flesh. It has foreskin since he’s not circumcised. His dick is thick. I love it, I love what I’m feeling so I moan my thoughs outloud.

– Do you like this? – I ask Tomo, moaning cause Toraji is moving faster inside me. I move my ass and the boy seems to die in moans and pants.

– Lick me here – he points right under his glans. I pull down softly his foreskin, licking where he wants me to – oh yes, I love it, ki-kimochi – he whispers between gritted teeth – I wanna fuck your pussy so bad.

– I’m gonna cum, stop moving like that, bitch –Toraji complains against my back skin when I just have an orgasm – oh please I’m so close… your cunt is so fucking perfect.

– Don’t cum inside – Tom warns them.

– Move – Tomo orders Toraji, pulling his cock away from my mouth and laying beside me.

I feel Toraji coming out and Tomo getting in. He’s just a bit thicker but my pussy feels the difference intensly. I grab his shoulders, demanding for more, sitting on him. Toraji pulls my hair, making me look up and masturbating in front of my face. He moans loud when I swallow his full erection, looking into his eyes, feeling Tomo making his way into my body and whispering he’s cumming too. He’s banging me, grabbing my ass with one of my breasts in his mouth. My moans are long, almost like whimpers, suffocated by Toraji’s dick. I caress his balls with my fingers and the boy shivers bitting his lip.

– Do not cum inside – Tom orders them once more.

– Hai, aniki – Tomo moans once again and I feel his sperm staining my chest, I see his intense pleasure gesture and I masturbate both brothers at the same time, feeling their cum on my body and face. I’m smiling like insane.

– This is perfect – I hear Tom whispering – girl, you were born for this.

When they walk away I think it’s over, but I couldn’t be more wrong. Tom gives Toraji the camera, taking off his shirt, showing bright colored tattoos. He takes an enormous dick from his trousers. It’s so thick I’m scared it won’t fit in my body. He cleans my skin with a pillow case, kneeling in front of my extremely wet pussy. Tomo is smiling while smoking, sitting on the chair where his big brother was before. Tom makes me spread my legs wide open, caressing my thigs while looking at me. I touch his wide shoulders, his well shaved beard, astonished with his perfect body and face. He covers his hands with my fluids, passing it over my wet pussy and making me moan. His mouth opens when his wet cock touches my labia. My back curves on bed as soon as he starts to penetrate me. He’s filling me up, I can’t barely move. It’s so intense the only thing I can do is moan. He moves slowly, whispering how tight I am. He’s careful, he fucks me with the half of his dick, moving his hips slowly. But I’m really wet, I’ve been fucked by two guys just a minute before and it doesn’t take much time to have his cock completely inside my body.

– Oh God, oh my God – I moan grabbing the sheets of the bed, smiling – oh please, give me more…

– Your pussy is swallowing it all, fffuck this feels so good.

– Yes, harder, please Tom…

His strong hands grab my hips, punishing them with his. He’s moaning deeply, intensly, and I’m having the most brutal orgasm I’ve ever had. He leans over me, grabbing my boobs and licking my tongue. His body crushes mine, his sweat mixes with mine. I move my hips closer to him when he moves faster and harder. I love the rough sex he’s giving me and I can’t stop cumming. I scream it. I hear the other two laughing when I grab his ass to feel him even deeper. Tom’s grunts and moans are loud and he kneels again on bed, digging his fingers in my thighs, moving slower. I scream when I feel his sperm inside me, his cock harder than ever. We’re both paralysed by pleasure. When he takes it out, I see Toraji filming how his cum is coming out from my cunt. I can’t breathe properly. He films me for a whole minute, my exhausted blushed face, my trembling body.

– And cut – Toraji says moving the camera aside – You DID have a great time didn’t you? – Tomo throws my clothes to me.

– Yes… I… I did – I answer, panting.

– I’m very pleased with this. It’s going to sell like hotcakes – Tom says, puffing – can we call you for another shoot?

– Oh please, please! – I say sitting on bed – Call me anytime you want!! But I have one condition – the brothers stare at me – I want a free copy of it without any kind of censorship and next time, it has to be the three of you again. I demand it – Tomo kneels on the bed, grabbing my chin and kissing my lips.

– Deal – I smile with them.

I realize I have become the slut of the most pervert yakuza. But I also know for sure that I couldn’t be happier.


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