Captain’s Helm

Ok, this fic is just about sex. Sex, sex, and sex, no background.Nothing but sex, that’s it.

Maybe it has a story behind but it can be resumed in: 2 friends looking for sex.

It’s just… I was so horny I needed to express my feelings somewhere.

Why you ask? Well, let me introduce you to Mr. Enoshi-san, cool dude, hot dude

 IMG_20150416_034743 IMG_20150416_034902

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ And let me die with this pic ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


Now you understand, right?

My only warning… IT’S DIRTY AS FUCK and by the way, Captain’s Helm is where the action takes place.


Two girls are at Captain’s Helm terrace, looking for any of those hot men who usually appear in their wet dreams. They know it would be a huge coincidence to meet both of them, but they had to try anyway. Tifa is wearing a short summer dress, Moni wears a t-shirt and plain trousers. They tried to look pretty but casual, nothing extreme. They’re both foreign people, they are not Japanese. But those men… they surely are. Suddenly, Tifa hears her friend Moni whispering her name fast and nervously over and over again. She looks inside the store and she sees one of the big guys, talking while smiling with some friends of his. Their giggles start, louder than ever. They can’t take their eyes away from his leather jacket, his jeans, his long hair tied back, his smiles. When he looks at them, especially at Moni, they try to look away in a casual way. But their smiles are betraying them.

– He’s looking at you – Moni whispers, fidgeting on her chair and grabbing her strawberry milkshake with both hands.

– No, he’s not – Tifa answers, looking sideways at him. He’s talking to the bartender but staring at them with a smirk – he’s definetly looking at you.

– He’s looking at both. He noticed, he knows we are stalkers, help – their giggles start again and they won’t stop, as always – he’s standing, he’s leaving. Oh my he’s so tall

– No, he’s approaching, fuck, fuck, fuck – Tifa says, trying to look calm without succes.

– Tifa…

– Just drink and look somewhere else – their hands are trembling a bit and after some seconds the girls hear him clearing his throat.

– Ahm… hello. Welcome to my pub – he says – Are you enjoying your drinks? – They nod. He smiles wide – Maybe it’s just me but, do we know each other? – They shake their heads – I don’t know, you’re staring at me non-stop so…

– Sorry – Moni says hurriedly – we didn’t mean to.

– Actually yes, we did mean to. I’m Tifa – she says offering him her hand. Moni puffs and chuckles.

– Enoshi, nice to meet you – he looks at Moni with a wider smirk – and this pretty face belongs to…?

– Moni – she says giggling. He raises his eyebrows.

– And are you enjoying Japan? – she nods happily – how did you end here?

– We knew about the place and we wanted to just… visit it – they are looking at each other so much that Tifa starts to feel like the third wheel.

– Do you like me or am I delusional? – she giggles harder.

– She likes you, yeah – Tifa says so he looks at her laughing. Moni is about to explode.

– Would you like to go to somewhere a bit more private? – he asks her, poking her nose.

– With you? – Moni asks in a soft voice, looking at her friend, looking for help.

– Yes, she does – Tifa says, feeling as nervous as her friend.

– Oh, I was including you too – She whispers a surprised “oh” – let’s go.

            He stands and they follow him giggling, squeezing their arms, puffing and smiling like insane. The three of them walk towards a back door that leads to another room. Once in there, Enoshi takes off his jacket; that place is warmer than the bar.

– We don’t know this guy – Moni whispers at Tifa, pointing Enoshi – why did we get in here without knowing him?

– Come on, if he tries something it won’t be abuse, right? – she laughs, agreeing with Tifa.

– Come here – Enoshi grabs Moni’s hand, sitting down on a brown sofa. There is a couch in front of it in the same color and a dark red carpet between them – you’re so cute. I wonder if you could handle me – she looks at his lips, at his eyes and back at his lips again. Tifa chuckles behind her hand – you – he says looking at Tifa – take off your dress.

– What – It’s not a question. She’s just surprised. He makes Moni sit on his lap, kissing her cheek from behind. Moni has some troubles to breathe like a normal person.

– You heard me, I wanna watch you while feeling this cutie – his hands are hiding now under Moni’s shirt. She breathes deeply from her nose and a whimper comes out her lips. She can’t move.

– Ok, but what do I get in return? – Tifa’s alredy pulling down the strips of her dress while licking her lips, starting to feel really excited.

– Well, there’s a friend willing to give you what you want.

– Oh my… – Moni’s eyes are wide open, looking above Tifa’s shoulder.

            The exact moment in which Enoshi grabs Moni’s face, kissing her lips softly, Tifa feels two manly, huge hands over her boobs. While her eyes are glued to Enoshi’s hand moving up to Moni’s breasts she hears the first deep moan in her ear. Tifa tries to look at that person but he doesn’t let her. He forces Tifa to look at the couple in the sofa. She can see that under Moni’s t-shirt, Enoshi is pinching her nipples, and she can see how her friend is starting to moan in his mouth. Tifa’s dress slides over her body, falling to the floor.

– So big – his voice in her ear… Tifa knows that voice.

            Moni looks at them when Enoshi stops kissing her to look at Tifa’s underwear. What she sees is her naked friend, panting, grabbing Tomoya’s hands against her boobs. What she feels is Enoshi’s hands in hers. But what really excites her is Tomoya’s eyes staring into hers while he’s whispering in Tifa’s ear. He bites Tifa’s earlob and the girl let go a whimper.

– I wanna lick your friend’s body – Enoshi says outloud, kissing her neck – but I want to fuck you, cause girl, you are so small and you must be so tight – She’s holding her moans, hard task having him squeezing her nipples between his fingers.

– I thought this one is for me – Tomoya says, finally grabbing Tifa’s face with his hand, smirking at her when they look into each other’s eyes.

– And you will, but let me taste her.

– Taste her like… with your mouth? – Tomoya is talking over Tifa’s lips. Moni feels Enoshi’s erection against her ass. She’s hornier than ever in her whole life.

– Exactly. It’s so hot in here, right? – Enoshi pulls Moni’s t-shirt up, taking it off, looking at her face.

            He turns the girl to face her, so her back rests on his arm. His mouth runs slowly over her skin, giving her goosebumps, forcing her to touch his wide shoulders. She hears her friend moaning. Enoshi looks first and he laughs softly. When she looks at the couple, she feels even more aroused. Tifa grabs Tomoya’s face with both hands, he grabs her ass tightly, squeezing it hard. She bites his lips, looking into his eyes with so much desire that makes Moni blush even more than she already is. Tifa wants to feel his dick so bad she kneels in front of him. When she unzips his trousers he grabs her hair, smirking. Tifa let his warm, hard erection out of his grey underwear. She licks it slowly, making Tomoya gulp down.

– ¿Do you want to do that to him? – Enoshi whispers on Moni’s ear, grabbing her hips and rubbing himself with her.

– Y-yes – his fingers unbutton her trousers, slipping inside her panties.

– Go then, if you can – Moni’s hands grabs his shoulders, trembling while looking at Tifa with Tomoya’s dick between her lips.

– If you don’t stop, I, I can’t – She says.

– Fuck, you’re so good – Tomoya’s moans, Tomoya’s real moans fill her ears. Enoshi removes his hand from her panties, making her stand, slapping her ass.

– Eat him alive until he’s shaking. I’ll make you scream in while.

            She walks with trembling legs to where her friend is. Enoshi lifts Tifa from where she is, holding her waist, making her laugh. And Tifa kisses him eagerly too. Enoshi is really sexy, really big, and his eyes hide so much perversion as hers. Tomoya comes closer to Moni and also closer to the other couple. He removes his shirt but he leaves his jeans on… with his cock out of them. Tifa undresses Enoshi chuckling with him, surrounding his hips with her legs and kissing him deeply.

– Touch me – Tomoya grabs Moni’s hand. She surrounds his burning flesh with her fingers, moving it slowly over his wet skin – yeah, touch me like that.

– Oishii – Moni hears from the sofa. She looks briefly to see Enoshi gulping down her friend, his head buried between her legs.

– Your fingers too, Enoshi-kun – Tifa begs. When she feels his tongue over her clit and his fingers inside her, she moans for the first time. Seconds after that, she hears Moni’s moans as well. She’s naked and Tomoya is touching her softly while she touches him in the same way.

– You like it hard, don’t you? – Enoshi asks her. Tifa grabs his hair, forcing him to continue.

– Shut up and make me cum – he laughs.

– I wanna fuck both of you now – he sais touching her clit, removing his fingers from inside her to press with his cock.

– You greedy bastard – Tomoya pants, rubbing his cock against Moni’s clit. The girl screams, scratching his wide shoulders – you want it all, fuck you.

– She cumming – Tifa says. Moni is trembling surrounded by Tomoya’s arms. She’s having a brutal orgasm feeling Tomoya’s glans against her sensitive skin and his tongue inside her mouth – I wanna cum too – she complains. Enoshi grabs her thigh, penetrating her slowly. She looks at him, bitting her lip and grabbing his ass – yeah I like it hard.

            He fucks her slowly but deeply, moaning and making her cum as well by touching her clit. She makes him lay on the sofa, sitting on his cock, giving him her back. Tomoya is slightly penetrating Moni with his glans, the girl screams, looking at his intense pleasure gestures. He tries harder, she feels it intensly sliding inside her, not much, just enough to make her shake. And he repeats it twice, a third time, moaning behind clenched teeth. But Enoshi grabs the girl’s hand, pulling her to where he lays. Tifa moves her hips over his, grabbing her boobs while riding him wildly. Enoshi makes Moni sit on his face, and he licks her whole pussy eagerly. Moni dig her nails on Tifa’s back, who laughs at her moans. She sees how Tomoya comes closer to Tifa, forcing her to swallow his cock. He’s so horny he almost has his eyes closed. Tifa licks him gladly while he plays with her boobs. When Moni is about to cum a second time, feeling it even more intensly than the first, Tomoya makes her lick his thumb. Enoshi pushes Tifa away hurriedly, and she stands panting and looking at him puzzled.

– I almost cum, stop moving like that – she laughs playfully – Tomoya, she will destroy you.

– I wonder if she could – he sits on the little couch, with her on his lap – let’s watch how my friend fucks your friend – he whispers on Tifa’s ear.

– But touch me. And talk to me. Your voice turns me on so much… – Tifa demands, looking over her shoulder, placing her hand over Tomoya’s cheek and kissing him lustfully.

– The question is – Enoshi says, sitting straight on the sofa, rubbing Moni’s cunt with his cock – am I going to destroy you?

– I don’t know – she pants, so aroused that the words just comes out from her lips – just fuck me.

            Tifa looks at her friend. She looks away a bit embarrassed. Enoshi places his warm hands on Moni’s thighs, making his way into the girl slowly. She’s so wet, she dreamed so much about that moment that it is surprisingly easy for him. He penetrates her with half of his dick but when he tries to go deeper, the girl complains.

– Does it hurt? – he pants, she nods – you’re seriously tight.

– Keep moving inside her – Tifa asks, guiding Tomoya’s fingers over her clit.

– Your friend is so pervert – Enoshi quavers in Moni’s ear – oh Moni-chan, you’re so tight… – He grabs her legs, pressing them against the girl’s chest. He moves his hips slowly, looking at Moni’s red face.

– Touch her – Tomoya whispers in Tifa’s ear, bitting it softly – I wanna see it while I fuck your pussy slowly.

– This is so dirty – Tifa smiles – but she won’t like it, you pervert.

– Look at her – Moni’s lips
are half open, moaning non-stop – she doesn’t care.

– I don’t know, she has what she needs – Tifa teases him – your friend fucks really well, his cock is so good. Look at them.

            Enoshi holds Moni from her waist, making her lay on the sofa facing him. He moves his hips fast but not deeply, moaning hard with her nipples between his teeth. Moni grabs his hair, feeling like dying, cumming over and over again. Before that moment, she thought it was impossible but his thick cock is filling her up. His big hands are everywhere all over her skin. She looks at the other couple. Tifa is looking at her or at least trying because Tomoya is grabbing her neck, bitting it and rubbing her pussy fast with his fingers. The girl can’t keep her eyes open, moaning while bitting her lip. Tomoya slips his cock between her wet labia, puffing.

– I can’t, I can’t anymore – Enoshi’s strong arms hold her tight, and he moves fast inside her – Tifa, come here.

            Moni screams with her eyes closed. It hurts. It’s delicious. She wants more. She wants him to stop. She’s cumming again. She’s exhausted. He takes it from her body to fuck Tifa’s pussy. He trembles and whines as soon as his cock is out of sight inside her. She’s on her four right beside the sofa, sucking Tomoya’s cock. And Tomoya licks Moni’s pussy while he’s being sucked by her friend. Moni has a final orgasm that completely destroys her grabbing Tomoya’s hair. Her body twists and sweats. Her fingers tangled in his hair. Her pussy is completely soaking wet, palpitating, irritated. Enoshi fucks Tifa fast and deep, in the way he’d like to fuck Moni. He cums over her back, moaning deeply while masturbating. When he finishes, he smiles at Moni, knowing that she’s unable to keep with it, looking at her face and kissing her cheeks. She feels him moving away but she’s so tired she closes her eyes for a bit. What’s more, Enoshi covers her naked body with his huge jacket. She almost falls asleep, she is close. But then she opens her eyes to some noises. The scene makes her sit straight on the sofa.

            They are still on the floor. Tomoya has kneeled between her friend’s legs. Her back is against Enoshi’s chest. Enoshi’s fingers are rubbing her clit and nipples. She’s starting to scream. Tomoya is sinking between Tifa’s labia slowly and as soon as he moans, Tifa does too. He doesn’t fuck her deeply, he just moves slowly inside her. But she’s demanding and she grabs his ass. When he reaches her bottom Tifa smiles at Tomoya’s loud kimochi.

– Do me hard – Tifa says between gritted teeth – break me.

– Oh my… – Says Enoshi. He grabs Tifa’s boobs because Tomoya pulls away his hand.

– Please, stop moving your hips like that – Tomoya begs – oh please this is so… I just…

            He’s fucking her so hard, deep and fast it’s amazing she doesn’t scream in pain. She seems to endure his huge cock and she seems to be asking for more but Moni won’t know. Tomoya’s tongue won’t let her talk. His hips moves so fast she can’t see his cock anymore. Enoshi is bitting his own lip, pinching her nipples hard. Tomoya is so excited that a huge vein appears on his forehead and his neck, holding his moans. As soon as he stops kissing her, Tifa moans loud with a broken voice, digging her nails on his chest. Tomoya grunts, scratching her thighs, pressing his hips against her almost without moving. His eyes are strongly closed, frowning, clenching his teeth. Tifa opens her mouth, frowning too, panting deeply and moving her hips slowly. Tomoya let go all the air from his lungs in a long puff on Tifa’s neck, laying over her body. Enoshi laughs, grabbing her by the chin and kissing her lips.

– That was completely awesome…

– I’m horny again – Moni whispers, making everyone laugh.

– Lucky we have all night – Enoshi gets up, throwing himself over Moni, making her laugh because he squashes her. He kisses her, stroking her cheek.

– I can’t breathe – Tifa pants laying on the floor. Tomoya laughs like an idiot with his face buried between her breasts. Moni just see his back trembling and hears a suffocated “he he he he” what makes her laughs even louder – can we sleep and we keep going later?

– Whatever – Enoshi lays behind Moni, yawning and holding her waist – I think I can’t move anymore.

– Really? – Moni says upset.

– I can keep with it, but let me recover my breath – Tifa looks tired, looking at them after moving aside her messy hair.

– Seriously, where did you find these depraved, nasty girls – Tomoya asks smiling wide. Tifa kisses his cheek.

– He didn’t find us – Moni says – we’ve found you.

– And you won’t scape alive from here – Tifa adds.

            The girls look into each other’s eyes and burst into laughters. Probably they will say goodbye next morning. Probably it’s a once in a life time experience. And just because of that reason they won’t let them sleep. After all, reaching that moment was their main aim since the beggining. They share a weird friendship that just both of them would understand. And maybe those two poor guys who will feel next morning, almost certainly, drained, exhausted, and surprised by two nasty and depraved gaijin.



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