The doorbell rings and my tears won’t stop flowing. I get up from the sofa, throwing the used tissue away and peeking out the door. He’s there standing in silence, drenched and wearing his trench coat. It must be cold outside, as cold as I feel without him by my side. My first reaction is closing the door but he pushes it with his huge hand.

– Please – he murmurs, I can hear the pain in his voice – forgive me.

I look into his sad dark eyes and I get lost in them. I love him. I just love him so much that I’m unable to let him go that devastated. I need him and I’d like to think that he needs me as well. A whimper comes out from my lips when I hug his waist, leaning my head on his wet chest. He sucks his teeth, whispering my name, holding my back.

– I’m an idiot, ne? – he asks when I look at his face.

That beautiful stupid face of his. I nod, he smiles slightly. I stand on my tiptoes, touching his face to kiss him. He squeezes my body with his long and strong arms, breathing deeply in my mouth. I whisper how much I love him, he answers those two words I want to hear staring into my eyes. We walk slowly, holding each other towards the bedroom. He takes off his clothes and I wait inside our bed. His skin is cold and his hair is kind of wet. He places his head on my chest, holding my body and trembling a bit. I hold him tight, caressing his cheek. His breathe becomes slower, deeper. I look at his face. He fell asleep. I smile and feeling the beating of his heart, I sleep as well.


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