She got into the room blinking her sleepy eyes. He was humming in the shower and his clothes were all over the place. She smiled at the mess, grabbing his sweater, taking off her pants and bra. She put his big jumper on, it felt warm, as if he was hugging her. She smelt it deeply, smiling wider. Then, she came back to the sofa where she slept, waiting for him to get out from the bathroom. The sweater almost covered her body, he was huge.

– You are awake! – he said a little after that, from the living-room door, drying his hair with a towel.
– I heard a strange noise coming from the bathroom – they were both smiling wider and wider as he got closer – it was you singing.
– Hmmm… Isn’t it mine? – he said pointing at his clothes
– Me or the jumper? – she raised her arms, waiting for him to hold her.
– Both – his voice sounded amused, smiling with both his mouth and eyes.
– Not anymore… Get them back – their lips met softly at first, and so did their tongues.

He giggled on her mouth when his hands touched her naked thighs. She surrounded his waist with her legs, making it easier for him to lay over her body. Their kisses became naughty ones, her hands went down his chest. Her thumbs lowered his pyjama trousers and his underwear but he moved down his body. “Tsk tsk tsk” he said smiling lustfully. He kissed her panties, she sighed. He moved the cloth to a side, tasting her in the most delicated way possible. She grabbed his wet hair, moaning softly. He gulped her down, stroking her nipples. Her back lifted from the sofa. As soon as she felt horny as hell and wet, really wet, he climbed up her body,  looking for her mouth. They were kissing deeply when he slized between her labia; inside her body. He grabbed her ass tightly, she dug her nails on his shoulders. He gasped and moaned on her ear a soft “I’ve missed you” She whispered his name. His swings became thrusts and her moans almost screams. She reached the orgasm when he touched her clit, licking her neck. Her skin was covered with goosebumps. He cummed shortly after, moaning loud, holding her firmly and feeling her kisses all over his face. They looked into each other’s eyes and she whispered into his smiling lips:

– Welcome home



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