Her purse falls on bed when she throws it from the other side of the room.

– What the fuck is wrong with you? – He asks, pulling her shoulder.

– Oh, you know it, don’t play innocent with me – she says behind gritted teeth, pushing his hand away angrily.

– The fuck I know?! You went all ballistic in the fucking cafe!

– Oh, but were you paying attention to me?!?!

– Stop yelling at me!!

– Stop behaving like that with other women and you won’t hear me!!!

– I didn’t do anything!! – She laughs sarcastically, clapping

– You were eyefucking those girls right in front of my face!!!

– Come on babe, they were customers I had to—

– No Enoshi, you don’t. At least not in front of me, that’s rude!!

– I’m so done with this conversation – He says walking away.

– YEAH, THAT’S IT, JUST GO – He stops dead and turn around, walking closer to his girlfriend.

– How do I have to tell you that I just love you!!?

– You don’t have to tell me, you have to prove it to me!!

– Oh you want proofs?!!

He grabs her hair firmly, kissing her lips furiously. She fights to scape but he won’t let her go. She hits his chest, he kisses her deeply. She bites his lips, pulling his shirt until they hear the cloth cracking. Enoshi lowers her underwear, pressing her against the wall. She lowers his zip, scratching his chest while he bites her neck. He moves her panties to a side, rubbing her pussy with his hard rock erection. His cock makes its way between her warm flesh roughly, making her scream. Her nails dig into his chest under his shirt, her legs surround his waist. He squeezes her breasts and pulls strongly her hair while eagerly kissing her. She moans, he moans louder.

– I fucking hate you – she says in a broken voice.

– And I love you so much – he pants over her mouth.

His hips crashes into hers, making her wet, making her shake. She cums when he reaches the orgasm, moaning loud and grunting like an animal. She screams biting her lips. They kiss, she cums a second before him. They smile and after a sweet tired kiss, they lay in bed. Without taking off their clothes, they wish each other goodnight, sleeping as close as their bodies can be.

Next morning, she opens her eyes, blinking cause sunlight slips between the curtains. At some point that night, her boyfriend took off his clothes so she sees him laying faced down on bed, completely naked. She messes his hair, biting his neck from behind and laying over his back. He complains and mumbles half asleep.

– Good morning popular guy – she whispers, kissing his cheek

– Ohayo, jealous baka – He grabs her arm, curling in bed and holding it against his chest – let’s sleep a bit more, you’re so warm…

– You gotta work – he shivers, chuckling when she talks into his ear

– It tickles – he says smiling

– Tickles, huh? – she says in a dirty tone. She starts tickling his ribs, he rolls over bed laughing and laying over her – GET OFF YOU FAT IDIOT!! – She complains, biting his shoulder

– NEVER – He answers, spreading his arms and legs, squashing her. But he rolls over in bed once more, holding her waist and kissing her cheek – Aishiteru – he whispers, looking straight into her eyes

– Aishiteru mo.

They hold each other, smiling and falling asleep again. And the store… Well, who cares?



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