Locked out from heaven


I’m lying on the bed and he’s staring at me. I can’t move, my wrists and ankles are tied. His deep wild stare goes up and down all over my naked body and I blush. I blush so much I feel the heat on my cheeks. He bends over my body, leaning his hands on my hips. His gaze is intense and dirty. He licks his lips and sharp fangs.

– I’m gonna eat you alive – he whispers on my lips with a husky voice. I nod, moaning softly – I’m gonna make you scream and the only thing that will come out from your lips… – he stops talking, licking my mouth. His tongue and his breath burns – …will be my name.

I feel his hands going up my body, tenderly caressing me with his long nails. His tongue demands mine, so I give him what he wants. His kisses are nasty, his passion feels like fire. My body shakes when his long fingers slips between my labia and I moan in his mouth when he presses my clit.

– You want it, right? You want it baaaadly…

– I… Don’t hurt me – is all that I can say.

– Oh baby I won’t.

His mouth goes down my body and his hands grab my breasts. His tongue licks me eagerly, I dig my nails on my hands and my teeth on my lip. His hands won’t stop caressing me and I see his arms and back muscles in tension when he squeeze my boobs again. The orgasm makes my body twist and I can’t stop moaning loud. He climbs over my body and grabs my hair, still touching my wet flesh. He makes me suck his thick cock, getting it into my mouth. I barely can move my tongue over his burning skin. He tastes so good. He smells even better. He pants, he moans loudly “kimochi…kimochi o” and I lick him slowly but intensely. After a really loud moan he moves again down my body. He opens my labia with his fingers and I feel him slipping inside of me. He burns, he’s huge. He moans more than me. He’s losing it. I look between my legs and all I can see is his big thick cock buried inside of me. His red skin pressed with mine, his body filling me up. His thrusts are wild, intense, noisy with his moans and wet sounds. He’s starting to sweat. He pulls from the chains that tie me up and brakes them, holding me tight. His movement inside me is insane, rough, too much. I grab his hair, I lick his tongue, and I scream when I feel his sperm inside me. His moans are growls, mines are broken. He kisses my lips moaning my name and I kiss his. He smiles, looking at me with his demon eyes.

– And I thought heaven was forbidden for me…



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