He still has that look on his eyes and I can’t stand it. His gaze pierces me, and he sighs.

– Wow… Such harsh words you’ve said about me.

– Why have you kept in mind just what I said first? – I ask without looking at him – I kept talking after that…

– You know that if I’m not at home it’s because of work

– Yeah but…

– And that I’d like to have time for myself; for us.

– You can ask for it, you’re already super rich – I mumble – is not like they’re going to fire you or something…

– You should apologize to me for what you’ve said

– That will happen when you apologize to me for leaving me alone!! – Says that part of me that’s still angry. He squeezes my hands – I miss you – Says that part of me that’s sad

– And I miss you too, little, roaring dinosaur.

Then I look at him. His sided smile appears on his face. I can’t be angry with him when all I want and need is to be in his arms. He knows, and he holds me tight because he also needs me. The warmth of his body makes my heart warmer and I dig my nose on his chest, smelling his manly scent. I feel his lips over my ear and he whispers, making me feel tickles.

– I wanna feel you closer.

A whimper is the last coherent thing I say for a while, because after tasting his tongue, I don’t have anything else to complain about.



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