Bikes again!


Once again, he is fixing some friend’s bike. He’s always saying “this will be the last” but as soon I look away he’s with a new toy. Smiling, cause I can’t get mad at him, I sit on the bike. He looks up, a soft “Are?” comes out from his lips. I smile, waving my fingers. He stands, pretending to be annoyed and placing his hands over my thighs. He grins. He removes his working gloves. And while I’m wondering how hot he can be without making me explode, his fingers move down my inner thighs. I grab his shoulder. I gasp. He strokes my thin trousers with the tip of his fingers. Immediately, I feel that warm sensation between my legs and my panties getting wet. His tongue distracts me for a while until I moan in his mouth because his hand is inside my clothes. Flesh to flesh. He whispers “So wet already?” I whine. “Are you cumming sweetheart?” his whispers are tickling my ears, his broken, horny voice exciting me even more. He presses his fingers against my clit, and he looks into my eyes. His moan, from the bottom of his throat, makes me moan louder. I’m shaking, my nails are digging on his skin and I close my legs tightly when the orgasm tenses my muscles. He’s smiling. He’s chuckling on my lips. I whisper a soft “baka”. He kisses my lips once more and get back to work. “I’m finishing, go to bed and get naked” he looks at me slowly licking his lips “I’m not done with you yet” I smile and, as expected, I obey. I will always obey.



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