Ok, this might be a weird one but it’s something tomoni-chan and I talked about. What if your beloved pet turns into the hottest man alive? Yeah, it’s sooo fucking weird, but believe me, I had so much fun writting this…
This is the main character, a cat named Toraji:
And this is… Toraji:
Now you know why we thought about the possibility of having a tiger in our bed xDDDD
It’s not a short story but it’s not a full fic either. It’s just a developed idea. Enjoy!
            I sighed getting into my bed after a long, tiring day… luckily I had my cat near me. As soon as the blankets covered my cold body, he walked slowly over my chest, blinking his eyes and lying over my arm. I curled in bed, hugging Toraji tight while caressing his white and orange hair. When he licked my fingers I felt a bit sad realizing that it was the only gesture of affection I had since months. And it came from a cat. My husband has been working outside the city since too long, and I started to hate him as much as I missed him. For a second, just before I fell asleep, I wonder how it would be to have again a man holding me all night long. I spent an agitated night, I had restless and weird dreams, and I woke up tired and super sad. To make things worst, Toraji was not around. I got up from bed walking all sleepy to my kitchen, grabbing some choco-milk from the fridge. Sighting as always, I sat on my chair, and I smiled when I felt Toraji’s weight on my shoulder. My heart stopped when I looked at him, cause it wasn’t my cat, it was a slightly bearded man with spiky hair and his chin resting on my shoulder.
– Oooohayooou – He said smiling. I screamed loud, getting up from my chair. That man jumped back, puffing from his nose and looking at me ofended. He was completetly naked – why did you do that? I hate when you make loud sounds, you should know by now.
– Who are you?! – I asked covering my eyes after another scream – What do you want?! Get ooooooooout?!
– Eh? Why? What happens? – I felt him moving closer and slowly to me so I run away, locking myself into my room – Ha-chaaaaaaan, what are you doing? – he was knocking on my door and apparently he knew my name.
– Get out of my house!! – I said at the top of my lungs.
– It’s my house too! And I don’t feel like having a walk right now, I want food, I’m starving – his voice sounded pitful.
– What do you mean it’s your house? IT’S MY HOUSE!! Get out!!
– But… but you hugged me yesterday, we slept together – his voice was sad now, I didn’t understand a single thing he was saying – please, Ha-chan, open the door.
– No! You are naked! – My phone wasn’t in the room, I couldn’t call the police but at least I hoped some neighbors were listening to my screams.
– Naked? – I heard a surprised “oh” followed by a silly laughter – sorry, I’m not used to this appearance. AH! – I jumped when he screamed – that’s why you’re scared! You don’t recognize me you idiot!
– WHO ARE YOU?! – I was shaking, afraid to death. But that feeling changed into incomprehension when he answered.
– Toraji, you baka!
– What did you say? – then a terrifying thought crossed my mind – Oh my,what did you do to my cat?! YOU BASTARD I WILL KILL YOU!!
– I am your cat! – he said laughing – wait, let me cover this hairless body as you do. It’s freezing here!
             I heard him walking away while saying “I wish I had my hair back, this so weird”. I wanted to look at him, I wanted to run away. I was scared and curious at the same time. What he was saying was crazy, it was just impossible!
– Ok, now I’m covered though I don’t know if it’s going to stay. My paws are so strange now.
– Stop it – I said annoyed – why are you doing this?
– Ha-chan, it’s me, I swear. What can I do to make you believe me? – I didn’t say a thing – ok, listen. I remember perfectly the first day you saw me you called me little tiger. And I loved it so much I jumped from the box I was sleeping with my brothers to your arms. So you decided to take me to this place, calling me Toraji. Your coat was warm and your hands were soft. I felt cold because it was raining all  day long and my brothers let me in a corner of the littler. Ah! You fed me with some chicken! I remember it! And it was the first time we slept together. Since then I always sleep in your arm.
             I was shocked. Everything was the absolute truth and no one knew that information, I was a lonely person. I  opened the door slowly, looking at his happy face. His eyes were almond-shaped, same brown as my cat. And he had a mole right beside where my cat had a black spot, close to his left eye. He made a weird, soft sound with his throat, smiling wide, approaching his face to mine. I looked at him carefuly, he stretched his hand to me, a big hand, and I put it away hitting it. He raised his eyebrows hitting my head really fast with the tip of his fingers, running away while laughing. I peeked out of my room to find him giggling at the end of the corridor, hiding behind a piece of furniture. I walked out confused and when I reached the living room, it was empty.
– T… Toraji? – I whispered softly. I heard giggles behind me and I turned back.
– What? – he asked smiling wide. I steped back – Food? – he walked towards my cat’s dish, looking at me and at the cabinet where the cat food was, as my pet used to do.
– This can’t be real…
– But it is! I… – he came closer again – may I? – he asked showing me his hands. I let him hold mine, smiling once more – why are you so tiny now? You used to be big. Or maybe I grew. Everything is so different and I feel clumsy, slow, and terribly dirty! – he smelt himself – where is that smell coming from?
– Your armpits – I said pointing them, a bit entertained because of his energy and happiness about just being there.
– This is so weird, and disgusting. I can’t clean myself! why do you smell soooo good? – he sniffed my wrist and my neck all of the sudden. When I felt his nose on my neck I shivered – hmmmm… – he whispered in my ear, caressing my skin with his nose. He moved away, pointing the cabinet – give me food. Can I take it by myself? I can reach it now!
– No! – I said, having troubles to breathe – sit down – he sat on the floor. I smiled helplessly – nooo! In the chair!
– Ah! Ok – his movements where soft and fast and his attention moved easily from me to a sound in the distance – I can’t hear a thing, I don’t know if everyone is really quiet or if I’m going deaf.
– You’re Toraji – he nooded – my cat – he nooded again – how?
– I don’t know! I woke up like this! I was scared at first but then I noticed I’m just a weird tall cat like you. I guess I grew up – he shrugged. I rubbed my face with my hands and he touched my shoulder softly – don’t worry, I still love you. Maybe I’m ugly and my hair fell, but I’ll stay with you no matter what.
            All I could think of was that a really handsome man was telling me I was the girl of his life. I couldn’t think of him as my cat because it was impossible. It was! I mean, at least he should be red haired! He started to make funny faces.
– I need to use the sandbox, wait – I grabbed his wrist.
– What are you doing? You won’t do anything in there! – he looked at me confused.
– Should I use yours? You know, the white one.
– Yes, sit there and clean yourself when you’re done, please.
– How? With that paper you get mad when I play with it?
– I… guess, yeah – he walked silently, and he didn’t close the bathroom’s door.
– I don’t know how to use my new body, it’s so weird, I hate this – I heard him mumble – I don’t see the point of having such a long thing between my legs to be honest – I blushed. After a while he appeard in the kitchen placing the towel around his waist, he even flushed – now I understand why you press that water button. It’s cleaner than that box I had before. At least that’s better! – he sat again, looking once more to the cabinet.
– You can’t eat that food anymore – I said standing up.
– Why? That one is good, I love it. More than the the old one I must say.
– Here – I offered him some strawberry milk. He took it and after watching me drinking from the straw of my forgotten chocolate milk he did the same.
– Oh! – he drank a bit more – OH! This is so much better!! – he drank it so fast he had to burp later. I laughed softly – can I have more? – he drunk two milkshakes besides that, and he looked so happy he made me feel happy.
– You can’t be all day naked, you’ll get a cold – I told him – I need to go out. Stay here and don’t move.
– Can I go to the sofa? I’m sleepy – he said yawning.
– Yes, of course – he laid on it, sighting with a happy expression on his face. I went to my room to get dressed and when I was closing my bra he entered without knocking, yawning and scratching his head.
– I’m naked, get out! – I screamed. He startled looking at my bare skin.
– I saw you without those clothes a million times, why are you like that now? – he ignored me, laying on my bed and closing his eyes – I love this bed. Smells so good.
            I finished dressing up in a hurry, looking at that man who apparently fell asleep. He looked so paceful, so… brutally attractive. His thick lips were half opened, his expression relaxed. His eyebrows were beautiful and the shadow of his beard gave him such an attractive appearance, so irresistible. I wanted to touch him. I shook my head and I went to the store, buying some clothes for the big guy. He behaved like my cat, he even had the same habits. And the color of his eyes were similar, but it was so impossible. Hard to believe and yet I wanted to believe it. He seemed honest saying I love you, he even seemed innocent and he didn’t show any kind of interest about my naked body. I took some jeans, t-shirts, underwear, shoes and socks form the closest store and I went home. As soon as I closed the door I heard my bed’s springs and he got out from my room with a silly smile on his sleepy face. The towel he used for covering himself was gone.
– Oh my – I said looking at the bag and throwing him some blue pants – put this on.
– Uhh? How? It smells weird.
– Your legs go into the holes, baka boy! – I was talking to him as I talked to my cat. I was accepting it as a fact. I was mental or something, it was a fact – did you cover that part of your body?
– Yes, but I don’t understand why you don’t want to look. It wasn’t a problem before.
– Now it’s different! – I said, looking at him. I saw the bulge in his underwear and I blushed once more – put these trousers on too – he was so obedient, so much more than when he was a cat.
– Do you have more of that tasty food? – he said opening the fridge – what is this?
– Don’t drink that! – he was close to drink the soy sauce directly from the bottle – let me give you the food, just sit on the sofa.
            I made some chicken with rice for both, and he ate it so amazed it made me really happy. Maybe I was being fooled by a man who was crazy as fuck but I felt so good with him I didn’t think it much. I just let myself go. When we finished the delicious, delicious meal, as he said, I sat on the sofa. He sat beside me, resting his head on my shoulder. I felt awkward.
– Stroke me, come on – he pushed my cheek with his forehead, looking directly into my eyes. I looked at his lips, my heart was racing – but don’t pull my whiskers, I hate that.
– You don’t have whiskers – he touched his face, pouting.
– How am I suposed to know if I fit inside places now? How can you live like this? – I started laughing uncontrolled. It was so ridiculous – are you laughing at me?
– Yes – I said – you are so baka, baka boy – in the streets, a cat in heat started miaowing loud. He looked outside the window frowning.
– This is strange too – he looked at me – I don’t feel like going after her though she’s calling me.
– You know her? – I said smiling. He nooded.
– Yeah, she’s cute. But I don’t feel like… having babies now. I don’t have the urge, am I sick? I always wanted before.
– No, you’re not sick, you’re just… human.
– What is that suposed to mean? What is human? – I touched his hair, it was as soft as it were before.
– I am a human, and now you are too.
– And how do I have babies now? It’s the season of having them and I’m losing my time.
– You don’t have to – I said to him, grabbing his face and trying to make him focus on his human condition rather than his cat instincts – let’s watch tv.
– Ok, but stroke me – his head rested on my lap and I caressed his hair. He made that soft sound again with his throat.
– Is that a purr? – he nooded – are you happy?
– The happiest – he bit softly my finger when I touched his lips.
            We stayed like that for hours. He fell asleep and I felt peaceful. It was the same feeling I had when he was a cat. I was sure by then he actually was my Toraji, I couldn’t explain it, I just knew he was. I touched him with the tips of my fingers from his neck to the bottom of his back. He was slim but fit, and his back was wide. He was a really handsome cat and an even more handsome human.  He woke up at the middle of a film, and he smelled himself once more.
– I stink – he said annoyed.
– You don’t. You smell as a normal man – actually, he smelt so good I was tempted of digging my nose in his neck. He sat and looked at me with sleepy eyes – I don’t understand how you can stare at that thing so many hours non-stop.
– And I don’t understand how you can sleep all day long – I said touching his nose. He hit my hand, angry.
– Don’t! I hate it!
– I know – I said, pulling his cheek. He hissed. He actually hissed at me and I bursted into laughers – wow, wow, calm down! Relax and watch tv, maybe you understand something and I want to know the end of the movie.
            When I looked back at the screen, the main characters were kissing. I looked sideways at him, really focused on the scene. I felt a bit uncomfortable when they started to take off their clothes and much, much more awkward when they decided to have sex. Toraji’s mouth was open, his eyes amazed by what he was watching.
– What are they doing? – he whispered – can I do that?
– Ahm… Yes, you can – he looked at me, I looked at him. His expression was not the same he had all day.
– I feel funny – I saw how he touched his crotch – in here. Is like… I think I want to have babies with you – I raised my eyebrows – is that normal?
– I… I think it is but… I mean…
– I don’t know what to do, but I need to do something – he was touching himself over his clothes. I swallowed, feeling horny. That wasn’t right. He started to pant – what should I do? – he looked at the screen, they were naked and kissing. Then he realized.
            I couldn’t react. He grabbed my arms and he kissed my lips roughly. But he didn’t do anything else, he didn’t knew how. And I didn’t want to be unfaithful to my husband, but I wanted that man so bad. My Toraji was the sexiest man I’ve ever seen and I just couldn’t help how horny I was. I made him sit on the sofa and I sat over his legs, grabbing his face and kissing him deeply. When he felt my tongue in his mouth he made his human purr, and I put his hands in my ass. He grabbed it, kissing me eagerly.
– I feel so, why I feel so aroused? – he asked me. I took his hand and I made him touch my wet underwear under my skirt – what are you doing?
– Just move your fingers softly – he did, looking at my face – this feels so good…
– You like it? – he asked. I moaned asking for more – my cock is so hard and big, this is so…
– I want you so bad – his erection was warm and hard as a stone. When I touched him, he let go a whimper. So softly I felt penetrated by him, so tenderly I stroke his hair… I was melting.
– Ha-chan, yes, yes – he kept moaning while I was moving, closer and closer to the orgasm.
            He put me away, forcing me to stay on my four with his hand on my back. I felt his teeth on my neck and his dick shoving against my pussy so roughly I screamed. His moans were exaggerated, but so were mine. He was wild, he was rough, he was everything I’ve ever wanted and never had. My neck hurt and my legs were stained with my own fluids. He gave me as many orgasms in ten minutes as I had in my entire life. He was too much. And he came in such an intense way it exceeded my limits. He laid over me, feeling his muscles failing, overwhelmed by the human pleasure he was giving and recieving. His sperm flowed down my tighs, spilling over me when he got out from my trembling body. He whined for a while, laying on my back. I tried to breathe as a normal person, moving my arm back and caressing his hair.
– What was THAT? – his voice sounded higher than usual – that was not making babies, that was… something else.
– It’s been perfect – I turned right side up on the sofa, looking at him and holding his wide shoulders.
– So so so good! And it didn’t hurt you at all! – I laughed.
– Of course not! I’m not a cat, baka boy – I kissed his lips.
– I love being a human and making babies – he said laughing too.
– Having sex, you were having sex. Not making babies. Let’s have a shower!
– What is that? – he walked behind me all curious, and when we got to the bathroom and I grabbed the sprinkler, he jumped back – no – he said pointing at it.
– You want to smell good? Come here.
– No. That’s wet.
– Of course! It’s water. You can’t clean yourself as before, you need to do it as a human.
– No I won’t. It’s so fucking scary.
– Trust me!! Come here – he grabbed my hand all doubtfull and hissed when I opened the water. When I wet my hair his eyes were wide open – gimme your hands – I wet them with the warm water and he didn’t go away, he came closer.
– Nice – he said smiling nervoulsy. I gave him the sprinkler and I let him use it. He sighed in relief when his hair got wet too.
            After a long shower, (once he discovered it he didn’t want to get out), I made dinner for both. He asked for chicken again and since I love it, I couldn’t say no. He made me sat on his lap while eating, holding my waist with his arm and forcing me to caress his hair. And we kissed. We kissed so many times my lips felt naked without his. He made his purr sound non-stop while watching tv on the sofa and he kept doing it when we went to bed. I streched my arm and he rested his head on it, looking at me and stroking my cheek softly.
– I love you, Ha-chan. I love you even more than yesterday.
– Oyasumi, Toraji-chan.
            I fell asleep in his arms and he did in mine. And hours after that a noise from the living room woke me up. I heard my husband’s voice and I sat abruptly on bed, looking at my side. My cat was looking at me with sleepy eyes. My orange and white cat.
– Hey, how are you little thing? – my husband sat by my side, kissing my forehead.
– Sleepy – was all I could say, not looking at him, but at my cat – I had such a weird dream…
– Bad one? – I finally looked at him  
– No, but… I’m crazy, I guess.
– I know that – as soon as he kissed my lips, Toraji made an angry deep sound – what is wrong with your cat?
– I… – his tail was moving fast, his ears folded back, his eyes angry – I don’t know.
– He thinks he owns you – he laughs – anyway, I just came by to grab some stuff. I hate working so far away this year, but you know next’ll be different.
– You don’t stay? At least for today? – he sighed.
– No, I can’t. Keep sleeping, you seem tired and maybe you have better dreams from now on – he said smiling.
– Let me make you something to eat before you leave. Take it for the road.
            Once in the kitchen I tried to think things straight. What I thought that happened yesterday was a dream. A long dream. My imagination was outstanding and I made up the perfect man. Maybe I saw him on tv or something and my subconscious did the rest. Toraji climbed over the countertop, sitting in front of the chicken and blinking his eyes as he always did when he wanted cuddles. I scratched between his ears and he walked slowly towards me, bumping his head against my chest. The noise my husband made with a chair startled us. I kept cooking, absolutely confused with my cat’s reaction: hiss and run.
– I’m so sorry you are this alone honey – he said – I wish I could stay.
– Me too. But don’t worry, as you said, everything will get better – I felt he stood up, and his hands over my waist. He kissed my neck, I stopped him – not now.
– I miss you – he said.
– Me too, but I’m sleepy, not in the mood.
– You love morning sex – he laughed – but ok, if you don’t want to I won’t insist.
            He kept talking and I kept listening but my mind was far, far away. I couldn’t believe the best sex I’ve ever had wasn’t real. I couldn’t believe how badly I want that man back. But the fact was that the food I was making was for my husband, and the kisses and hugs I recieved were from him, not from a super hot human/cat thing. I was sad, and that was the worst of all. I said goodbye to my husband and I got into bed, trying to sleep. Trying to be with Toraji again. After half an hour I threw my pillow away, angry with myself and the situation.
– Hey, don’t hit me! – I look at the feet of my bed. Toraji was standing there, naked and grumpy.
– Am I dreaming? – I got up touching his arms. It didn’t feel as a dream.
– Why did you kiss that man? I don’t want you to kiss that man. You kiss me.
– He’s my husband…
– But I sleep with you! I’m the one who hugs you every night!
– But… Wait a second, Toraji, are you turning into human at will?
– Yeah, of course! – he said – now that I know I’m able to do this I will do this!
– You can’t show yourself like this if my husband is around – I warned him – it would be a problem.
– Ok, but he can’t kiss you – his arms were crossed, his eyes upset.
– We’ll talk about this later – I took his hands kissing them – by now, let’s make some babies.
            He laughed softly like an idiot, pushing me to bed and kissing me while smiling. His hips moved against mine, his dick became harder than the day before and I pushed him by his shoulders until his face was between my legs. Before I could say anything, he was sniffing my underwear.
– You’re… you’re calling me, your smell… – he whispered, pulling down my panties.
– Lick it – I begged – Lick me – he looked into my eyes, confused.
– Why? – I smiled, stroking his hair, forcing him to go down on me. His hands touched my tighs, his thumbs opened my labia, his tongue tasted my fluids and I moaned.
– More – I said with trembling voice. He made a deep sound, licking me, devouring me, and I made him lick my clit – oh my god! – I grabbed my pillow, all aroused, panting and shaking.
– I can’t wait Ha-chan – he climbed over my body and grabbed my ankles kneeling between my widespread legs – I need to feel you.
            He penetrated me so deeply I screamed. That wasn’t a dream at all. That was happening for sure. His thrusts moved my bed, his breath mixed with mine. He kissed me in such passionate way he even bit my lips, roughly. He moaned in my neck, I screamed in his. And he came grabbing my hips, lifting my body so suddenly I ended resting in bed only with my shoulder blades. As the first time, he collapsed over my body, panting and complaining.
– This is too much – he said in a high pitched voice – too much for me.
– You didn’t like it? – I asked while kissing his burnsides, his cheeks, his hair.
– Are you kidding me? I love this. But I’m so tired right after finish I always think I may be dying.
– Too intense for you, I guess – I laughed when he nooded.
– Let me sleep here… – he rested his head in my boobs and prepared himself to sleep holding me tight – I love you so much – I melted when his brown eyes looked at me with love.
– I love you too, my baka boy.
            We heard the street door closing, Toraji jumped from bed to the floor and I pretended to be sleeping. My husband got into the bedroom, grabbed something and kissed my forehead. I didn’t have time to feel guilty because I was too busy trying not to laugh when I heard my cat hissing. I didn’t knew if it was his human or cat hiss. My husband complained, running away from my bedroom and the house. I felt my bed moving slighly when my cat climbed, and caving when my lover hugged me from my back. He kissed my neck, I grabbed his hand.
– Stay with me – I asked him.
– As long as you want me to – he purred in my ear.
            And he stayed. Everytime my husband is at home, Toraji dissapears, having adventures with some stray lady cats. But as soon I’m home alone, (and sometimes it’s only for half an hour), he appears. We eat, we laugh, we love each other like a newlywed couple, and we fuck like animals. Sometimes I wish I was a cat, but probably it’s funnier this way. I love to be her owner and he loves to be my pet.

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