As always, my imagination gets on fire when I’m talking with choco chan, and sometimes I make things like this xDD I wrote a couple of days ago and I forgot about it completely until now.
So here it is, the teacher and the student.
An absolute cliche you’ll read anyway because you love me
I feel angry, I feel the rage in my chest fighting to get free in a scream. But I swallow my feelings, saving myself for the teacher. That asshole who everyone love but I don’t like that much. That arrogant son of a bitch who gave me a C+ in the subject I hate the most of the fucking degree. So I walk trying to look ok, pretending to be “just fine” but screaming internally and even trying not to cry. And with my messy feelings and my burning rage I knock on the door of his office, hearing his deep voice right after I ask permision to get in.
– Close the door and take a sit – he says in Japanese without even looking at my face, which makes me feel even more furious. He’s looking at his computer, inmerse on grading those poor bastards with fucking C+ and I don’t wait for his permission to talk. In English just to annoy him though I can speak Japanese really well.
– I deserve an A – I say, and my voice causes an instant reaction on him. He looks at me behind his glasses, piercing my soul with his dark eyes.
– Who are you? – he asks. And feelings take over me.
– I am a person who studied hard your subject because I don’t like it. I’ve spent almost a month with my face buried in books and class notes, and what I’ve got? A fucking C+!!
– Wow, calm down, I think you are a bit excited – he says with a sided smile. I can’t believe he is laughing at me while I’m there with my breathe and my mind seriously accelerated – I remember you, but tell me your name – I say it behind my gritted teeth – Ok, let’s see what the problem is… – he focuses again on the screen and I have a tic on my feet, moving it up and down while I bit my nails. He reads and then noods – yes, that’s right, you’ve got a C+ and no, you don’t deserve the B because your Japanese grammar skills suck.
– What?! – is all I can say. He looks at my furious face calmly, then he stops in my lips, and his smile becomes wider.
– How desperate are you for that B?
– Enough to beg you when I really want to punch your smartass face – I can’t control what I’m saying though I know that’s not the best way to get a better grade. But he laughs, a high pitched soft laugh that annoys me in a bad way.
– If you write correctly some sentences maybe I can think of giving you that B – He was still talking when I open my bag, taking my pen and looking at him, rebellious.
– If all of them are correct I want a B+
– You are asking too much… let’s see how the test goes first ok? – he gives me some paper and I focus my mind in that white area – ok, first one, “My skirt is too short and my teacher can see my underwear when I cross my legs in class” – I slowly rise my eyes from the paper, looking at that face.
He is smiling with his eyes, pretending he’s not amused by what he’s doing. But if that’s what I need to do, so be it. I write the sentence, embarrassed and really careful of writting it in the correct order and with the correct hiragana and kanji. I hate mixing both but it’s what he wants. When I finish and I look at him, he has that expression still. Just because he’s young and – I have to admit it once I looked at him closely – handsome, he thinks he’s able to behave whatever he wants with women. Well, he’s wrong.
– Second, “If my skirt is too short, my teacher will be horny the rest of the day and he will touch himself
– I won’t do this – I say throwing the pen on his desk and getting up. I can’t look at his face because I’m blushing.
– Too hard for you? – My eyes caught his hand grabbing his crotch under the desk while asking that. I feel aroused, shocked and extremely awkward. And I can’t understand why I’m so excited. I find myself worried because my skirt is, in fact, too short.
– This is not appropiate – I whisper. He sighs.
– This is a test of completely normal sentences. Nothing you don’t know, actually – I look at his face, he’s not looking mine. His stare is focused on my legs – But ok, if you want that C+ I don’t have any problem. You can make the test again in June with the rest of you classmates.
I bit my lip and after hesitating for some minutes, I sit down, writting the sentence. I hear his soft breathe, and I feel how he leans a bit over the table to look at me closely. I don’t look at his face when finish, waiting for another pervert sentence to come out from his thick lips. Thick and wet lips. I moisten mine, my heart about to jump from my chest.
– Ready for the third? This one is a bit more complicated… – I nod,expecting the worst – ok, “My skirt is now gone because my teacher almost broke it when he fucked me hard on his desk last morning
I can’t breathe. I can’t move. What I want is sex, and I don’t understand why. That guy is an asshole, a stupid asshole. And I am in his office to demand a raise on my grade, not to feel this… horny. My cheeks are beyond burning, I’m starting to sweat and I feel the heat coming from my inner tights. Then I see it clear. He doesn’t want me to write those sentences, he wants me to fuck him right there. I stand up once more, hearing that little voice in my head imploring me to leave that office and never come back. But there’s a louder voice, suggesting that there’s a fun way to obtain a better grade. I walk to the door and I close the latch. When I turn around and I look at him, he has an evil grin on his face, and he’s touching himself softly over his trousers. I walk slowly, closer and closer to that man who devours me with his eyes. He’s a fucking pervert and I’ve just discovered that I like it.
            When I reach his seat, I kneel, looking at his eyes in defiance. I move his chair to place myself between his legs, my hands leaning on his knees. I move them up his legs, diving inside his black eyes, taking off his belt. His glasses are now on the table and his hands rest on his chair’s arms. The impatience is drawn all over his face when my hands caress his body, over his shirt. I kiss sweetly the slightly hairy skin under his navel, and I low his underwear, smiling for the first time since I got into his office. I smell his dick, I feel his excitement under my fingers. It’s warm, stiff and thick, waiting for me. My tongue touches it lightly, just the pink, soft tip; and it’s palpitating, begging for more even though his owner is in complete silence. Then I suck it suddenly, roughly enough to make him puff and whisper my name. But I won’t be rude again, I do it slowly, knowing that I’m driving him crazy because I’m so fucking good at it he’ll cum soon. I know that, and he knows that. That’s why he pushes me away when it becomes harder against my playful tongue, trapped between my lips.
– Give me your ass – he whispers, making me sit on his lap, with my back to him – are you virgin?
– Are you kidding me? – I say while my underwear falls on the floor. I lick my hand and I soak his cock, rubbing it against my wet pussy.
– Of course you’re not – I can notice a smile on his voice. His cock is led inside my body by my hand, making me sigh once it’s filling me up – ffffffffuck you’re tight – he pants as soon I move my hips.
My ass hits his hips everytime I move, his hands grab my boobs and my waist. I feel the pleasure, but I know it could be even more intense, and I’m surprised because it doesn’t hurt a bit. Then, he pushes me away once more, throwing me on his table, climbing over my body. My lips are trapped against his, our tongues are tangled, and he is again fucking me but now hard and rough, as he wanted. He shoves me, I can feel the preassure inside me, and his fingers find my clit. Now it’s not pleasure what I’m feeling; it’s heaven on Earth. He tastes so good and his dick is so big I’m screaming. He’s about to cum, I can feel he’s about to cum and he looks at me, whispering it. His cock, my boobs, his eyes, my wet pussy, his cum… all dissapears when a voice makes me jump on my chair, asking myself where the fuck am I.
– Are you ok? – he’s looking at me, his glasses on, his clothes on. Standing before me with a worried expression and I don’t understand a thing.
– What? – I look around. My classmates are looking at me. Some worried, some giggling. My best friend is surpised, chuckling behind her hands.
– Did you fainted or you were just sleeping? – he asks me. I can’t believe it was a dream.
– I’m ok, sorry… – I’m not breathing properly, and my underwear is soaking wet. He walks away while I’m still there, aroused. I look at my friend, embarrassed as fuck.
– You were calling his name and making sounds – she chuckles again and I cover my face with my hands, blushing forever – what the hell were you dreaming of?
– Later – I whisper. Once the class is over, I hurriedly stand up, walking towards the classroom door. But someone taps my shoulder and I turn back to see it’s him.
– Come to my office, we need to talk about some class issues. You’re the student representative, right?
– Uhm… yes… – I can’t hold my smiles – when should I go to—
– As soon as you can, I recieved some complains from students and I need to know what is going on. I can’t be that bad at teaching, right? I mean, it’s my first year but… – his tonge moves slowly over his smile and I can’t think. I just smile back.
– Ok, I’ll be there in a minute.
I can hear my friend asking me what happened as I watch him walking away. He turns right at the door to look that space where my skirt ends and my legs start. He notices I noticed, and I can see his smirk right before he walks out the class. Probably it’s my imagination, but maybe the fact of cumming in class just by dreaming about him, made my teacher realize that he wanted that dream to come true. And I surely want it, so I walk after him, getting into his office without knocking, my heart about to explode. And there’s no one there. I am considering my chances – walking away or waiting right there – when his breath moves my hair, giving me goosebumps.
– Tell me I’m awake – I whisper as his hands touches my belly, under my shirt.
– Oh baby – he whispers too, pressing his erection against my ass – you are.

4 comentarios en “Teacher

  1. Ohhhhhh, “short but intense” nunca mejor dicho. ¿Por qué leches no hay un profe así en la vida real? Lloro. Mucho. Jopetas. Aunque prefiero una cabra… mehehehehehhe!
    Voy a seguir con mi resaca chachi.

    Un fic muy guay <33

    Me gusta


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