This fic is again another gift to another friend. She’s not as lovey-dovey as the other girl, she’s more like me xD The same person from some short stories who loves Nagase as much as I do. But she prefers short-haired Nagase and I love curly-perm Tomoya, so I had this idea.

Two girls (she and I) are studying in Japan, and they met two guys who look alike but are completely and absolutely opposed. This two:

 Nagase Torajiro
Nagase Tomoki 
(help ♥)
You just don’t know how well the gifs fit with their character x’D So, here it is the result. Just a little reminder: English is NOT my mother tongue and writting a story in a foreign language is difficult. Please, excuse any grammatical mistakes I could have but sometimes I go AHJDGSJAKDGASDGA and I don’t pay attention. xD Thank you for reading and I hope you like it as much as I do!!!


Moni was complaining again because her feet hurt, and Tifa was about to reply back when a delicious smell made the two of them – who were starving – walk with their noses looking for it. They spent the whole afternoon looking for a new and cheaper flat. And they discovered that Japan wasn’t a cheap place… Following the scent, they arrived at a small ramen restaurant with quite affordable prices. And considering the growls and weird noises coming from their bellies, they didn’t hesitate. Just when they were coming under the noren, a pleasant male voice recieved them.

– Irasshaimase ~!

The place was small: the kitchen was surrounded by a bar with seats and near to the walls were a few tables for two. It smelled so good they ran to sit at the counter. The cook was preparing something with a cloth tied to his forehed. He was with his back to the girls, who could only see his dark, spiky hair. He also had background music, wiggling his hips with its beat. The girls looked a board above their heads, choosing among all those ramen flavors.

– What are you going to take, ladies? – Both looked at him remaining a few seconds without saying a thing. His voice was nice but his face was nicer.

– Ahm … – Moni couldn’t take off her eyes from his thick lips – chicken ramen, please.

– What about you? – Tifa chuckled before speaking, it was impossible he was that handsome.

– A beef one, please.

– Yorokonde!– As soon as he began to cook, the girls looked each other, making gestures, screaming in silence how hot he was.

– May I ask where are you from? – He said while chopping vegetables, looking at the girls.

– I’m Malay – Moni said – and she’s Spanish.

– Oh! Are you studying here?

– Yes … it’s our last year of college.

– University! You’ll conquer the world – he made a superhero pose, making them laugh – I couldn’t go to college, family business – he said pointing around – though lately I’m thinking that it’s only mine because my brother spends more time fixing his bikes than working… I should run the whole business on my own.

– What are you talking about? No way you’re gonna get the restaurant to yourself – the girls looked back. It was the same voice at the door, but a little more aggressive. And that guy has the same face as the cook, but surrounded by a thick mop of wavy, dark hair – besides, you are more a problem to me than I am to you.

– Blahblahblhablah – said the cook, gesturing annoyingly, opening and closing his fingers like a beak – go and sit down, eat something. Did you wash your hands?

– No, move – he pushed his brother away behind the bar counter, washing his hands.

– Don’t get in here with that hair! What will our clients say when they discover your hair all tangled with their noodles? – he ruffled his brother’s mane.

– Shut the fuck up, Toraji! You’re making me hysterical… – he threw water at his face from his wet hands.

– Toraji? – Moni said with a cute smile. Both girls were very entertained watching them.

– That’s my name, but call me Nagase if you like, it’s my surname and for except my bro’ here, everybody calls me that.

– And it’s mine too, unfortunately… – the other said, sitting next to Tifa.

– This cute and nice human being is my twin brother, Tomo-kun – he greeted the girls with a brief nod and a yawn.

– Luckily we only are physically alike…

– Indeed! I’m the friendliest and funniest. You’ll get bored with him. And yet, girls come over here always looking for him! It’s such an unsolved mystery…

– Will you shut up and do your job?

– What a bitter person you are… – Toraji said, throwing a piece of celery to Tomo’s face.

– Fuck my life!! Tora, I’m hungry! I’ve been working the whole fucking day in your fucking bike as you asked me to! And I don’t ask for any money as a pay for my fucking hard work! And you haven’t said thanks yet!!

– Ok, I’m sorry, thank you!! Would you shut up, please?! – Toraji laughed – It looks like we have yakuza in here… – girls bursted out laughing over the counter. Toraji looked at them while Tomo mumbled, upset – And your names are…?

– I’m Tifa – she said wiping the tears from laughing – and she is Moni.

– Where are you from? – Tomo asked, looking at them closely.

– Moni is Malay and Tifa is Spanish, right? – Toraji asked. The girls nodded.

– And why did you get in here? This is always full of old men… not babes like you – he talked looking at Tifa’s dress with a smirk, though it wasn’t even tight. The girl looked at him raising her eyebrows, he was really cheeky.

– It smelled good and we we were starving from too much walking today. – Moni said

– And why is that? – Toraji asked.

– We are looking for a new apartment to rent, the former one was too small and too far from university – Tifa explained – It was cheap but we spent all our saved money on trains, taxis and buses – the boys looked each other.

– I think we can help you – Toraji said – if you don’t mind being in this noisy building with two noisy men like us.

– Oh! Really? – Moni said with a smile after they discuss the rent – we’ll—

– —talk about it –Tifa said grabbing her hand under the table, looking at her in the eyes.

– Would you excuse us? – Moni said getting up from the chair, followed by Tifa – what is the problem? The price they gave us is extremely cheap and they seem funny and nice…

– Yeah, it’s true. And they are hot, really hot if you ask me – she said laughing – but we don’t know them or their intentions.

– But Tifa, let’s try just one day and let’s see what happens. We can call somebody from college to let them know we are here.

– Ok, but let’s do that in front of them. I want them to know that somebody is aware of where we are…

– You’re really wary, don’t you?

– Of course I am, I don’t want strange things to happen.

– You don’t? Honestly, did you look at them? It’s the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen.

– Yeah… but no, we don’t know them. So shut up and do what I say, ok?

– Oh my… – she sighed –  yes, sir!! – Moni laughed and got inside the restaurant. As soon as they got in, Toraji served their food.

– Hurry up! It’ll get cold – he said smiling. In the middle of Tifa’s “itadakimasu”, Moni swallowed a huge piece of vegetable.

– Oishiii!!! – she closed her eyes, kicking the air – oh my, this is awesome.

– So, what you’re gonna do? Would you stay with us or what? – Tomo asked.

– I guess we can try – Tifa said – but I need to make a phone call first, I told some friends we were gonna drop by their place tonight – she shamelessly lied while Moni ate her food at full speed.

– Take it easy! No one’s gonna steal it from you! – Toraji laughed.

– I was starving. And there’s a problem –Moni said to Tifa once she swallowed – we don’t have anything to go to class tomorrow.

– Is it at your place? – Tomo asked, both girls nooded – I can ride one of you over there on my bike – the girls looked at each other with a smile.

– I’ll be here for a while – Moni said chuckling – because I’m gonna ask for more noodles.

– Ok, so I take Tifa-chan – he said looking at her – grab whatever you need for tomorrow.

She nooded again, eating in silence. And in silence she left with him, also a bit hysterical. Moni laughed while waiting for another round of noodles made by that sexy cook she’s just met.

– Don’t worry – he said – Tomo seems dangerous but he’s harmless. Though… – he tilted his head while smiling – maybe he’s not to your friend because, believe me, he loooooves big boobs like hers.

– Hey!! – Moni threw her chopsticks at him.

– What? – he said laughing – they’re just there, I can’t avoid seeing them! – Moni looked at him all huffed – ooook, this one is for free – he said giving her another bowl of ramen.

– Of course it’s free! Give me more chopsticks.

– Just to let you know, I don’t like big boobs – he winked at her and she couldn’t help a tiny smile.

That man was really attractive and his personality was even better. While she ate, he attended the rest of customers, always with a smile on his face. Everyone seemed to know him well, calling the guy by his name and laughing at his jokes.

– Ahmm… Nagase-kun – Moni turned her head to see a beautiful girl staying at the front door – is your brother around? He doesn’t answer his phone.

– He’ll be here in a sec, you can wait here. Do you want anything in the meantime?

– No, I’m fine, thank you – that girl was visibly nervous, and she said hi to Moni, staying there in silence. Few minutes after that, Tifa’s complains came from outside the restaurant.

– You’ve got a serious problem, please, ask someone to chek it out for you because it’s fucking worrying! – she said sitting beside Moni with a lot of plastic bags and a backpack.

– You love it, stop pretending you don’t – he said with a sarcastic smirk.

– Wha—Really?! – she puffed, looking at her friend in a desperate way. When he lauged, Tifa bit her lip, rolling her eyes and making Moni laugh.

– What happened? – she asked, but Tifa whispered to her, “later”.

– Tomo kun… can we talk? – that beautiful and dubious girl was standing next to him.

– Sure! Let’s go upstairs – he grabbed her hand, but she didn’t move.

– I don’t… I just wanna talk and you know what happens everytime I go to your place.

– Of course I know, honey – he said seductively to her, rising a brow. She seemed like she couldn’t talk, following him upstairs to his home.

– But he just… he just told me… – Tifa looked at Toraji surprised – is he always like that?

– I hope they’ve finished by the time we go to bed – Toraji said approaching a customer, answering her question – that  girl in particular is kind of noisy.

They ate their food while Toraji finished his work and once everybody left the restaurant, they went upstairs too. The girls walked really close, looking at the house and at that handsome man. The first floor had a living room, bathroom and kitchen; in the second one they found four doors along a corridor.

– Ok, those two bedrooms at the back are mine and my brother’s, you can stay in the other two – Toraji said, removing the cloth from his forehead.

– Why is this so big? – Moni asked.

– Those two belonged to my parents and my sister and the other two were our bedrooms. But now we’re alone here.

– Do you have shower?

– And a bath, downstairs – after hearing a soft moan they look each other in silence. Toraji pointed Tomo’s room with his head and went downstairs with the girls.

– So, what do you include in the rent? – Moni asked him once they were in the living room.

– Everything except food. It’s a good deal, right?

– And what if we want to eat from the restaurant? Do we have a discount or something? – Tifa asked.

– We can add a symbolic amount of money from food to your rent but I wouldn’t do it if I were you – he sat on the couch, turning on the tv – you’ll hate ramen sooner or later.

They watched tv in silence for a while, until they heard a slam. That girl run downstairs sobbing, before the astonished gaze of the girls. She didn’t say goodbye when she left.

– Ahm… I think we can go to bed now – Toraji said – I’m closing the front door, you two can go upstairs if you want.

– Hey –Moni whispered to Tifa once they were in front of their bedrooms – what happened with Tomo before?

– He tried to touch me up, like, the whole time – Moni covered her mouth with a hand, chortling – talking dirty and ogling me… be careful with him, ok?

– Don’t worry, I prefer Toraji-kun. Tomo-san is all for you.

– Yeah, sure, shut up! – Tifa pushed her and went into the room laughing – good night, silly girl.

Tifa was about to close the door but the sound of Tomo walking out from his room stopped her. He was wearing just his underwear, and it wasn’t covering him as well as it was supposed to be. Moni looked at him, looked at the floor laughing, and sneaked a look again while pretending to store her things. Tifa devoured him with her eyes, and he noticed. With a sided smirk, he stroke his chest, moving his tongue slowly over his lips. He raised a brow when he stopped in front of her.

– You don’t have to sleep alone if you don’t want to.

– I think I have… that girl didn’t give you what you need, you sick mind?

– She didn’t let me finish. I’m a bit… – he grabbed his crotch, the girl looked there instinctively – uncomfortable – Moni snorted and laughed in her bedroom, with a pillow against her face to stifle the noise.

– Go and get a cold shower – Tifa said looking at the door frame, laughing.

– There’s something better to relieve my—

– Good night, Nagase-san – he rolled his eyes, saying “whatever”. Once he turned away, she looked at his ass, bitting her lip, shaking her head slowly.

– Follow him! – Moni whispered to Tifa.

– Are you nuts? I won’t be the second choice of anyone.

– Don’t be silly! He wants some action!

– Then you should go with him.

– Me?! I can’t— I won’t go!!

– Where? – Toraji asked with a smile, wearing just a towel on his waist and another over his shoulders. His hair was wet, as his chest – I’m so sorry if my brother bothered you, he can’t avoid it. If there’s any female, he has to try at least once.

– Tifa is not bothered at all – Moni said giggling. She tried to avoid contact with Toraji’s body, giggling again.

– Already?! Tifa and Tomo? –Toraji said looking at her.

– No!! And don’t talk about me as if I weren’t here!! – she slamed the door, red faced.

– Is she angry? – he asked.

– Meh, nothing important – Moni shrugged – I love teasing her. That’s always her first reaction but she’ll be ok in less than five minutes.

– Oh, then she’s like Tomo. I love teasing him too – Moni stared at Toraji’s smile, smiling too when she discovered his dimple. They remained silent, just looking at each other face and smiling. When she raised her hand to touch that dimple, she heard footsteps behind him.

– You’re not coming with me for real? – Tomo startled them, knocking on Tifa’s door.

– Oh Goooooood… GO TO BED!! – she said furiously. Tomo laughed, looking at the couple.

– And what about you? – he asked Moni, who lauged hysterically, looking at the floor.

– Leave them alone! – Toraji stepped in front of Moni when his brother came closer – they’ll leave if you keep stalking them like this – Tomo sucked his teeth.

– If you like her that much – he pointed at Moni – fuck her already and stop behaving like an idiot. That’s why you never get laid – he got into his room.

– That’s not—you… you are… – Toraji stood there uneasy, crossing his arms – don’t listen to him, he’s just—

– It’s ok, don’t worry – Moni said, nervous and scandalized – good night, Nagase-san.

He nooded, looking briefly into her eyes, getting into his room as well. Moni closed the door feeling her heart racing like insane. Both were ridiculously handsome, but Toraji’s fun behaviour drove her completely crazy. That wild side Tomo has was really attractive too, but… who knows? Maybe Toraji was wild as well, though he didn’t show it. She giggled, getting into her new bed, knowing for sure that Toraji was hers and Tomo belonged to Tifa. Their characters were perfect for each other and it could be really funny to stay with them. She sighed, knowing that her friend was thinking exactly the same.


As soon as her alarm clock sounded, Tifa jumped out from bed. If she turns it off without getting up, she will fall asleep and that was a luxury she couldn’t afford at that moment. So, she got her towel, her shampoo and some clean clothes, walking towards the bathroom. The guys said good morning while eating their breakfast, to what she mumbled raising a hand, half asleep. She placed her clothes next to the bath, taking a shower first while the bath filled up with hot water. She heard them talking outside. Once she got into the hot water, the world dissapeared. She woke up before Moni to enjoy that moment a little longer. Tifa closed her eyes and just lied down, relaxed, feeling in heaven.

            Upstairs, Moni threw her phone to the carpet, complaining while getting up. She yawned, streching her muscles and scratching her head, and she did the same as Tifa. She took her stuff to take a bath and went outside her room. While going downstairs she heard the boys laughing.

– She will punch you in the face, idiot – Toraji said to Tomo – she’s not like the other girls, she’s a gaijin, and she won’t let you do whatever you want.

– Let me check it and then I’ll tell you – Moni saw Tomo getting into the bathroom quietly, while Toraji turned around and went upstairs, leapting back with a startled squeak when he found the girl standing there. She laughed.

– Ohayo! – he said with a bright smile. Moni was half asleep but her heart woke up in that very moment.

– Hey, you look… – “edible” she though – …sporty! – she said.

– Oh, yeah – he said looking at his trackie – I’m going to get some food for the restaurant.

– Running? – she just couldn’t hold her smiles while looking at him. His spiky disheveled hair and that beard made him even sexier than the night before.

– Nope, in my bicycle. You need a lift? I can let you in school.

– No, no. Thank you, I’m ok – she giggled – where’s Tifa?

– In the bathroom – he raised an eyebrow, going upstairs – with my brother.

– Oh… – Moni looked at the bathroom. The door was ajar.

She couldn’t avoid it, she must look. Without touching the door she looked inside, covering her mouth with her hands when she saw the scene. Tifa laid down in the bath apparently naked, with her eyes closed. Tomo was looking at her face from behind her back, squated down with his arms resting on the sides of the bath. His nose was close to Tifa’s cheek but she didn’t seem to notice. When he looked at Tifa’s naked body, lustfuly and licking his lips, Moni felt herself blushing. She felt kind of annoyed when he got up and walked towards the toilet.

– Oh fuck, it’s hard to take a piss having the dick this hard – Tifa opened her eyes gasping and sitting in the bath. Moni retained her laughs. Her friend looked back covering her body with her hands, her legs against her chest, looking at Tomo with her mouth open.

– What the fuck?! – she said looking for the towel, but it was out of reach – Get out!!

– This is the only bathroom in the house and I won’t wait until the miss is done – he said, zipping up his fly and washing his hands – I’m curious –  he said pointing at her boobs – are they natural? Like… yours?

– Get the fuck out!! – Tomo reached her a towel, smiling.

– Damn, girl, no need to scream, I’ve seen it all before you opened those beautiful eyes you have – Moni was bitting her lip hard.

– Oh, you better get out of here soon because I’m going to—

– Is that a threat? – he bent over the bath resting all his weight at the sides of it with his hands, so close to Tifa’s body she gasped again. Moni dig her nails into the door’s wood frame, but Tifa’s reaction was fast; she slapped his face, and Moni heard a soft chuckle coming from her back.

– I told him – She looked back and her heart skipped a beat. Toraji was so close she felt his breath in her cheeks, and his warm body against her back – he’s an idiot – Toraji whispered, looking away from the bathroom, (Tomo was laughing while Tifa was insulting him), to her eyes, with the same provocative smirk his brother has – you shouldn’t be spying them…

– You neither – Moni said, almost breathless and looking at his lips. He was so, so close… but Tomo got out from the bathroom, laughing, running and pushing Moni and Toraji away just to dodge Tifa’s shampoo bottle. It smashed outside the bathroom, next to Tomo’s head.

– Damn, she’s wild – Tomo said laughing – And hot! I better go now.

– Yeah you better run!! – Tifa roared from the bathroom.

– Oh, oh – he laughed louder – See you later, lovebirds – he raised his little finger looking at them.

– Shut up, asshole!! – Toraji hit his brother’s head – I’m leaving too, see you Moni-chan – he said smiling at her. And by what Moni saw, he was even more blushed than herself.

– Did he leave? – Tifa went out from the bathroom with just the towel around her body.

– Yeah, great show in the morning! – her friend gave Moni a dirty look – don’t get mad at me I didn’t do anything.

– You didn’t avoid it either!

– Why would I do that? You liked it, I know you did – she pushed Tifa.

– No, no, I didn’t, no – she was trying to sound like it didn’t affect her.

– Yeah, that’s why you’re blushing and your voice is trembling… – Moni said getting in the bathroom.

– That’s because it’s embarrassing!! I’d like to see your reaction if you were me!

Moni laughed and got into the bathroom, had a shower, a short bath and went to school with Tifa. They were studying different careers but in the same building with almost same timetable. The following weeks their life were more or less the same: They went to school – where they had lunch because evening class; then they went home to study, have dinner and go to bed. They just saw the boys just a while before going to sleep, when Toraji had the restaurant closed and Tomo arrived from wherever he was. That’s why they only had few moments to talk and know them. Tifa usually went to bed before Moni did – most of times – to let her talking alone with Toraji about their life, likes and dislikes. And Moni discovered they had a lot in common: they both loved cats, they also like wrestling and car videogames. So their talks were long and funny for both. She started to see him as a friend that made her extremely happy. Tomo usually went to bed as soon as he arrived – always making advances towards Tifa, who rejected him every single time. That Friday, Tifa arrived home much later than her friend.

– Hi! – she said to a relaxed and bored Toraji – where’s people? – she said looking the empty tables. There was just an old guy in a corner, eating slowly his noodles.

– In the festival, the weather is not good at all tho… – he raised his eyes from the book he was reading.

– Yep. It looks like it’s about to rain. Aaahm… – she sat in the bar, in front of him – I’m so sorry but I’m going to give you work – Toraji complained, but smiled at her – a pork ramen, if you don’t mind.

– And why do you want ramen exactly today? – he complained while working.

– Because I forgot to buy food and I don’t want to steal anything from you or Moni. By the way, is she at home? – A bright smile appeared in Toraji’s face.

– Yeah, she arrived two hours ago – Tifa couldn’t hold her giggles.

– You like her, right? – his smile became shy. He was so cute she wanted to hug him. That was something Tomo wasn’t; cute. Or maybe he was but he didn’t show it.

– And you like Tomo-kun – he answered, ponting at her with the chopsticks – I see how you look at him.

– Don’t change the topic! – she said surprised – tell me, you like her or not?

– She’s cute, I feel like I want to pinch her nose but I don’t want her to get upset – he started to smile like an idiot while cooking.

– You can do it, she won’t get mad – Tifa laughed, thinking that her friend would love that.

– And I like her voice and her laughs. She’s really funny, we laugh a lot togehter. And she’s smart. And cute.

– You said that twice – Tifa smiled with him.

– Please don’t tell her… – He begged, his smile faded – everytime I confess my feelings, girls always stop talking to me.

– Lies! that’s impossible – Toraji raised his eyebrows, looking surprised at her.

– I wish you were right. As soon as girls discover that I’m a cook with almost no money they go away. My brother is the smart one, with that kinky look and the bike… girls don’t ask, they just go with him.

– Hey, you’re really funny, kind and like… the most handsome man ever – he looked at her, nervous – Come on, you’ve got mirrors at home. Don’t understimate yourself.

– Oh my, thank you – he bowed, red-faced – no one has ever told me that. But, do you think Moni-chan likes me?

– You see, that’s somehting you’ve got to ask her, it’s none of my business to say a word about that.

– Come on!! – he gave her the food – you’ve got to know it.

– Of course, Itadakimasu!! – though Toraji implored her, she refused to say anything else about Moni’s feelings. And she almost spat her food when a warm, big hand caressed her waist. She hit it, if she made Tomo feel more confident his hands won’t stop there.

– Toraji, I’ve got a girl outside dying to meet you – he said without releasing Tifa’s waist.

– No, thank you – he said washing that old man’s empty bowl. Tifa tried to push him away, but he placed his arm over her shoulders, pinching her cheek.

– Stop it! – she said trying to escape and chuckling. Deep inside, she was excited because of his nearness. And his smell was terribly tempting.

– It’s Friday, come and get some fun – He said to his brother.

– I said no, thank you.

– Don’t you want to see her at least? – Toraji sighed, looking at him furiously – ok, ok, whatever. I didn’t know you were that in love – he said in a mocking voice.

– Oh my god, are you in love with Moni? – Tifa asked with a wide smile.

– One day, you’ll be in love too – Toraji said to his brother, who laughed – and you’ll cry because you’re going to realize about your feelings too late. You’re always surrounded by girls, but what’s the point if you don’t love them back? Just sex? I can wank, if that’s what matters.

– I’m happy like this. You could be happier too. Or at least, please, fuck Moni already. She wants to have you between her legs so bad…

– Don’t talk about her like that!! – He hit the table with a hand. It was the first time Tifa saw him that angry. Toraji shook his head – You know nothing – he said, giving up with his brother.

– And you? – he said to Tifa, looking at her lips – would you like to join me and that girl in my room? – he put his fingers under her chin.

– Shut up, idiot! – she moved his hand aside. She would say yes if the girl was acceptable but not that time – You’ve hurt his feelings, can’t you see that? He’s your brother!

– What the fuck are you doing with that girl?! – Tifa and Tomo looked at the front door to see an upset girl staring at how he was grabbing her waist and how Tifa held his hand – Fuck you, we’re done here – she left before any of them could react.

– Sssshhhit… thank you! it’s Friday night and I won’t have sex.

– Don’t blame me – Tifa said – you’re the one who got in here touching me everywhere.

– Great, good night – he walked upstairs to find Moni having dinner in the living room. He threw himself on the couch, next to her – what are you watching?

– A show about some idiots eating and stuff – she felt uncomfortable everytime Tomo was around. He was too agresive, too straightforward. And that was the first time they were all alone – so… have you had dinner already?

– I’m not hungry – he looked at her – of food…

– Huh? – she was unable to look at him in the eyes. Instead of that, she laughed, confused and nervous.

– If it wasn’t for my brother you would be in my bed by now – he sat, looking at her closely. Moni didn’t move at all, sitting with her back straight and tense – you are virgin, right?

– WHAT?! – he laughed loudly.

– Oh my god, you actually are… Don’t be scared, I don’t like virgins. They fall in love with you with just a soft stroke over their tender parts.

– You’re an asshole – Tifa said looking at him from the stairs – I don’t understand why you turn me on this much – she mumbled, sitting on the sofa between him and Moni, with her arms crossed and looking at the tv.

– I don’t understand your fucking reasons to avoid me but knew I turn you on.

– Of course you do. And Moni feels the same – her friend choked with her spicy chicken, trying to say “TIFA!!”  – but we won’t be with you ever because you’re an asshole.

– So, my brother is the perfect boyfriend now? – he said annoyed.

– He’s better person than you. Yes.

– You don’t know him! You don’t know me! Just because he doesn’t fuck girls every fucking weekend he’s better than me? Let me tell you this, princess – he pushed her shoulder, making her look at him. Moni watched the scene with half opened lips – all those girls are sluts, they just want me because of my pretty face, the money they think I have, and my big cock.

– Wow, hold your fucking horses, boaster! Are you suggesting that I’m a whore?

– Don’t you dare… – Moni said pointing at him, but he ignored her.

– Maybe, if you don’t look at me like a bitch in heat I won’t think this way.

– Excuse me?!?! – she said getting up, Moni hold her wrist. She was breathing fast, furiously – So, according to your theory, if a woman has sexual desires it turns her into a slut?! Go back to your fucking cave!! Troglodyte!!

– What the fuck is going on? – Toraji said from the stairs when Tifa slammed her bedroom door and Tomo puffed, kicking the table and throwing it all to the floor. Except Moni’s food, she catched her bowl just in time.

– I’m so sick and tired of your good boy behaviour I just can’t stand it anymore!! – Tomo said furiously between his teeth.

– The problem is not Nagase-kun, it’s you – Moni said over Toraji’s “what?!” – If you want Tifa to think about you as a good person, go and talk to her. Change that attitude. It would help to make me believe that you’re not this stupid as well.

– Yeah, and she’ll scream at me again, assuming she won’t slap me. She said it before, I’m an asshole, right? – he had his arms crossed, fidgeting.

– Yes – he looked at Moni with his hard and angry eyes, making her feel really nervous, also excited – but you won’t get anything from her if you don’t fix this situation. Go and apologize. We are living together, you can’t be like this!

He didn’t got up for a couple of minutes. Moni and Toraji looked at him, thinking while bitting his lip. Finally he got up abruptly, walking fast towards Tifa’s door. He knocked briefly and got into her bedroom. Toraji sat next to Moni, stealing a piece of chicken without knowing it was spicy. As soon as he chewed it, his eyes opened wide, making a high pitched noise while grabbing the bottle of water.

– Don’t laugh! How in hell do you eat this?! Too much pepper, my god…

– It’s not that spicy,  you dramatist – she said laughing – Can I ask you something? – Toraji nooded, trying to breathe – why is your brother like that? You two are really different and he’s so mean…

– He didn’t mean to make us feel bad – Moni gave Toraji a doubtful look. He looked at his feet and started talking after a deep breath – When our parents and older sister died in a car crash, he didn’t know how to manage all that anger and frustration inside him. And I guess that his destructive life with women, sex, and alcohol from time to time, is his way of releasing those feelings.

– Oh my, I didn’t know… I’m so sorry to hear that.

– Don’t worry, it’s ok – he smiled at Moni, and she caressed his hand with a finger when she really wanted to hug him – He’s a good guy but… you know, deep, deep inside – he rested his back on the sofa, his hands behind his neck – I can’t get mad at him. He’s my brother, he doesn’t mean to hurt me, you, or Tifa as I told you – Moni’s chest hurt, he was too handsome and too lonely. Her thoughs stopped when a thunder sounded in the distance.

– Oh no, please don’t – she said, moving uncomfortable in the sofa.

– I hope it doesn’t rain too much, I’d like to stay awake until late today.

– Why did you say that? – she said, feeling uneasy.

– Because this house is old, and when it rains lights go out most of the times – Moni sucked her teeth, holding her body with her arms.

– Please, don’t leave me alone – Toraji looked at her frowning and he sat straight, stroking her back.

– I’m right here, don’t worry – she looked at him. Another thunder. Her whimpers sounded louder than she wanted too.

– Nagase, do you mind if I move closer? – he smiled, holding her. The girl clinged to his shirt as soon as he came closer. He was so warm and his hug was so tight she felt better. But yet, not ok.

At the same time, Tifa was sitting on her bed with her back against the wall. The thunder made her look outside the window, but she tried to ignore it. Tomo was staring at her with his arms crossed and his back against the door. He didn’t open his mouth, he was just there standing, and Tifa didn’t know how to react: Hitting him, asking him to leave her alone, or wildly having sex with him in that very moment. His glare was too much to handle, though he was an asshole. A fucking attractive asshole with all those curls and that unkempt appearance… Toraji was also that handsome, but he was more the cute type.

– I… – he cleared his throat – you’re not a slut.

– Congratulations for your discover, tell me something new.

– Hey, you’re not helping here! – she raised her eyebrows looking angrily at him when he raised his voice – I didn’t say it to offend you – he said much softer – Toraji pissed me off and I just took it out with you.

– Well, that doesn’t justify what you’ve said to me. And how exactly did your brother pissed you off? By telling you he didn’t want to fuck a girl you’re going to fuck anyway?

– No. Not exactly…

– Ok. Look, I know you’re in here because either they asked you to apologize or you just want to fuck, and let me tell you that—

– I know you won’t fuck with me tonight,that’s cristal clear. And I’m in here because I want not because they forced me to. But hey, If you don’t accept my fucking apologies it’s your problem. I did my part.

– You did your what!? –  she got up from bed when a thunder made the windows tremble – oh shit – she said looking outside and grabbing Tomo’s shirt by his shoulder.

– If you’re going to slap me just do it already – he looked at her confused.

– I won’t hit you… asshole – she didn’t look at him, she was just looking out of the window.

And then she saw the light, followed by the loudest thunder she’ve ever heard, her scream, and Moni’s that could be heard from the living room. The lights went out and Tifa hold his arm.

– Oh fuck. Oh shit – she felt him moving.

– Not again… I hope it’s the fuses and not the main cable – he tried to leave the room but she held his hand when another thunder made her jump.

– Don’t you dare to leave me here alone!!! What’s wrong about this country storms? Why are they so fucking loud?

– Are you scared of darkness or thunders? – She didn’t hear his chuckles, but felt them. Between all that fear, she had time to think about how delicious was his scent. She licked her lips before talking.

– Both, and Moni is afraid too. Stop mocking me, it’s not funny.

– You’re shaking… – he said when he touched her shoulders. Inside her room it was completely dark, the only light came from the lightnings.

– Can we go to the living room please? I don’t want to be here – He lead her by the hand downstairs, where Toraji lighted up a candle. Moni had her face against his chest.

– I hope it will be fixed in a while, I have to pack my bag – Toraji said.

– Where are you going? – Tomo sat with Tifa by his side. She didn’t release his shirt.

– There’s a market this weekend in a village not far from here. Food will be much cheaper and I want to buy some stuff. I need your motorbike.

– Do you need me to go with you? – Tomo said.

– No, you just take care of the restaurant while I’m gone – after hearing that, Tomo complained – it’s just a weekend. I promise – another thunder made the girls jump again.

– Fucking storms! – Tifa said, getting close to Tomo.

– At least it’s not an earthquacke – he said, mocking her and chuckling again.

– Would you please shut up!? – Moni said against Toraji’s chest.

– You’re scaring them. Stop it – Toraji whispered. Tomo rolled his eyes.

– I’m going to check the fuses, I’ll be back in a minute.

– Don’t leave me here!  – Tifa said standing.

– Toraji is right there– he said looking at his brother – hey, can you hold her too?

– I’m going with you. I feel better if I’m doing things rather than sitting and waiting for the lights to came back or another thunder to scare the shit out of me.

– Ok, whatever… – Moni opened her eyes for a moment to see her friend going downstairs with Tomo.

– It looks like they are ok now – Toraji said. When he talked, she heard his deep voice and its vibration against her cheek. He was behaving so nicely she was melting, though she was also scared to death.

– I hope Tomo-san can fix the lights.

– I don’t know. It’s probably the main cables, it happens a lot.

– Earthquackes too?

– Sometimes. But they are tiny! – he said hastily when he saw her scared face – don’t listen to my brother.

– You didn’t tell us that when we agreed to stay in here – another thunder made her jump, holding him even tighter.

– Ouch! You’re going to break me some bones! Relax a little – he said laughing – It’s just a loud noise, come on. And you’d feel the storm wherever you are – he stroked her hair with his fingers. He put a hand on her cheek. It was so warm she felt instantly better – it’s been a while since I hold someone.

– Naga-chan, thank you for looking after me.

– It’s not a problem, it feels good – he remained quiet. They heard a scared scream downstairs – Does it feels good for you too? – she felt he was looking at her face. She opened her eyes to find his lips really close.

She nooded slowly, and he kissed her forehead. They just had the light coming from the candle, more than enough to see how his dark brown eyes melted in hers. She forgot about the storm and the darkness for a second when he kissed her softly in her lips. Her heart raced like insane, his mouth was warm and so nice, his lips were so thick… better than she imagined. She felt her cheeks burning.

– I like your mouth – he whispered against her lips.

– B—baka!! – she answered, burying her face on his chest again, breathing heavily and feeling hot. She didn’t know what to say or how to behave. But he held her tighter.

Some minutes before, Tifa let go a scream when she saw a cockroach running under a box in the tiny storehouse they had under the stairs. Tomo lighted up the room with his cell, looking for the light board.

– Oh, cool, the problem is here! – he pushed some buttons and lights came back upstairs – done!

– Let’s get out of here, please – she said looking around.

– Wait a sec – he grabbed her hand – are you mad at me or not?

– I forgive you, but you don’t deserve it.

– I know – he raised his lip a bit when talking. Tifa didn’t know exactly why, but she loved it – Thank you.

– You could  also apologize because of the bathroom situation.

– No, I won’t. I’m not sorry about that at all – he said smiling pervertly – that was great.

– It wasn’t! It was a lack of respet! – she felt nervous and they were in a really tiny place. He put away a lock of hair from her face, smiling – stop it. Don’t.

– Don’t deny what you feel… and don’t make me think about the bathroom situation again when we are all alone in darkness.

She turned around and went upstairs, but he grabbed her in the middle of these, pushing her against the wall with his hands under her skirt. He kissed her neck, making her moan imperceptibly. Tifa grabbed his hands, moving her ass against his crotch inevitably. His breath on her nape gave the girl goosebumps, and he moved his hips, rubbing his hard cock against her ass, pushing her even more against the wall. He moved a hand, caressing her neck, touching her lips with the tips of his long fingers.

– I obviously won’t force you to do anything because I know it’s not ok, I’m not like that – he whispered, his hand squeezing her tigh – but we’ll fuck. I don’t know when but we will. Because you want it. And I… – he smelled her hair, letting go the air in a soft moan – I can’t wait to feel you, babe.

– Shut up, shut up, shut UP! – she pushed him, turning back, breathless – stay away from me. You are fucking dangerous.

– I am. But so are you, I know it since the first time I looked into your eyes – he came closer to her, she grabbed the handrail and he grabbed her waist with his hands. Lights went off again after a loud thunder and she felt his tongue over her mouth. She gasped when he squeezed her ass, bitting her lip – you’re so fucking hot, girl, I wanna see you naked again.

– It’s everything ok?! – Toraji asked from the living room.

– Yeah! Let me check it again! – Tomo replied. He grabbed her ass once more – everything’s more than ok – he whispered.

Tomo went downstairs, laughing and leaving her alone against the handrail. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think, and the light came again. She walked fast to her room, ignoring Toraji’s proposal of watching a movie. She locked her door with the latch and took a deep breath. She wanted to fuck him, fast and hard. She wanted to touch, see and bite his body, to scratch his back. But she didn’t want to fall in love and they were living togehter. If that were a one-night stand it would be ok, but she will see his face every day, and that made things complicated. Even more knowing that he wasn’t man of just one woman. Moni had a  completely different situation. She would have Toraji for her and just her alone because he was a good boy. And he was in love with her. She blamed herself for loving bad, wild guys, sighing. Her legs were shaking and she sat in front of her computer. She heard knocks on her door, it was Tomo. But she turned on the music on her headphones and tried to think about anything else. But it was hard. As hard as his cock inside his trousers. She laughed hysterically, knowing that she won’t sleep that night.


Next morning, Moni woke up in her bedroom, but she didn’t know how she ended in there. Last thing she remembers from last night was Toraji’s warm body, a boring film about politicians and feeling sleepy. So, probably, she fell asleep and he left her inside the bed. She got up smiling and the first thing she did, was knocking on Tifa’s door.

– I’m busy! – she said. Moni opened the door anyway to find her studying.

– Good morning – she closed it – what happened yesterday? You went straight to your room.

– He made a pass at me, again. But this time he went too far – Tifa saw her friend’s face of “tell me the details” and so she did. When she finished, her friend was giggling and jumping on the chair.

– You should have sex with him, there’s too much sexual tension between you two – Tifa shook her head in denial – you’ll feel better!

– And why don’t you have sex with Toraji then? – she blushed.

– He kissed me yesterday – Moni whispered. Tifa opened her mouth and then chuckled.

– I don’t know why I am surprised, he’s mad about you.

– What did he tell you!? – she asked, holding her hands.

– Ask him – Tifa said laughing – when he comes back. He left this morning.

– Really? I’m gonna miss him… – Tifa hugged her.

– And he’ll miss you too – she winked.

Moni shook her violently screaming “Tiiiiifaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”, but her friend just laughed. That weekend felt eternal. Moni had to write an essay but she didn’t want to work the whole weekend, so she spent evenings watching shows and tv series; laying on her bed basically. She ate with her friend and they didn’t see Tomo until night. As soon as he got into the living room, Tifa got into her bedroom, making him laugh while screaming “You can’t hide forever” in a really creepy voice. The morning after, Tomo prepared breakfast for the three of them. The girls were genuinely surprised.

– You’re not hiding anymore? – he said to Tifa with a smirk. She looked at him briefly.

– I’m not hidding. I just didn’t want to see you yesterday.

– What if I come closer? – Tifa put a hand between them – ok, ok – Moni didn’t notice how intensly she was staring at Tomo’s face until Tifa snaped her fingers in front of her eyes.

– What? – she said, feeling dizzy, making Tomo laugh.

– I don’t know if you remember, but you’ve got a boyfriend – Tifa said smiling. Tomo looked at her surprised.

– Nagase-san is not my boyfriend! He’s just… – she looked at Tomo again – you two are so alike and I lost myself in my thoughs. Sorry.

– You miss him, right? I’m happy for my brother – he said chewing his breakfast. Moni nooded. Tomo had his nose, the same mouth and eyes. Even the dimple. He made some expressions just like Toraji’s and she couldn’t avoid feeling attracted to him.

– Why don’t you cut your hair like your brother? – Moni suggested.

– No! My curls are mine. Without them I’m Toraji and that’s not good – he said – though it’s been a while since I last cut it – he said stretching a curl.

– Don’t you dare to cut those curls! – Tifa said without thinking, but Tomo seemed pleased.

– So, you do like my curls? – she focused on her toast while Moni giggled – I like your hair too – he said stroking it – and your face. And your body. And all about you.

– Can you just…? – she said grabbing his wrist, staring at him.

– I’m a third wheel – hummed Moni, making him laugh.

– Ok, sorry – he got up, kissing Tifa’s cheek first. She sucked her teeth and then puffed. Moni looked at her, whispering “kiss him”. Tifa just rubbed her face with her hands.

That was a boring Sunday, but everytime Moni saw Tomo around, she couldn’t help but thinking about Toraji. She missed him a lot: his voice, his laughs, his jokes and his warm body holding her. She wanted another kiss, she wanted to be his girlfriend as Tifa said, but she wasn’t sure of his feelings. Maybe that kiss that meant a lot to her didn’t mean too much to him. It was too late when she realized she was running out of time for her essay, and she felt asleep over her laptop in that very chair a few hours later. Next morning, she woke up with little time to do anything but taking a shower and run to college; and still she though she won’t have time. She got out from her bedroom saying a hurried good morning to Tifa, who was getting into her room with just her towel. She went downstairs and when she grabbed the bathroom doorknob she should have listened Tomo’s giggles. But she didn’t, opening the door.

            Toraji was naked, though she was just able to see his back. He was standing under the hot water steam, and she couldn’t move her eyes away from the drops slidding over his wide back and shoulders. He looked up to feel the water touching his face and she saw his wet lips, half opened; and his eyes, closed. He was so relaxed and beautiful… She couldn’t move, but Tomo’s laughs made her react, slamming the door.

– By the way! My brother is back – he said laughing even louder.

– Oh my… I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry and—

– Let me tell him – Tomo got into the bathroom, getting out with his brother seconds later.

– Sorry, I didn’t know you were in a hurry – Toraji said. She was looking everywhere but him.

– Oh, please, finish it, I—

– Come oooon – Toraji pushed her by the shoulders inside the bathroom. Just the contact with his warm and wet hands made her feel hysterical – hello again, little thing – he pinched her nose before closing the door and Moni finally took a shower, giggling like a teen.

– I think she’s late to hand an essay – Tifa said walking downstairs, combing her wet hair – it’s weird she’s still here being Monday and this late… Oh! Hello Nagase-kun! – she didn’t want to look at his naked chest, but she did.

– Oe, oe, oe, oe, oe – Tomo covered her eyes, hugging her from behind, pretending to be angry – where the fuck are you looking at? I’m here.

– Tomo-kun… – she said smiling without to, moving apart his hand.

– I missed your shower, what a shame – he whispered in her ear.

– Did you two slept toghether while I was gone? – Toraji asked, getting dressed in front of her. Tifa looked away.

– No!! – she said, feeling Tomo’s warm body at her back and his breath tickling her neck. She wanted him to release her but she didn’t want him away at the same time – he’s just stalking me 24/7.

– Lies – she looked at his face, puffing – you like it, so stop complaining – he kissed her lips briefly but slowly.

– Tomo!! you stupid asshole!! – she pushed him away while both guys were giggling – it’s impossible to live with you!

– Oh noooo, I won’t make it… – Moni said getting out from the bathroom with her clothes half on, half off. She wanted to scream when she realized the hour it was.

– Come on, I’ll take you there – Toraji said.

– What about the restaurant? – Moni asked.

– Don’t worry, Tomo is at charge – he said “What?” but everyone ignored him – Hurry up, grab your things!

– What if it rains? – she asked from her bedroom – This whole weekend the weather has been awful…

– It’s okay, but if you don’t hurry up you won’t make it – he said pulling her hand, taking her outside the house and climbing on his bike – hold tight! This is gonna be dangerous.

He stood on the pedals, she sat in the seat. She grabbed his waist closing her eyes and praying not to fall to the ground. He was cycling so fast they almost fell several times, but miraculously, she arrived in time at college. She went to her teacher’s office, handing her essay.

– Done? – Toraji asked as soon as she went out.

– Just in time! I don’t know how to thank you for this.

– Work my turn in the restaurant one day. Let’s go home.

He drove much more slowly, and she enjoyed the ride. But it started to rain and Toraji tried to speed up so they could arrive home as soon as possible. Realizing a downpour was coming, he stopped under the roof of a store, waiting. Both laughed, they were drenched.

– Look at you! – he said with that big smile of his, wipping the raindrops from her jacket.

– If you had a towel we could use it now – she said trying to wipe the water from his face with her hands, though she was also wet. His spiky hair wasn’t spiky anymore. It fell over his eyes and she moved it aside, trying to make it spiky again.

– Don’t be silly! Who’s going to take a towel to the street “just in case”, baka? – He said laughing with her, trying to dry her hair – People carry umbrellas… usually.

He placed her disheveled hair strands more or less on its place, stroking it, looking into her eyes. Moni saw his gaze slidding to her lips, while he bit his own. Just before his lips came closer he licked them, licking hers a second after, really slowly. When she heard his soft moan, her body trembled.

– It’s the best way I can think of to dry your lips – he leered her, something unusual – and not just your lips…

– B-B-BAKA! – She said, slapping his forehead.

– Owww! I was trying to be sexy here!

– You looked like an idiot! That’s what you are!!

– Then let me be your favorite idiot.

He caressed her waist, smiling provocatively at her. Toraji leaned over the girl, kissing her tenderly while he laughed. Moni contained a nervous whimper, she wanted to hit him but she wanted to kiss him wildly too. She grabbed his shirt tightly as he pressed his body against hers, holding her waist with his arms. Their tongues were tangled, he was so close she felt how her temperature was rising. When he stopped kissing her, the girl hit him in the chest several times.

– Stop it! – He said, laughing – would you ever behave like a normal girl? – When she saw the sun in his bright and dark eyes, she realized it wasn’t raining anymore. And how much she loved that man.

– Let’s go home. You are making a scene and people are looking at us.

– Okay, we’ll keep with this conversation later – Moni felt her cheeks burning but when she grabbed his waist again on the bike, she couldn’t hold her smiles, feeling like a fool completely in love.

When they arrived to the restaurant it was still closed, and they heard both, Tomo and Tifa, arguing inside the storehouse. They smiled getting closer without looking but listening.

– I told you I don’t know how to make an inventory, and your brother bought too much food – Tifa said, looking at all the vegetables and meat, kneeled between boxes and plastic bags – it’s going to spoil…

– For god sake, stop complaining! Toraji always buys the right amounts of food. And if we don’t sell it I leave it in the shelter around the corner.

– Shelter? – she said looking at him, writting down in a paper what they have to store.

– Yeah, for poor people. We don’t throw anything edible to the trash.

– That’s so kind-hearted from you – she stayed quietly, just looking at him. When he wasn’t harassing her, acting like an asshole, or angry, he was really handsome. He tilted his head, blowing to move aside some curls from his eyes, and she wanted to touch him, to kiss him. To made him hers.

– What are you looking at? – he said smiling – Are you going to help me or do you have a better idea in mind?

– Shut up – she said smiling too. He kneeled in front of her.

– Why don’t you want me close to you? I’m starting to feel a bit rejected, though I know you like me.

– That’s the problem, I like you, but you love girls, and I don’t want to love you – he looked away, feeling guilty – if the situation wasn’t like this, we’d probably had sex like a thousand times by now – she said laughing. He chuckled without looking at her in the eyes – but we live together, so… – she sighed.

– I can try it if you want – he stared at her, so deeply she had to swallow.

– Try what?

– Not to fuck other girls.

– Yeah, sure – she said laughing and standing – all the things you’d say just to get laid! Let’s leave this to your brother because I don’t get how it works. I’m better cooking.

– Hey – he jumped over the boxes – I’m being serious. Maybe I’ll fall in love with you, who knows? – he came closer, caressing her cheek, looking at her lips – I really like you – she doubted for a second, he seemed to be honest. But she won’t fall into his trap.

– Of course, and then you’ll buy me a castle and you’ll start calling me princess – he tried to say something – Shut up, ok? – she said annoyed.

– Why don’t you believe me?

– Because your attitude and your actions are in absolute conflict with what you’re telling me. That’s why.

– But, will I have at least a kiss from you someday?

– Maybe. Just don’t harass me, ok? – As soon as she walked to the door, Moni and Toraji run fast upstairs so they don’t get caught, and once they were in the first floor they saw Tifa going up slowly.

– Hi! – Toraji said. She looked at them.

– That was fast, when did you arrive? – she asked – you’re soaking wet…

– Just now, I delivered the essay in time but it started to rain.

– Go up and change your clothes, I’m gonna make some food. Nagase-kun, help your brother please, he’s in the storeroom.

– Don’t you have college today? – Toraji asked.

– Nope, but I had this essay to deliver – Moni said going upstairs with him – there’s always a teacher who ruins your day…

– Do you want me to help you changing your clothes? I can dry your body – he whispered. Moni looked at him shocked, but he laughed, getting into his room.

Both girls made lunch while guys were storing the restaurant food. They ate and then rested in the couch. Tifa sat in the carpet with her back against the sofa, in front of Tomo who was laying on it reading a bikes magazine. Moni and Toraji sat together, next to Tomo’s feet, and Toraji passed an arm over her shoulders. Tifa smiled when she saw them.

– We don’t have to go to class tomorrow right? – Moni asked her, who nooded.

– Tomorrow is 14th? – Toraji asked. Tomo sighed and both brothers looked at each other – will you come with me this year or you’re gonna stay at home?

– Where? – Tifa asked, turning her head back to look at him while eating candies.

– Cemetery, tomorrow will be five years since… well…

– Since they died – Tomo said serious – I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’ll tell you tomorrow – after that, an awkward and sad silence invaded the room and the girls felt horrible. Until Toraji laughed about something from the tv.

– Let me teach you a game – Tifa said, kneeling on the carpet in front of Toraji who looked the saddest – put your palms faced down – he did and she put hers under his, faced up – you’ve got to move away your hands before I hit them, ok? If I hit them, you lose – he nodded. Although he tried, Tifa was faster, hitting him every time.

– Let me try it – Moni said placing her hands under his. They looked each other and giggled. But she didn’t laugh for too long – that’s not fair, I can’t hit you!

– It’s not my problem if you’re sloooow – he said pocking her nose. She hit his hands hard – Ouch!! Brute girl! Don’t! – Tomo looked at them over his magazine and Toraji grabbed his feet.

– What are you doing? – he asked Toraji.

– Try it with Tifa, I’m sure she’s faster than you – Tomo said “Bah!” and continued reading – I bet she can suprise you!

– There’s no woman able to surpise me – he said boringly, turning the pages of the magazine – they’re all the same and this one seems to be especially dull – Tifa raised an eyebrow, taking his words as a challenge.

– I wouldn’t be so sure – Moni said giggling, making Tomo look at her putting down the magazine. And was in that exact moment when Tifa decided to surprise him.

She moved fast, grabbing his face by his jawbone and his cheek, stroking his beard with her fingers, kissing his lips slowly and almost laying over him. They were as thick and warm as they seemed to be and she enjoyed it, softly pressing her lips between his. He opened his eyes in surprise, taking a deep breath without releasing the air. Moni gave a little and excited scream, Toraji whispered “aaree?” and Tifa ended the kiss, looking into his black, wide opened eyes.

– Surprise! – she sat stright again, turning her back to him while Moni and Toraji giggled non-stop.

– Da fuck…? – Tomo whispered.

– And again, I told you! – Toraji said laughing. Tifa couldn’t hide her smiles.

When they went to bed, Toraji gave Moni a fast goodnight kiss, and she hit him because Tifa was watching. She whispered “not your boyfriend, huh?” to her friend, who smiled and blushed, saying good night. Tifa got into her room, and once inside her bed, she heard someone knocking on her door.

– Come in! – she said covering her legs, she just had her long t-shirt on and her panties.

– Ahm… – Tomo looked at her from the door, but he finally got inside, sitting on her bed. He observed her face thoroughly, and she felt his hand placed on her leg, over the sheets – why did you kissed me after what we talked this morning?

– Because I wanted to surprise you – he gave her a sided smile, staring at her lips.

– I fucking loved it – he said – you left me breathless – he moved a hand, touching her lips with the tips of his fingers – so slowly and tenderly. I didn’t expect it at all.

– I know – she said, pretending her heart wasn’t about to explode.

– Can you kiss me again? – she shook her head – can I kiss you? – she covered her face with her hands, laughing.

– You can’t ask me that – she said, moving her eyes from his lips to his gaze – ok, just one kiss and you go to bed.

Tomo whispered “ok” with his hand on her cheek and the other grabbing her leg. His kisses were slow, he didn’t has any hurry and they tasted each other’s lips until they were unable to say whose lip belonged to whom. Tifa squeezed her sheets, grabbing them so hard her hands started to hurt. He caressed her neck, her mouth with his, giving her a long stare after their kisses. Her underwear was too wet, and she smiled. If he was able to cause her that reaction with just some kisses…

– Good night then – he said. She nodded, unable to talk – I hope you dream with me. You can get into my bed if you feel like having sex, ok? Don’t be shy – he said smiling before he closed the door.

When he left, she let go the air she was holding, whispering “if I feel like having sex? Fucking bastard…”. She got up from bed and locked the door. She needed to calm herself or she won’t sleep again.

            At the other side of the corridor, Moni couldn’t sleep thinking about Toraji’s behaviour from that morning, asking herself if they were a couple or not. She wanted to go to his room but she got too nervous just by thinking about it. So she got up from bed, directly to Tifa’s room looking for some advice. But she stopped at the corridor, listening to the conversation she heard from the living room.

– I can’t understand how I’m controlling myself – she heard Tomo and Toraji’s laughs – this is driving me crazy… she is driving me crazy!

– It’s been a while since a girl doesn’t fall instantly into your arms, right? – Toraji asked.

– I can’t remember who was the last before her. I think there’s no difficult girl before her, actually.

– That’s why you like her this much? Or it’s just you wanting to bang her?

– It’s both. My balls hurt because I fucking need to shag, and I swear to God, it’s gonna be wild. You’ll hear us from the fucking restaurant – Toraji laughed loudly and Moni giggled like insane – but, being serious now, I like her. Not just her body, all about her. She’s cool, she argues if she has too and she won’t stay there all quiet and crying if I offend her. She’s so badass and confident I just want to… – he made a sound similar to a groan, and Moni had to cover her mouth with her hands to avoid a loud laughter.

– I didn’t see them crying or complaining for silly things. They’re just great.

– Did you tell Moni-chan your feelings already? – Moni sat down on the first step, listening carefully.

– No, but I guess she knows…

– You guess? Just tell her! – they didn’t talk for a few seconds in which Moni doubted of looking down or staying right there – you’re afraid, don’t you?

– I don’t want to talk about it.

– You’re afraid of losing her. You can’t be like that, with that constant fear of losing your people. It’s not healthy.

– And what about you? Are you going to tell me your life is healthy? – Toraji complained.

– We’re not talking about me, ok? You don’t see your friends anymore, and Taichi-kun asks me almost every day about you. I’m always making up excuses: that you’re busy with the restaurant, or sick… you can’t avoid people just because you don’t want to lose them. Because you’re already losing them with this fucking lack of communication.

– I don’t want to go through that again – Toraji said in a soft voice.

– You won’t, idiot. Now, cheer up, you’ve got a really cute girlfriend upstairs – Moni blushed, feeling uncomfortable – Why don’t you say goodnight properly, huh?

– I don’t know if I should.

– Of course you should! – Tomo said outloud what Moni was thinking – You are way more happier now that the girls are in our life. We need them, they are like a balsam and we’re healing with them.

– That was fucking deep – Toraji said laughing with his brother. Moni heard them standing and she knocked softly into Tifa’s room. She tried to open but it was closed. And they catched her in the middle of the corridor.

– What are you doing in the living room? – she asked, playing dumb.

– And what are you doing standing there? – Tomo asked, raising an eyebrow.

– I… gotta go to the bathroom – she said going downstairs. Toraji smiled at her and she closed the bathroom door for a while. She openend the faucet, pretending to be washing her hands and went back to her room. Toraji was there looking at her portraits.

– I guess that’s your family – he said.

– Nagase, can I go with you tomorrow? – he looked at her and nodded.

– Of course, I’ll introduce you to my family – he sat on her bed and she mussed his hair, standing in front of him – don’t do that! – he said laughing.

– Why? Are you going somewhere or something? – she mussed it even harder and he caught her wrists, making her lay on her bed.

– I’m the king of teasing, you won’t defeat me in my own field – he lifted her shirt with his teeth and started to bite her belly. Moni screamed, kicking the air and laughing too loud.

– Hanaseeeeee!! BAKAAAAAAA!!

– I’m going to eaaaat you!! – he said with a monster voice, bitting her arms.

– DOOON’T!! – She screamed, trying to kick him when they heard Tomo’s yell.

– Go to a fucking hostel!! I wanna sleeeep!! – followed by Tifa’s loud laughs from her room.

– Ok, ok, I release you by public demand – Toraji said. Moni laid in bed, trying to control her laughs. Toraji looked at her belly button, caressing it with his finger and making her giggle – I love your skin – he laid beside her, resting his face on his hand – that’s why I wanna eat you – he bite the air, in front of Moni’s face who leaned back, smiling.

– Don’t bite me! you hurt me before with those monster teeth of yours.

– I did? Sorry sweetheart – he tilted over her body, stroking her belly softly with his fingertips and kissing her lips delicately. Moni stroked his nape with her nails, kissing him over and over again. Until he sighed, standing up and panting – not yet, don’t tempt me too much or I won’t control myself – she laughed covering her face – I’ll get up early, should I wake you up?

– If you don’t mind – she said sitting in bed.

– Good night babe – he grabbed softly her shoulder while their lips touched one more time – have sweet dreams – She said “ok…” and he went to sleep. Moni’s smile couldn’t be wider and she felt asleep with her heart full of joy and her mind full of Toraji.

Next morning, Tifa woke up late and went to the bathroom first. It seemed that there were no one around, but she checked it. Tomo’s door was ajar and she looked inside to see him laying down on his bed. He was looking outside the window, his hand resting on his chest while the other was over his forehead. His black eyes turned dark brown in the sunlight and she couldn’t do anything but stand there, feeling that odious pressure in her chest which meant nothing good. It felt as if somebody was squeezing her heart and lungs, and it hurt. She didn’t want to feel like that, she was denying it the whole day but yet there she was, staring at how he was touching his eyebrows with his thumb. When he moved his hand away from his face, she saw his worried expression. Her breathing and heartbeat became faster as she got inside the room, without him noticing. He was wearing a nice suit, something strange coming from a person who was always slobby.

– Tomo-kun, it’s everything ok? Did something happen with the restaurant or your brother? – he licked his lips, swallowing and still looking outside the window. She wanted to touch his face so bad.

– I wonder if they are proud of us – he murmured.

– What? Who? – she said, sitting next to him.

– We are always fighting but we’re trying our best with the restaurant though we don’t like it. It’s like honoring their memory you know? it’s what we’ve got left – suddenly Tifa remembered, feeling stupid. But he should be at the cemetary with his brother and he was on his bed instead.

– You didn’t go with your brother – he shook his head softly, lowering his gaze.

She wanted to make him feel better, she couldn’t stand watching him nor Toraji that sad. Without thinking it twice, she laid down beside him, her head resting on his shoulder, hugging his waist tightly. Tomo moved his hand over her back slowly, and she looked at his face. She felt his breath in her nose when he sighed. She was completely unable to control her feelings anymore, so she sighed too. He was in love with every girl, that was his style. And she was one of those girls willing to have him just for her. It was hateful to admit it but facts were facts. She knew her heart would hurt, but she stayed laying on his chest and sighing for his love. She closed her eyes, hugging him tighter, diving in his odour and his warmth.

– Why are you holding me like this? You told me you didn’t want me close, and I know your reasons.

– Shut up, asshole! Don’t bring up the subject now.

– Don’t get dramatic because of what I just told you, I was thinking outloud, that’s all.

– Stop playing the tough guy with me, your manliness won’t be affected if you get sad sometimes, it’s a natural thing – she heard him chuckling, feeling his breath on her forehead. She looked at him, straight into his eyes.

– You’re crazy on me – she wanted to slap his pretty face.

– You were pretending? – she asked furiously, he laughed like an idiot – you were talking and behaving like that just to—

– Nope, but since it works with you I’m gonna be sad the rest of the day – She got up from bed but he did it as well. Tomo took her hand, pushing her close to him, kissing her lips again like the night before.

– That was mean! – she said pushing him away – I felt sad for you!

– Don’t look at me like that, I am trully sad! – they were fighting, but he held her in his arms, looking at her face.

– Really? How is that if you have time to think about sex?

– And what do you want?! Do you want me to cry or something?

– No!! I just—

– You don’t know what you want!!

– Don’t talk to me like that! – she said, feeling a bit sad because of his rude ways.

– Don’t you understand it yet? I prefer to spend the day laughing about your fucking dumb, stupid and beautiful face when I tease you than remembering how fucking sad my life is. You cheer me up, and… holy shit I’ve got to thank you for that!! – Tifa looked at him, stunned – But no, you’re not ok with me being a bit pervy when I’m supposed to be sad, because it’s mean. Well, ok, go then, I won’t harass you anymore – he let her go, laying again on his bed, shaking his hed with his hands rubbing his face.

– I’m sorry – she whispered – I didn’t know you feel that way. That I make you feel that… good. That’s why you’re always with girls? Because they make you feel better?

– Obviously… – she laid down next to him again, looking at his face. He looked at her.

– I’m sorry, you can tease me all you want. I promise I will get mad if that makes you happy. But I don’t want you to be sad – he frowned – Your brother has Moni but you just have—

– I could have you, but you don’t trust me – he said, turning in bed and holding her – you’re the asshole now, you know?

– No more than you – she said smiling against his neck.

When the couple arrived from street, they found them sleeping like that; One in the arms of the other. Moni smiled and went downstairs with Toraji, waiting for them to wake up.


– I’ve forgotten to tell you! – Toraji said in the living room, laying on the sofa with his head on Moni’s legs – We have strawberries! I’ve bought them last weekend. Let me go and bring you some.

– But I’m so comfortable here – she said stroking his hair and his sideburns. He looked at her, faking a sad face. She didn’t like his sad face. She had to see it that morning at the cemetery and Moni felt so powerless she almost cry too. But as soon as they left the place, he started to be the same again; his happy, idiotic boyfriend.

– I’m hungry… – He pouted even more, faking whimpers even. She couldn’t say no to that man so she mussed his hair, bitting his nose.

– Ok, go and bring them. But don’t forget to bring some sugar too!!

– And chocolate, of course – he said smiling at her from the stairs. Moni stretched her muscles and wondered why Tifa and Tomo didn’t get up already. She wanted to be with them too because the time they spent together was the best. She went upstairs, knocking softly on Tomo’s door. When the girl peeked into his room, she just stood there shocked, blushing and whispering “oh my…”

            Several minutes before that, Tifa woke up abruptly on Tomo’s bed. She felt aroused, lost, and a moan escaped from her lips as soon as she discovered the origin of her excitement. Tomo was covering what her panties should cover with his huge hand while caressing it slowly, looking at her face in such a dirty way she blushed.

– You’ve been making noises for a while – he moved his whole hand over her wet pussy, so she moaned again – are you horny? – his tongue licked her half open mouth. Tifa grabbed Tomo from his curls, kissing him eagerly.

– Horny doesn’t even begin to cover what I’m feeling – his tongue was delicious, his lips hotter than her body. She started to sweat as his fingers started to touch her clit softly.

Tomo whispered against her lips how hard he wanted to fuck her; she whispered “do me” over and over again. He kneeled in bed, taking out his cock right in front of Tifa’s mouth. She looked at him while touching it: warm, soft, thick and so hard she though he was about to cum over her face. But luckily for her, he didn’t. Her lips sucked it slowly, only the tip of it while Tomo kept rubbing her tenderly. They were touching each other slowly, moaning of pleasure with no hurries at all despite of being so horny. And it wasn’t until she reached an orgasm he didn’t stop touching her. She moved her tongue and lips slowly but hard, digging her nails in his ass to swallow him deeply, moaning and trembling with pleasure, subdue to his fingers.

            He laid over the girl, covering her body with kisses, making Tifa move her hips against him completely unable to repress herself. He lifted her night-shirt, kissing and licking her boobs and cleavage. She unbottoned his shirt, touching his chest and his neck with her fingertips. Tomo moved his hand, grabbing his cock, getting slowly inside her body while her moans became louder.

– Oh my god, you’re filling me up – she moaned – Tomo, I wanted your cock so bad… – she kissed him like if it was the end of the world.

– Yokatta? – he asked, breathing her breath, devouring her with his eyes.

– Give me more, please, Tomo – his hips moved slowly against hers, his pleasure gestures were too much to handle – oh please…

– Stop moaning! I’m gonna cum – he said between his clenched teeth, feeling her body squeezing him, tight and soaking wet.

– Harder  – she implored, gasping and moaning – I’m gonna cum too.

– I said shut up – he laid back in bed, pulling Tifa from the hips and making her sit on his face. When Tifa felt his tongue licking her wet and burning flesh, she let go a scream. He was eating her up, pinching her nipples and scratching her back. Suddenly, she was on her four, faced to the door. He slide into her body slowly, grabbing her hips and bitting his lips.

– hmmmmmnnn… I just… – she bit the sheets trying not to scream when he banged her hard and fast. He was almost groaning, moving like a beast inside her. He bended over her body, grabbing her breasts.

– Someone’s watching us – he whispered in her ear, chuckling and moaning.

– I don’t fucking care, don’t stop…don’t you ever stop.

When Tomo pulled her hair with an evil grin, fucking Tifa slowly but equally hard and moaning deeply everytime he got completely inside her, Moni went down stairs. She forgot to close the door, probably because she was too excited to think straight. She had to raise the tv volume because Tifa’s moans and screams got her. When Toraji came back with a bowl full of strawberries, sugar, chocolate and condensed milk in a tray, she couldn’t look at his face. She even had problems to breathe properly. Watching Tomo having sex made her think about Toraji having sex. She took a deep and trembling breath.

– Why is tv so loud? – he asked, and when he turned the volume down, Moni covered her face with a cushion, laughing. Tifa’s “Iku” and “motto hayaku” reached them clearly. They even heard Tomo, moaning that he was cumming too. Tifa screamed louder than ever – oooooook – Toraji said, chuckling and turning up the volume again.

– They must be ending by now. Those moans…

– I don’t know, my brother is a long duration lover – Moni covered her face again.

– Ahhhh!! Shut up! – she said laughing – too much information already – they started to eat the strawberries without them, but not too long after that, they heard some bangs and laughters from the second floor corridor.

– We’re gonna fall!! Let me walk! – Tifa said. They turned back to see Tomo going downstairs with Tifa on his arms, wrapped on the sheets of his bed. Tomo was naked except for his unbuttoned shirt.

– Dude! What the fuck!?  – Toraji said laughing and covering Moni’s eyes.

– Sorry! Sorry! I’m so sorry! – Tifa said while Tomo got into the bathroom with her.

– What’s wrong with him? – Moni said all blushed and very unsure of how she should behave.

– Let’s expect he doesn’t try round two ‘cause she won’t stop him – Toraji said bitting a strawberry. They heard some laughs and Tifa screaming, but no more moans.

Inside the bathroom, Tifa put the sheets away from the water trying to keep them dry. They didn’t have clothes or towels so they’ll need them. Tomo pulled her by the wrist, moving the other hand over her waist. She rested her arms on his shoulders, looking up to his face. She felt so good in his arms, kissing him, being kissed by him.

– I knew it – he said smiling, the drops of water slidding over his face – I knew you were the type of girl who like it hard.

– And I knew you were the type of guy dirty as fuck in bed who cuddles right after finishing – he laughed – it didn’t make you cute, tho.

– I liked it so much – he whispered while kissing Tifa’s neck, grabbing her ass – don’t you want some more?

– Tomo!! Not with them at the other side of the door!! Hands off!! – she said, pushing him away and laughing. Few minutes after that, Tomo went upstairs with wet hair and the sheets around his waist.

– Second drawer you said?! – he screamed from Tifa’s bedroom.

– Third!!! – she answered. He gave her some clothes, going back upstairs to get dressed as well. Toraji and Moni didn’t talk, feeling awkward – Sorry – Tifa said sitting next to Moni, smiling and giggling – I didn’t mean to bother you.

– Next time control the volume and problem solved – Toraji said smiling at her – and good morning, I guess!

– Yeah, so fucking good – Tomo whispered gravelly, bitting Tifa’s earlobe after sitting next to her, winking at Moni – hello sweetie, I hope you understand why I didn’t say good morning before – she covered her face with a hand, avoiding their eyes.

– Shush! – Tifa said smiling – don’t embarrass her!

– Am I missing something? – Toraji said looking at his girlfriend, who focused on the strawberries. She was as red as the fruit.

– Toraji please, hand me the chocolate – Tifa said, ignoring his question.

– Nosy, nosy, Moni-chan – Tomo mumbled before bitting his strawberry covered with sugar. Tifa bursted into laughters, Moni sank in the couch and Toraji gasped looking and pointing her.

– You saw them!? – he asked smiling surprised – I didn’t know you were that pervy!!

– I didn’t mean to!! – she said behind her hands – I just wanted to wake them up to be all together! I’m sorry!!

– I’m not annoyed, are you? – Tomo asked Tifa, his mouth full of strawberries.

– No, I’m not. You silly stalker… – she whispered in her ear. Moni looked at her friend and both laughed.

– But did you like what you saw? – Toraji asked, curious. Moni was covering a strawberry with both, sugar and chocolate.

– It was wild… – she said almost whispering – can we talk about how great is the day? We should go oustide or something.

– I was thinking about calling Taichi and his fiancée – Tomo said to his brother.

– Now that the girls are here I bet Wawa-chan has no problems to come with us. Ok, let me do it.

They saw Toraji calling his friend, smiling a lot and sighing after he called. Moni caressed his back, giving him a strawberry. They spent the whole morning talking, messing up and doing nothing but having fun. At lunch time they heard the doorbell and Tomo came from downstairs with a cute guy who looked really happy to be there. Toraji jumped from the sofa to hug him tight.

– I missed you, baka!! – Taichi said – I’m ok hanging out with your brother but he just talks about bikes and girls…

– I talk about other stuff too, don’t lie you tiny fucker!! – Tomo hit his nape.

– Don’t hit him!! – a tiny, cute girl, very thin and short, pushed his hand away with a smile. Moni looked at her closely when she saw her shawl.

– This is our best friend, Taichi-kun. And this cutie here is Wawa-chan, I think she’s Malay too, right? – Toraji said, introducing them to the girls.

– I am – she said smiling.

– Me too!! – Moni grabbed her hand and both started talking in Malay, relieved of talking in their own language.

– Interesting, yep – Tifa said nodding, as if she were understanding the whole conversation. The boys laughed and the girls stopped talking, looking at them without noticing the joke.

– If you’re going to talk about how Taichi fucks you, use Japanese. I wanna know too – Tomo said resting his arm over Wawa’s shoulders, making her blush to the max.

– Shut the fuck up, omae!! – Tomo laughed loudly when Taichi scolded him – and put your hands away! She’s uncomfortable with you around.

– Should we leave now? – Toraji said laughing too – oh my, we didn’t prepare any food!

– Don’t worry, I made some bento – Wawa said ponting at Taichi’s backpack.

– For everyone?! – she nooded at Tifa – ok, it’s official, I love you.

They laughed, talking while going outside. From there, they approached to a big black jeep. Taichi was driving, Tomo sat by his side, while Toraji, Tifa, Moni and Wawa sat in the back. When Toraji grabbed Moni’s hand, Wawa smiled looking at them.

– I’m happy to see you like this with a girl – she said – finally!

– Yeah, well… – his smile was kind of shy – I was waiting for the one.

– How did you achieved it? – Wawa asked Moni, both melting with Toraji’s words.

– I didn’t do anything, I just… were there – she looked at him, smiling – I feel so lucky to have him – He kissed her forehead and Wawa said: “ooowww”

– Oh please, stop it, you’re making me jealous – Tifa said crossing her arms, faking a pout.

– How on earth can you be jealous of a forehead kiss if you’ve been fucked just an hour ago? – Tomo said annoyed from his seat – and I would swear you fucking loved it!! – Taichi laughed so hard he almost hit a fence with the car. Wawa looked at her surprised.

– I wasn’t talking about sex, it’s… – she sighed – It’s just not what you think and obviously it’s not the same, baka – Tifa murmured looking outside the window. Tomo turned back in the seat, looking at her, frowning.

– Of course it’s not! – she didn’t reply – are you telling me a forehead kiss is better than sex?

– I’m still waiting for the day when you finally understand women – Toraji said to his brother, shaking his head in disapproval.

– Yeah – Taichi said – you can be smart for almost everything but you don’t know shit about women.

– Fuck you, both of you – Tomo said, sitting straight and upset – smart asses…

– Just look around, who has girlfriend and who doesn’t? – Taichi said.

– I don’t have girlfriend because I don’t want to – he was pouting for real.

– Yeah, sure – Toraji said nudging Tifa. She looked at him smiling and rolling her eyes.

– If I’m sure about something is that my future girlfriend won’t have the need of stalking people having sex – Moni made a tiny sound, fidgeting. Tomo turned again, looking at her – and she stayed there a whole minute.

– I’m gonna regret this forever – Moni said covering her face with her hands. Wawa looked at her with her eyes wide open – don’t judge me just for this – she said to Taichi’s girlfriend.

– I… I won’t. I’m just a bit shocked.

They went to a picnic area, where Taichi and the boys started playing footbal while girls cheered up completely relaxed, laying over the tablecloth Wawa brought. When they came back a bit exhausted but smiling, Wawa took out the food.

– I feel like a kid again – Toraji said, holding Moni’s waist with his arm – but I’m way too tired… – she took a napkin, cleaning the sweat from his forehead, looking at his lips with her heart jumping happily in her chest. Watching him like that recalled when she found him under the shower.

– You should cook less and fuck more to be fit – his brother replied startling Moni.

– That’s your only topic? Sex? – Taichi said sitting next to Wawa – oh, no, sorry, there’s bikes too.

– Or sex on a bike – Tomo said pinching Tifa’s hips, chuckling like a derp and kissing her neck. She giggled, moving back her arm to touch his curls.

– Come here – she whispered, looking at his smiling lips and kissing him full in the mouth. Tomo made a surprised sound which turned into a soft moan. Moni giggled and Wawa whispered “oh my, oh my…”

– How I love European girls… – he whispered, making her laugh.

– You can say whatever you want, but you look like a couple – Moni said like if it was nothing important. Tifa looked at her.

– With him? Oh no, please – she said impersonating Tomo – not a fucking relationship – she rolled her eyes, smiling. Tomo raised an eyebrow, letting Tifa go to grab a bento.

– Ok, this is absolutely delicious – Toraji said eating – Wawa you must tell me your secret recipe to cook beef.

– There’s no secret recipe, I just cook – she said shruging her shoulders.

– And this is one of many reasons why you’ll marry me – Taichi said kissing her cheek.

They were talking, smiling and eating the rest of the day. Wawa held Taichi’s hand, cleaning the corner of his lips from time to time, behaving like an authentic traditional wife; Toraji rested his body on his hands, half laying over Moni, sitting behind him with her legs around his waist and hugging his shoulders; Tifa laid down on her side, looking at them eating and laughing, while Tomo laid on his back, looking at the sky in silence. Tifa noticed about his mood, but she didn’t say a thing nor she approached him to ask.

– Tomo, why are you so quiet? – Moni asked, but he didn’t answer.

– You gave him something to think about – Tifa said, looking at her nails.

– Did I? – She said. Tomo got up, yawning.

– I’m bored, see you at home. – Toraji got up as well, walking fast towards his brother. Taichi followed him whispering “oh, oh”.

– What the fuck is wrong with you? – Toraji said shoving Tomo, who turned around slowly – you’ve got it all in here, we’ve got what we were looking for. Don’t spoil it.

– You told me I didn’t know anything, but you know what? It’s you – he hit Toraji’s chest with a finger – who doesn’t understand. Or who doesn’t listen.

– Are you running away? – Toraji said to his brother when he walked away – fine! Go home, asshole!

– I think we should leave now, right? – Wawa said looking at the girls.

– Is he really going home walking? It’s really far… – Moni said, looking at him worried.

– I’m gonna regret this – Tifa got up, running and grabbing Tomo by his arm – hey, don’t be silly, come with us – he released his arm from Tifa’s hand abruptly, without looking at her and still walking – why are you so mad at me?

– I’m not, I just have more important stuff to do.

– Oh yeah, you’re not but you don’t look at my face. You’re a fucking coward – she stopped there, looking at him leaving – face your problems!! – he didn’t turn around.

– Let him go – Toraji said – he has money, he’ll take a bus or call a friend to pick him up.

– Fucking asshole – Tifa said, cleaning up the food angrily.

Moni and Wawa tried to calm Tifa down, but she didn’t listen. On their way back home they remined silent. Toraji and Tifa were angry, and the rest of them, worried. They said Wawa and Taichi goodbye, with the promise of meeting again soon.

– I’m worried about your brother – Moni said after a while. She was laying on Toraji’s chest, streching down on the living room sofa, watching tv and almost falling asleep.

– Don’t be, he knows what he’s doing – she rested her hands on his chest, looking at his face.

– But why did he got so upset? I don’t understand… I feel bad if it was something I said.

– You didn’t do anything bad – he said looking at the tv – don’t worry, he’s ok – Moni touched his face, making him looking at her.

– But why? Why did he behave like that? I though he was happy.

– Maybe that’s the problem, I don’t know, I don’t understand him either. Can we talk about anything else? I’m so fucking angry with him…

– Ok, ok – she kept looking at his face though he looked at the tv again. Lights were off and his profile was lightly iluminated by the show they were watching – Naga-chan – he looked at her – I miss your smile – she poked his nose, smiling. He shook his head slowly and a smile came to his lips too.

– Stop being that cute – he said, touching her face. She giggled, bitting her lips – I said stop, I’m having a cuteness overload.

– I’m not doing anything, baka!! – she said, blushing.

– You don’t have to! You can’t avoid being cute. Stay with me forever, can you?

Toraji grabbed Moni’s face with both hands, kissing her slowly and making her sigh. His touch was always gentle; he always treated her like something really fragile and delicated. But as soon as their tongues slightly touched, he grabbed her ass tight, pressing her nape with the other hand to kiss her deeply. Moni touched his face, slowly moving her fingers over his beard and sideburns. Toraji pushed his hips against hers, and Moni, moved her hips against his.

– Moni chan – he whispered kissing the mole she had in the base of her neck – I want you – he sat and she hold his waist with her legs. Toraji moved his hands under her shirt, kissing and softly bitting her neck – I want you so bad.

She couldn’t talk, she was too nervous to produce anything but soft whimpers. Moni stroked his hair, feeling the warmth of his hands on her naked skin and the urge of taking off her own clothes. He caressed her breasts, kissing her lips eagerly. She took off his t-shirt, touching his warm shoulders and chest while he was struggling to take off her bra. But they heard the front door before they could do anything else. Toraji let her go, laying on the couch. Moni didn’t know what to do, so she laid over him focusing on her breathing. They heard him walking upstairs, Toraji stroke her hair, sighing. She felt his hard cock under his trousers, so she closed her eyes trying to ignore the fact of how horny she was.

– Torajiro – Tomo said softly. They looked at him, Moni wrinkling her nose because she didn’t knew it was his full name. Toraji sat on the sofa and Moni sat beside him.

– What – he said curtly. Tomo looked at him serious, his arms crossed.

– I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.

– Fine, now you just have to apologize with the rest.

– Tomo-kun – Moni said – did I upset you? – he shook his head.

– Is Tifa awake? – he asked, scratching his head.

– I don’t know, go and check but probably she’s even angrier than I am – Toraji said.

– I don’t fucking understand your attitude! I said sorry!

– Yeah you said sorry! – Toraji got up, facing his brother – but that doesn’t mean I’ve got to be completely ok as soon as I heard it!

– I’m so done with you!! – Moni looked at him a bit scared – You don’t even try to understand why I do what I do!! And the best part of this fucking situation is that I’m always helping you but you never back me up!!

– That’s bullshit!! – Moni got up as well when both brothers got closer. She grabbed Toraji’s hand.

– Please, don’t fight – she said in a soft voice.

– Think about just one time you did – Tomo said pointing his brother, dangerously close to his face – and if you find it I’ll fucking apologize again – he went upstairs mumbling – selfish jerk…

– I’m gonna hit his face one day, I swear… – Moni looked at him worried – let’s go to bed.

She nooded in silence, turning off the tv and walking to her room. He didn’t say goodnight, he just slammed his door, letting her alone in the corridor. Then she realized Tifa’s bedroom door was open, with her friend looking astonished at Toraji’s door.

– What’s going on? – she asked Moni. The girl took a deep breath, letting it go in a puff.

– They had a fight. It was so scary…

– Why exactly? – Moni tilted her head.

– Some problems between them, and they seem old problems.

– Come in, tell me what happened – Moni got into Tifa’s room, telling her more or less the whole conversation sitting on the bed.

– I don’t want to stick my nose into their business but they should talk.

– Of course they should. If you ask me, it seems that Tomo won’t let Toraji help him. He’s so problematic… even with himself!

– That’s why you like him so much – Moni said with a smile.

– I don’t know, sometimes I just want to punch him. But then I look at him closely and I want to kiss him forever – she said laughing – you’ve got your trousers unbottoned – Tifa said pointing at Moni’s jeans.

– Oh! – she didn’t remember him touching over there.

– Did you just blushed? – Tifa said looking at her suspiciously – what were you doing when Tomo arrived?

– Nothing – Tifa raised and eyebrow – Something. But not much… – Moni started giggling and she couldn’t stop. Tifa laughed with her, trying to get some information from her friend but it was impossible. And those giggles didn’t cease until they heard a knock on Tifa’s door.

– Come in – she said. Tomo looked at them and then looked at the floor.

– Can we talk? – he asked Tifa. Moni got up and left the room, saying goodbye with her hand. Tifa looked at him in silence and he didn’t rise his eyes from his hands, although he sat by her side.

– If you’re gonna say sorry I’d like to know first what I did to make you that upset.

– We can’t be together – he said. Tifa didn’t expect that.

– Wow, I won’t ask you to be my boyfriend, if that’s worrying you.

– It’s not you, it’s—

– Oh, shut up! If we’re not going to have make up sex, get out of my room – he looked at her, stunned with her words – I heard that speech before and I won’t hear it again.

– Aren’t you sad or something?

– Why, you want me to cry? – she paraphrased him – I knew exactly what I was doing when I had sex with you. I know how you are and what I should expect.

– Maybe you’re wrong – he said frowning. She looked at him exasperated.

– What the—? Ok, look, I’m going to get into my bed – she said taking off her shirt – what are you gonna do? – she unbottoned her trousers, taking them off as well while Tomo got up, looking at her completely confused.

– I don’t understand…

– We fucked once, we can do it twice. I liked it, you loved it – she took off her bra – Come on, do I have to push you into my bed?

Tomo didn’t move, he just stared at her body, taking his time to observe her breasts. Tifa whined exasperatedly, grabbing his hands to make him touch them. He looked at her lips, she touched his arms, and Tomo finally kissed her lustfully. He rubbed his thumbs slowly over her nipples, making her tremble.

– Make me scream – She said. He got into her bed, taking his clothes off in a hurry, touching her naked body with his. They both smiled and she moaned for the first time that night.

Moni yawned, covering herself with some blankets after preparing her clothes for next day’s school. When she was about to sleep she heard a weird noise, and though she wanted to ignore it, noises didn’t stop. She got up, opening the door to hear clearly her friend trying to hold – without any success – her moans. She puffed and went back to her room. She took some earplugs she bought the day they spent in the inn before finding a new home, and laid in bed again. And once more something woke her up just when she was in the best of her sleep attempt. An arm surrounded her waist, a warm body pressed against hers, and a breath moved her hair. She grabbed his hand, smiling and kissing it, getting even closer to his body. She fell dead asleep before she could think about anything else.

At the other side of the corridor, Tomo was cumming on Tifa’s belly. She started to breath properly, smiling at his gritting teeth and pants. When there was nothing else to stain her skin, he penetrated her again.

– What the—?! – she said laughing – don’t you need to… – she had to stop talking, bitting her lips when he touched her clit with his thumb, fucking her roughly.

– Yeah, I should, right? – he lifted her legs, placing them over his shoulders – don’t bother to clean you up, it’s your time to orgasm – he said grinning.

– Again?! – he licked her pussy slowly and Tifa covered her face with the pillow to suffocate her moans. He did it gently, swallowing the girl, kissing, bitting and licking her until she reached the promised orgasm.

– Here – he gave her his t-shirt – clean the mess – he said pointing her belly.

– I’m fucking exhausted – she said, throwing the t-shirt away once she was clean.

– Me too – he said laying by her side. He looked at her face in silence after covering their naked bodies with the blankets.

– What? – she asked frowning.

– You’re beautiful – she looked somewhere else but his eyes, smiling.

– Shut the fuck up, you idiot! – she said – are you trying to make me love you? Because I won’t.

– I know you won’t, I just wanted to tell you – she looked into his eyes, smiling widely.

– You’re beautiful too – he laughed – now sleep, I’ve got to go to school tomorrow – she turned in bed, giving him her back. She closed her eyes smiling, sighing when she felt the tip of his fingers brushing her back lightly – what are you doing? – she said, goosebumps invaded her skin.

– Don’t you like tickles? Everybody like tickles.

– You do this to every woman you fuck with? – Tifa asked, surprised to be a bit jealous.

– I don’t use to. Just special ones.

– Now I’m special? – he kissed her cheek, whispering in her ear.

– Since the first time I put my eyes on you.

– Ok, sleep – her heart was racing too fast. Her cheeks were burning. And she felt angry with herself, because those butterflies in her stomach couldn’t mean anything but the worst. She was in love.


Moni smiled happily after turning off the alarm. She laid in bed a little longer, watching Toraji’s sleeping face. His thick lips were half open, his beautiful eyebrows relaxed and his breathe slow.  His hair was a mess, so soft and abundant, and his skin was so warm she wanted to cuddle. Instead of it, she kissed his cheek before getting up, smiling with her heart as well. After taking a hot shower she went upstairs. Toraji made a weird noise, moving in bed when she zipped her backpack. He looked at her half sleep.

– You’re leaving already? – he said with that husky morning voice of his. She felt so attracted to him she had to came closer. Moni laid in bed diagonally, her face close to his.

– Yeah, don’t make this harder than it is. Did you sleep well? – she said touching his hair. He was so warm…

– When Tifa’s moans stopped yes, I slept well – she giggled, he caressed her face – better than ever – Toraji kissed her slowly and tenderly on the lips – don’t leave, stay with me here in bed. Fuck school, fuck restaurant and fuck everything.

– I can’t – she said pouting – but I’ll be back soon, don’t work too hard.

– Ok – he said smiling, getting up from bed when she did – oh fuck – he touched his forehead frowning, and when she looked at him worried he smiled again – just a headache.

– Drink something warm, you’ve got to be ok by the time I come back – he nooded, kissing her lips once more before she left. When she went downstairs Tifa was about to leave – wait, I’m going with you.

– Ok – she said. Tomo came from her bedroom yawning and scratching his tummy.

– Bye girls – he said smiling at them. Moni said goodbye but Tifa went to the street right after looking at him briefly.

– Hey, heeey – Moni had to run, catching her friend’s arm – what’s wrong?

– Eh? Nothing, why? – Moni looked at her suspiciously, she was clearly agitated about something she was trying to avoid.

– You didn’t say goodbye and you’re running, slow down! – but she didn’t.

– I’m late, sorry, I can’t slow down.

– Are you sure you’re ok? – she asked again. Tifa nooded, a bit tense.

They went to their classes and met at school’s cafeteria to have lunch. Tifa was yawning non-stop, not smiling at all. Moni pinched her cheek making her smile at last, but she became gloomy again no long after that, moving the rice with the chopsticks inmerse in her thoughs

– What is that thing you have in mind? I’m starting to feel depressed with that attitude… – Moni said.

– Sorry, I’m just thinking my choices.

– Your choices? What does it even mean?

– I don’t know if I can stay in that house anymore – Moni looked at her swallowing her food hardly.

– I won’t leave – she said, completely sure – I don’t want to leave. Why do you want to leave now? Things are flowing with Tomo-chan since yesterday night, right?

– And that’s exactly the problem – Tifa said throwing the chopsticks on the table, rubbing her face with her hands – I can’t trust him but he’s doing things in a way that I… he said compliments to me in a way that I just can’t do other thing but—

– You love him – Moni said, finally understanding the situation. Tifa nooded resting her face on her hand with her elbows on the table. Her phone ranged, Tifa looked at it, swallowing, and she didn’t pick it up for a while.

– What – she said curtly – oh – she said worried – Is he ok?? – Moni looked at her alarmed – ok, I’ll tell Moni, we’ll be there soon – then Tifa closed her eyes, sucking her teeth – shut up – she let her phone on the table, letting go a weird whimper.

– What happened, who was it?

– It was Tomo – she said without looking at her friend – Toraji had an accident with his bicycle and he can’t work – Moni got up from her chair – so Tomo needs help.

– Is he ok?? Toraji?? – Tifa shrugged her shoulders.

– He said he’s in bed dizzy and stuff, I don’t know what happened.

They left their food on the tables and went home. Moni even hurried her friend to go faster. Tifa said to her he would be ok but Moni was worried because she didn’t knew the details of the accident. When they arrived to the restaurant, Moni run upstairs, opening Toraji’s door without knocking. He was in bed, his eyes closed and a towel over his forehead.

– Hey… – he said smiling weakly.

– Are you ok? What happened? – she sat on the bed, moving away the towel to see a scratch he had on his cheek.

– I guess I have fever or something because I fainted and I ended on the ground. At least it was at the very entrance of the shop but the food I was carrying is ruined – he coughed, closing his eyes, whinning – Moni, come closer… close the door.

– Oh my – she closed it and touched his forehead truly worried, but he was not as warm as she though – you don’t have fever…

– Of course I don’t – he whispered smiling, his eyes sparkling with amusement – I were just fainting fit because I didn’t eat anything for breakfast and I went outside with the bike – Moni looked at him, upset – I’m ok! I just have scratches but I lied a bit to my brother so he has to work in the restaurant for me.

– You are an idiot!! You are stupid!! – she said hitting his chest, his shoulders, everything she reached until he covered himself with his arms – I was worried! I’m losing important classes just because of this!! And I was really worried, you monster!!

– Calm down tiny beast! – he said hugging her shoulders, making her lay on bed with him – now you’re here and you won’t leave, because I need you to take care of me.

– I hate you – she said angrily.

– And I love you – he kissed her cheek, smiling at her shamelessly.

– I really hate you – Moni blushed, hidding her face in his chest – baka.

– And I reeeeally love you – she whined.

– Shuuut uuuuup!! – she hit his chest, smiling.

– Let’s sleep for a while, ok? I need some rest… – she looked at him shaking her head but smiling.

Tifa was cleaning tables at the restaurant while Tomo opened the door, turning the “closed” sign to “open”. They were working in silence getting everything ready for the clients.

– Are you mad at me or something? – Tomo asked her. She shook her head – if you’ve got a problem with me just say it. I don’t get that stupid signs you women do when you’re upset.

– I’m ok, let it be.

– If you say so… can you bring me some leek, onions and noodles? We should be cooking by now – Tifa went into the storeroom sighing when she heard Tomo talking again.

– Irasshaimase! Oh, it’s you.

– Hi – she heard a girl’s voice – why are you working today?

– My brother is sick, so here I am.

– Can’t you run away with me for a while? – she heard her giggles.

– I can’t sweetie, I’m busy.

– Oh, come on, I’ve missed you – she heard more giggles and movement. She didn’t want to see but she got out.

– Go – Tifa said more jealous than she would like to be – I can handle the restaurant by myself.

– Are you sure? – he asked Tifa. She sat behind the bar, chomping vegetables with rage.

– I am, I don’t need you here. It’s up to you if you want to leave with her or work here – she wanted to say “with me” but she didn’t. She looked at him in the eyes. She didn’t want to show how upset and jealous she was and at the same time she was trying to see if he really had any kind of interest about her.

– Come ooooon To-chan – the girl said looking at her while holding his arm – let’s leave.

Tomo looked at Tifa for almost a whole minute, thinking about whatever he had to think. Tifa raised her eyebrows, waiting for his answer when he opened his mouth to say something. But he didn’t. And though she knew what it was going to happen, it really hurt her watching him leaving with that other flashy woman. She kept with the work, trying not to give a damn about the situation and sure about her desition of leaving the house as soon as possible. She had to throw in the trash a piece of leek stained with a lonely tear she hurried to clean from her face.

            In Toraji’s room, Moni couldn’t sleep. He was stroking her back under her shirt and she felt his breath over her hair. His body was warm but also strong, and she raised a leg over his hips, hugging him tighter. He chuckled, moving his hand slowly to her ass, grabbing it gently.

– You’re not going to sleep, right? – she looked at his face, melting with his smile.

– I can’t, you’re too close – he whispered.

– You did yesterday – he laid over her body, giggling.

– Yeah, but yesterday I was tired – he looked at her mouth, moving his tongue slowly over his lips – not horny.

– Oh… – she said looking at his thick, wet lips.

Toraji undressed her: first her shirt in a fast movement, and while she freaked out, he touched her ass getting his hands under her trousers. He bit her lips softly, she hugged him tight. Their tongues were tangled while his hands lowered her jeans, moving them appart with his feet to the bottom of the bed. He removed her bra even faster, kissing every inch of her skin from her chin to her waist. Moni breathed heavily, touching his hair and shoulders avidly. He sat straight with that grin and from that moment on, she wasn’t thinking anymore, she just wanted his skin against hers. He opened her legs, licking again his lips in an indecently way before moving his tongue slowly over her neck, bitting it softly and bending between her tighs.

– Oh please, Naga chan – she moaned softly, grabbing the pillow with both hands. She felt nervous but not scared, she wanted it to happen as much as he did. At the very moment his tongue brushed her panties, the nervousness changed into uncontrolled lust.

She heard him chuckling like an idiot while removing her underwear, moaning her name and tasting her. His tongue sliced inside her body making her give tiny screams, bitting her lips with her whole body in tension. She closed her eyes though she wanted to look at him, she wanted to see it all, but what she was feeling was way to intense to control herself. Moni raised her hips, grabbing his hair and exciting her lover. Toraji moved slowly his huge hands over her thighs, licking her gently with just the tip of his tongue, staining the sheets with her fluids. The pleasure suddenly increased when he focused on her clit, Moni couldn’t breathe, the room was hot, his hands were burning her skin with his touch. She whispered his name while reaching the orgasm, combing her back and bitting her own finger, trying not to moan too loud. She was still cumming when he moved his fingers inside her body. It was the first time she felt something like that, too intense to retain her moans anymore.

– I need to fuck you – he whispered kissing her mouth again, his fingers lost inside her body – I need to feel how warm and tight you are…

– Naga chan, please – he looked into her eyes, opening his zip and grabbing her hips – be gentle.

– I don’t want to hurt you – he whispered, smiling – hit me if I can’t control myself. My God… – he said caressing her cheek – you’re blushing so much…

Moni dig her nails into his shoulders while she felt his cock pushing to get into her body. Toraji was smiling at her, kissing her cheeks, her neck, her lips. He was doing it really slow, getting bit by a bit inside her, panting when he could move easily.

– Ah! Naga-chan… – she hold him tight when she felt the pain, but he didn’t stop moving, holding her body with his arms.

– Moni, this is so… – he moaned loudly, moving his hips against hers – kimochi…

He whispered that word non-stop while getting into her body and she started to feel the pleasure too once the pain was gone. Moni surrounded his hips with her legs, moaning, panting and screaming when he reached the bottom. He breathed in her mouth, he looked into her eyes to close them tight a moment after, whispering her name. His cock was huge and warm into her body, making her move the hips asking for more. He stopped making noises when she was screaming the most and he was harder, fucking her rougher but in silence, pushing his face against her neck. Until he whispered almost in a growl:

– Iku – Moni was feeling something so intense she didn’t think the consecuences. She moved her hips harder and faster against his tense body, and suddenly he let go a long, deep moan. She felt the warmth inside her and the need of screaming his name outloud, it was too much to handle. His arms held her tight, his hips were pressed hard against hers, and when she looked into his dark eyes, she saw what his lips said – I love you so much.

– Me too, Toraji – she whispered when she could talk. He rested his head on her shoulder, panting against her neck.  A while after, when her body stopped shaking, she moved him aside – I’m making a mess! – she said looking at her inner thights, all wet with his cum.

– Ok, get a shower, but come back to me – he said half asleep – I need you. Remember I’m sick…

She smiled at him, getting dressed with her clothes though she had to put them away for laundry. Everything seemed to be stained and his sheets had also a tiny stain of blood. It impressed her, but she didn’t say a thing. She took another shower and before throwing herself into Toraji’s arms, she checked out the situation between Tomo and Tifa.

– Why are you alone? – she asked when she saw Tifa by herself in the kitchen.

– Someone picked him up – she looked even more gloomy than that morning.

– Someone who?

– I don’t know – she sighed – I don’t care. Is Toraji better?

– He’s sleeping. Here, let me do it.

– No, I’m ok – Moni pushed her away.

– Go to your room and relax a little. Don’t make me say it twice, ok? – she held Tifa’s hand affectionately, Tifa squeezed it bitting her lips and nodding.

She went into her room, but she didn’t rest. Ignoring Moni’s orders, she packed her stuff quickly. She needed to have it all ready by that night because she couldn’t spend one more minute living that lie. And she won’t drag Moni with her, it was her problem and she will deal with it. When Tifa went out hurriedly from her room with a huge backpack she almost crash with Toraji.

– Sorry – she said, walking towards the stairs.

– Where are you going? – he asked, stopping her.

– Away from your brother – when she looked at Toraji’s face, her heart skipped a beat. They were like two drops of water and looking at him was like looking at Tomo with shorter hair. She couldn’t held her tears.

– Oh my… what did that idiot do?

– Nothing, he just behaves like he is, it’s my fault. But I’ll be ok, I just need to get out of here.

– But where? You can’t go to a hostel! No way you’re going to leave.

– I don’t want to be here to hear him fucking someone else!!

– And you won’t because he’s not going to fuck anyone in this house but you – he pushed Tifa back to her room.

– Let me go!! – she said trying to escape. Toraji chuckled.

– Hey, relax a little – he made Tifa sit on her bed and he sat with her – you love him, and you love him a lot. And this situation won’t be better staying away from Moni. You know you need her, you need friends right now and we are your friends.

– How am I suposed to be friend with you if I can’t look at your face? – he smiled.

– We’ll find a way. Has Tomo promised you anything? – she shook her head – so you weren’t dating – she shook her head again – and were you ok with that? – she shook her head once more.

– But I didn’t want to tell him because if I do he won’t be around anymore. And if he stays with me he will go with other girls. Toraji, he’s such a liar…. – she said crying again – he told me I was special for him. And I’m stupid because I believed him.

– Well, my brother has this problem since… you know since when – he looked at her meaningfully, she nooded – It’s not an excuse tho. In my case I didn’t want to be with other people because I was scared of losing them. But he just rejects any kind of happiness. I think he feels like he doesn’t deserve to be happy because everytime I tried to help him, to make him feel better, he didn’t let me. He argues with me and there’s always something upsetting him, making him angry – Tifa looked at her hands, thinking about his words – he was a really happy and lively child. And sometimes I see his happy side when he’s teasing you – Toraji nudged her.

– So you’re telling me that I love a person who denies his own happiness… well I’m screwed-up – she lied in bed with an arm over her eyes.

– You are. But I think you can fix him – he pinched her leg.

– No. I don’t have and I don’t want to. I can avoid him and live here with you because it’s cheaper. Besides, I don’t want to suffer and you’re right, I need Moni close – she sat straight again, looking at Toraji and raising an eyebrow – By the way, weren’t you sick? – he opened his mouth, getting up from bed.

– I was – he didn’t sound convincing – but I’m ok now.

– Then lend a hand to your girl, she’s in the restaurant with all those old me—

– Where’s my brother? – he frowned.

– He left with a girl, I don’t know where.

– And he left you there? Alone? – Tifa nodded slowly – he’ll listen to me –Tifa stood up.

– No, no, don’t argue with him because of this situation. He can do whatever he wants, we’re not—

– No!! He can’t if he told you you’re special!!

– That’s how things are. And this is why I want to get out from here but you won’t let me.

– Get out from here? – Tomo was standing against her doorframe. She looked at his eyes, then looked away.

– You, come with me – Tifa saw Toraji grabbing his brother’s arm, getting into his room. She stood there for a while, and since she didn’t hear screams or any sign of fight she went to the restaurant with Moni. She was alone, there were no customers.

– What are you doing here? – she asked.

– Toraji is talking with Tomo in his room – Moni raised her eyebrows – I don’t want them to fight again…

– Just because they’re talking it doesn’t mean they must fight – Tifa sat with her on the bar chairs.

– I don’t know… – Moni bit her lip looking at her friend.

– I’ve got to tell you something – when Tifa looked at her, she blushed – We did it – she whispered – just some minutes ago, on his bed.

– You did what?!? – Tifa smiled widely forgetting her problems, shaking her friend by her shoulders – Did you like it? Did it hurt? Is he good in bed?!

– Yes, a bit and yes – she answered, smiling and giggling – and now I want more.

– Of course you do!! – Tifa said laughing – and he will give you more – she raised her eyebrows repeatedly. Moni hit her laughing, feeling embarrassed and happy. She told her how it happpened, Tifa wanted to know the most pervy details and they talked about them giggling and blushing. Tifa was making a really indecent question that made Moni hit her again when some angry footsteps interrupted their conversation.

– Are you leaving? Seriously?! – Toraji asked his brother, who passed by the girls without even looking at them – you won’t apologize!?

– You don’t understand it, shut up and don’t talk to me about that shit again – Tomo said, going outside. Toraji run after him.

– Tomoki!! You fucking asshole!! – they heard some struggle noises outside so they run after them. When they arrived, Tomo pushed Toraji so hard he felt on the ground.

– Hey!! – Moni knelt beside her boy, angry but worried.

– Why it’s so hard for you to believe it? – Toraji said to his brother – why do you deny what—

– I don’t deny anything!! It’s you who believes shit that’s not real and won’t happen to me. So shut the fuck up and leave me alone – Tomo walked away, his hands inside his pockets, kicking a can he found on his way.

– What was that all about, Toraji? – Tifa asked. But she shook her head – you know what? I don’t wanna know. Fuck him, I don’t want to be with such a troubled person – she left while Moni helped him getting up.

– He doesn’t want to accept it – he told Moni – he doesn’t want to admit she loves him. He said she doesn’t care, and maybe she faked it so well he actually believed it.

– This is desperating… – Moni said, getting into the restaurant with him.

From that moment on, both – Tifa and Tomo – avoided each other. They didn’t go out their rooms if the other person was around and if both were on the same room by chance, they pretended the other doesn’t exist. Moni and Toraji tried to fix the situation – in those few moments they weren’t cuddling or having sex in Tomo’s bed – but they were stubborn. Moni knew Tifa was sad, and Tomo should be as well because he didn’t teased her anymore. Even when Taichi made a visit, Tomo didn’t join the group. Tifa spent days just studying and eating; the few moments she smiled or laughed were talking with Moni and Toraji, but as soon as Tomo appeared, her happiness faded.

            Two weeks after, Moni said goodbye to Tifa, having breakfast sitting on Toraji’s legs, faced to him while talking and eating. Her legs hanged from the chair in which he was sitting, swinging because she didn’t reach the floor. Toraji’s hands stroked her waist until he fishished and giving her a sweet kiss went upstairs to take some clothes. As Moni said to him, he was smelly so he needed a shower. Right after he got into the bathroom she saw Tomo getting out from his room. He was wearing fancy clothes, and she looked at him stunned. He just said hi with a head tilt and prepared his breakfast.

– Where are you going? – she asked.

– I’ve got a job interview – he said emotionless.

– Oh, good luck then! It seems an important job – he whispered “meh” – can I ask you something?

– Try it.

– I don’t want to tell you what you should do or you shouldn’t. That’s up to you. But, don’t you miss Tifa? – he stopped rubbing butter over his toast to look at Moni. He sighed deeply.

– Sometimes – he said focusing on his breakfast – I don’t want to talk abo—

– Ok, ok. But when I miss people I usually talk to them. Just saying.

– Yeah, whatever – he ate his toast in two bites and left the house. Moni sighed, smiling when she heard Toraji humming from the bathroom. She opened the door slowly to find him inside the bath completely naked.

– Hello – he said. She got into the bathroom taking off her clothes and getting into the hot water. Her back was against his chest, and he held her shoulders – Don’t you have class?

– Yep, but we’re alone and I want to enjoy our time together.

– So you’re going to moan outloud – she cracked up when he bit her earlobe – like those “hayaku” you always whisper but screaming, right?

– Shut up!! – she said pinching his leg, making him give a little scream. They spent some minutes just laying there in silence, stroking each other’s skin tenderly – I’m tired of this shit – He looked at her.

– Of me? – he asked scared. She laughed pocking his nose.

– No, idiot. I’m tired of their attitude. It’s bad for our coexistence.

– Don’t worry, it’ll be fixed soon – she turned her face to look at him. He was so sexy with his wet hair and his wet lips…

– Why is that? – she asked looking at his face, completely dazed.

– Because Tomo asked me about her yesterday, and even if he denies it, he’s always trying to see her at least once a day – he messed her hair – so don’t think about it. In a few days they’ll talk and it’s a matter of time they have sex again.

– But I want them to be together.

– You want them to be happy and they will – he kissed her softly – now, let’s check what’s in the cave… – his fingers sliced slowly inside her body.

– Naga-chan! – she said laughing and blushing. He kissed her again, deeply this time – touch me slowly – she asked fully aroused, feeling his erection against her naked ass – we’ve never had sex in the bath – she panted.

– Baby – he whispered in her ear, pinching her nipple – there’s always a first time for everything.

While Moni was melting and – as he said – screaming with Toraji, Tifa walked slowly towards her class. She stopped dead in the middle of the corridor, and her heart stopped also for a second when the butterflies flew wildly in her stomach. She looked at him, leaning against the wall next to the dean’s office. He looked sick and she guessed it was for the same reason as she; they were tired of avoiding each other. They were constantly tense, keeping an eye on every door of the house because they couldn’t share the same space. Not anymore. But she was sick of that situation and meeting him like that at college… it was strange because as far as she knew, he wasn’t studying. He was also well dressed, and though she was sure he won’t talk to her, she felt dragged by her feets, coming closer to him. He didn’t look at her, his eyes looked at the floor, at his right or left, but never at her.

– Tomo-chan… – she whispered while her heart screamed all her feelings inside her chest.

It was like if he knew the whole time she was there; he moved his head slowly, staring at her so intensly she felt herself shaking. His gaze, his serious mouth and his hands inside his pockets; all about him was hostility.

– I know I said that I don’t care, and probably you’re waiting for someone else right now, but I can’t do this anymore – he looked at her behind his curls, showing himself a bit arrogant – I want it to be as it was, as we were before. I want us to be happy – he didn’t say a thing and that was the worst reaction he could possibly had. She came even closer, feeling tears pressing her eyes – say something – she begged.

He frowned with his eyes fixed on hers, but he didn’t talk still. Tifa sucked her teeth standing on her tips, placing a hand on his nape and the other over his cheek, kissing his lips while she felt tearing appart from the inside. The feeling of his warm lips was completely opposite to her tears.

– I don’t know what else I can say – she rested her head on his shoulder, hugging his waist. His warm hands touched her shoulders, hope became something real for a moment until he spoke.

– My shirt is going to get stained and I have a job interview – he separate her from himself with cold eyes, destroying any kind of cherish – this whole situation is fucking pathetic.

Tifa shook her head, wipping the tears from her cheeks furiously and walking straight to the bathroom to check out her make up. When she opened the door, she saw the girl who picked him up that day in the restaurant with her friends. They looked at her, talking at her back but also in front of her, laughing and giggling. Tifa then decided she won’t stand to be humilliatied twice the same day and she let go all her rage and frustration. She pushed the other girls aside roughly, leaned back her arm to gain impulse and hit that girl in the face as strong as she could. She wobbled looking at Tifa, attonished.

– You won’t talk about me again!! Don’t you ever look at me in your life or I will destroy you!! – she said grabbing that girl from her t-shirt. Her shitty friends run away.

– Let me go!! You’re insane!!

– I’ve had enough and I’m tired of your shit!! – Tifa pushed her against the wall, hitting her head with it – I’m sick and tired of people like you and cocky liars like him!!

– If he has an attack of retching looking at your face that’s not my problem, gaijin!! – Tifa lost it. She slapped her again, and when she raised her hand a third time, someone held her wrist. When she saw Tomo’s face over her shoulder she turned around, slapping his face with the other hand. He opened his mouth, looking at her wildly.

– DON’T TOUCH ME!! – she said crying.

– Calm the fuck down!!! – he grabbed the other wrist before she could hit someone else, especially him.

– So you don’t talk but now you’re screaming at me!?! – his eyes were the ones of someone who stares to a crazy person, but she wasn’t. She just felt broken, so she looked away – let me go – she whispered, feeling terribly sad and ashamed – comfort your girl, her pain is physical and you know how to cure that one, don’t you?

– You’re stupid. You’re completely lost, idiot.

– And how am I supposed to be if you treat me like your favorite thing one day to ignore me the next? – her voice was trembling terribly – Or even better, replacing me with another person – she head pointed at her back, were that girl looked at them frightened – let me go, please, I’m… I just…

– You do love me – Tifa looked at his eyes, he was freaking out with that revelation and she didn’t have any strengh left to be mad at him – you really do – but she let go a sarcastic chuckle.

– Congratulations, go and get your medal – Her wrists were released when she pulled them from his hands, walking towards the school entrance. But he grabbed her again, not wrists this time.

– You’re a liar.

He hugged her tight, whispering “I’m sorry” over and over again. She didn’t want to touch him, she just wanted that pain to be over so she pushed him away. But he held her once more, hugging her waist and touching her hair.

– My brother was right all this time – he whispered in her ear, she didn’t fight anymore nor hug him back – but it was too confusing. Your words meant a thing and your behaviour the opposite and I… I’m so sorry.

– But you actually knew it, I told you – he looked at her, and he really seemed to be sorry – I told you I didn’t want to get involved with you because I’d feel this sooner or later.

– But I was sure you didn’t. You made me think that the day you told me to leave with that girl. You were cold and distant.

– I was jealous and hurt because you were talking and giggling at my back with other girl while I was sad as fuck. And the night before you told me I was special – he stroked her cheek, moving aside her hair.

– And you are, you are so fucking special – he hold her again – don’t hate me. Don’t leave me if you really love me. I – he swallowed – I need you – his voice lowered so much it became a soft whisper – I love you.

– You’re an asshole – she whispered, burying her head in his neck, grabbing his shirt as she would fall if she doesn’t – you always were and you’ll always be.

–  I am – he said sighing – let’s sit over there, just a while – they sat on a bench holding hands. She was absent minded for a while until she could react to his feelings. And when she did, she squeezed his waist so tight he complained.

– What about your job interview? – she asked him few minutes later, touching his curls and looking at his face.

– Fuck it, I just wanted the job to be away from you – she looked down, and he made her raise her head with his fingers under her chin – I can’t live with you if we don’t talk, without your smiles or your skin – he said caressing her arm – and now that I’ve got you I’m scared.

– Scared of what? Losing me? – he shook his head – of love then.

– I can’t remember the last time I felt my life so complete. I want to live, and I’m happy with the idea of having you by my side but I don’t know… I’m scared.

– If you really want me, everything’s gonna be ok – she said softly to him. He looked at her eyes and rested his head on her shoulder, surrounding her waist with both arms. After a while and a long sigh, he looked at her again with a warm smile.

 –  Let’s go home – he kissed her cheek and took her to his bike. When they arrived, her face was stained with make up of crying, cleaned by his fingers tenderly.

– If you’re going to stay with me, I won’t consent other girls around you, are we clear? – she said pointing at him.

– Yep, crystal clear, no need to say tho – he grabbed her face, kissing her lips softly – but by now just let me make love to you.

– Don’t ask permission – she looked at his lips and his warm, deep, black eyes.

They walked fast upstairs, stopping in the living room to kiss wildly against the bathroom door, walking after some laughs to the second floor. They stopped when they reached the corridor because from Moni’s room came some weird noises. Tifa peeked inside her friend’s bedroom and she had to hold her laugh. A second after, Tomo was in the same situation, right behind her. Moni was faced down on bed with Toraji over her naked body, moving slowly inside her and making her give short and sharply moans. He was moaning too, kissing her neck and her face. When he moved her hand under her body to touch her clit, moving faster, she screamed louder, making both – Tifa and Tomo – run downstairs. But before she could go to the restaurant floor, Tomo pushed her into the bathroom.

– They can have second floor, this is ours – she laughed when he started to remove her clothes. Feeling happy at last, feeling how he was happy in her arms. And she smiled widely when they heard Moni screaming from her room. Tifa cracked up in his arms, he looked at her amused. And she had another burst of laugher while thinking,What’s good, when twins, is twice as good”



– Don’t step the wedding cake – Tomo said panting after Tifa reached her first orgasm, (that day), pushing her against the kitchen fridge, grabbing her ass with his hands under her red dress. Her legs surrounded his waist, her hands touched his hard cock and took it outside his pants.

– Fuck the wedding cake – Tifa whispered, feeling him moving her panties aside to penetrate her – oh my god, fuck me… – she got hold of the the frigde top with both hands, he placed her legs over his arms, grabbing her hips – fuck me hard – she moaned.

– Shush – he said looking how her boobs jumped up and down with every thrust – they’ll hear us – but he fucked her harder.

And faster, and when he possessed her body making the fridge move, he had to kiss the girl so her moans won’t get the reception room. She let go the fridge to hold his shoulders, kissing and bitting his neck and making him moan.

– Shush – she said smiling at him. He laughed, fucking and kissing her slowly, feeling every inch of her body as she was feeling him deep inside.

– I need to cum, you know that right?

– Do it in my mouth – he raised an eyebrow.

– Are you sure? – he asked bitting her chin.

– Yeah, but don’t stain my dress. And shut up, you talk a lot – she said holding a moan when she had another orgasm. Someone knocked on the door.

– Tifa? Are you there? The wedding is about to start! – Moni was
knocking non-stop.

– We’ll be there in a minute!! – Tomo said – just give me a minute – he whispered touching her body lustfully over her dress.

– Are you serious? NOW IS NOT THE MOMENT! – she said banging the door – I swear, I’m gonna… ok, I don’t care – Moni walked into the hall of ceremonies, sitting next to her boyfriend who looked at her grinning.

– What’s upsetting you? – he asked, guessing what was going on.

– Tifa and Tomo are having sex in the kitchen – he chortled, Moni hit his arm – don’t laugh, they’re going to be lat—

– I asked you just one minute, that’s all – Tomo said sitting next to her, pocking her cheek.

– Don’t touch me, who knows where that hand has been – she said hitting him too. Tomo rubbed his hand over her face, making her scream. Everyone looked at them while both twins giggled covering their mouths.

– Seriously, how old are you? – Tifa said laughing and sitting next to Tomo.

– I hate you so much – Moni said, moving closer to Toraji and away from Tomo, but smiling.

Since Tomo started dating Tifa he changed completely, and their life was so funny that most of days their tummies hurt from so much laughters. They were always teasing them, and it was a bit complicated to focus on their studies with a man constantly begging you to have sex, play, or do something with him. She smiled, sighing and looking how her friend tightened Tomo’s tie. Toraji yawned without covering his mouth, making a loud noise and making her laugh. When they were trying to keep silence, Moni could hear Tifa asking her boyfriend – appearently she though she was whispering – if her hair was stained with cum. Toraji chortled again but Tomo laughed out loud – he even clapped – explaining her that it was a great shampoo. Moni had to laugh, shooking her head and amused with those two little children they’ve got as boyfriends.

            The ceremony started and Wawa came into the room, beautiful and radiant, with a smile on her face that was the envy of everyone. It was so beautiful Tifa ended crying by the end of the celebration. When they got up to congratulate the couple, Moni saw how Toraji whispered something to his brother pointing the back door. The other nooded fast and repeteadedly laughing in silence in an evil way. Before she could warn Tifa, both guys lifted Taichi from the floor – one grabbing his arms, the other his legs – and run outside the country house were the wedding was taking place.

– Where are you going with my husband!!! – Wawa run outside followed by the girls. Taichi was laughing and screaming, boys were singing “For he’s a jolly good fellow” at the top of their lungs. And when they ended the song, they threw him into a pool.

– What did you do?!? – Moni pushed Toraji looking at how Taichi was cracking up in the pool.

– Sweetie, I love you, but you’re too dry… – Moni looked at him horrified and tried to run away, but she ended in the pool too. Tomo was kneeled on the grass, craking up louder than ever.

– Grab Tifa!! She’s running away! – Toraji said. Tomo got up and grab her by the waist, who struggled with him, kicking the air.

– If I’m going down you come with me!! – she said when he threw her in the water (Moni swam away, laughing and playing with Taichi),  and she catched his tie, dragging him into the pool as well.

– Now there’s only you and me – Toraji said to Wawa, who was laughing covering her mouth with her hand.

– No, my dress is new and I—TORAJI DON’T!!!!

But he didn’t listen. He catch the tiny girl on his arms, he took off his shoes and jumped into the pool with the rest of them. Both families looked astonished how they were playing in the pool, not sure of how they should react. But those happy couples didn’t care at all of anything. They were all smiling with their faces and their hearts, they were all happy and their life was full of laughs, and as soaked as complete.








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