Red Hair

This story… ahm… well, there’s a little person on tumblr who thinks that me and Nagase are the perfect otp. And I’m so flattered, I really am ♥ and I uploaded a pic of me with a red wig on that site.

Aaaaaaand she said Tomo chan  would love it, so long and beautiful. So I made a thing. I hope you like it xD you know, short but intense ♥
She got into the room, just a white nightgown over her black lingerie. When she took it off, Nagase sighed, watching how the red curls stroke her soft naked skin.
– I’ve been a very bad girl – she said.
– Then let me punish you babe.
She smiled while sitting on his lap, feeling his soft caress over her naked body. Her fingers touched his thick lips, and he kissed them. She stroke his chest, moving her fingers slowly, smiling even more when his skin reacted to her touch. She felt his intense glare fixed in her and when she looked at his face, she just melt. Nagase got closer to her mouth with his lips half opened, whispering her name just before they kissed. Softly and kindly, she grabbed his hot and big cock, touching him slowly.
– You’re always so hard and ready for my body – she said against his wet and hot lips.
– Always… I can’t wait to feel how tight you are…
When he placed her on the bed she was already wet. He took off her underwear, looking at her body intensely. She blushed when he smelled her pussy, whispering how much he liked it. His soft tongue grazed her delicate and wet flesh, getting into her body as she moaned his name. He did it slow, swallowing her, whispering ‘oishii’ over and over again. She felt the heat in her chest, in her whole body while he gulped her down. He looked at her, grabbing her breast, pinching her hard nipples.
– please Tomoya fuck me already – He opened her legs, holding them against the bed while he rubbed his thick and hard cock against her body – I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that!…
And he didn’t stop, he rubbed his cock against her pussy until she screamed, moving her hips against him. She was sweating, feeling how he penetrated her slowly. He laid down, holding the pillow with both hands while she scrathed his back as soon as his cock get completely inside her body. Nagase moved really slowly, breathing her breath, whispering ‘kimochi’ with his eyes half closed. It was all pleasure, his body, his odour, his voice, his taste… it was stimulating for her, fully aroused.
– I can’t stand this Tomoya, you’re too much for me…
– Baby, I’ve just started
– You’re gonna kill me…
He smiled, fucking her faster and harder for a while. It was starting to be rough sex and she laughed because it was really too much to handle. The noise his body produced against hers; his moans, sometimes high pitched, sometimes almost like growls. And his enormous dick inside her, his thursts against the bed and his tongue against her skin.
– I can’t hold it anymore… you’re too tight.. – he said, fucking her like if it was the end of the world
– Cum inside me. I wanna feel you.
– Oh god, I love you so much… hnnnmmmmm baby…
He grabbed her ass, cumming inside her while moaning against her neck. She hold him tight, whispering ‘I love you too’ as he spilt inside her body. He rested his head on her boobs, closing his eyes as she stroke his hair. Both were smiling, both were exhausted and both were in love.

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