This… my pantsu was flying around while I wrote it because I just watched the first chapter of Kurokochi, a Nagase’s drama about a wild, badass detective, and I… I can’t with this man. He’s too much for me xD So, based on this gif, I made a thing again!

I hope you like it and well, sorry if my English is awful, I’m trying to improve!

His eyes glued to her body, up and down, up and down. Her heart racing like it never did cause his black, deep, wild eyes won’t let her move from where she was. He just looked at her, with that grin, with his arms on the couch and his casual way of sitting down that invites her to move closer. But she doesn’t move. Then, he licked his lips, resting his elbows on his legs with a wider grin.

– Are you going to leave or what? – he whispered with his husky voice.
– I’m… I just… – she felt nervous, he made her feel nervous. And he knew, because he laughed briefly.
– Shhh, shh, shh – he said grabbing her hand, making her fall in his lap giving a tiny gasp.
– Kurokochi-san, I… – she couldn’t look into his eyes, everytime she does it feels like a hammer hitting her chest.
– Hey, you talk too much – he whispered in her ear, removing her locks of hair from her cheek gently – hmmm… your skin is so soft… I want more – he bit her earlobe tenderly – would you give me more?

A huge shiver moved the girl’s body as soon as his tongue and lips touched her neck. His hands caressed her back and her leg, moving it inside her skirt. She grabbed his arm with her eyes closed while his mouth moved smoothly from her neck to her cheek, her jaw, her lips. And she kissed him, soflty at first, wildly when his fingers touched her underwear. She wanted more, she wanted him inside her body, touching, grabbing and licking her body. He moved his fingers over her thin panties, making her wet. She felt the heat, she felt how her cheeks where bright red and how she started to sweat in his arms as the pleasure increased.

– Kuro-chan – she whined in his lips – if you don’t stop… – his laugh again – iku…iku…
– Yeah, cum in my hand baby – his voice, his eyes, that smirk… he was driving her insane. He touched her clit under the clothing and she moaned helplessly – shushhhh honey, they’ll hear you and there’s just a door separating us from them.
– Kuro-chan, stop it, I’m gonna scream – she panted loudly as his fingers went more and more faster, and she couldn’t do anything but cum in his fingers. His long fingers.
– And what about me? It’s all about your happiness? Or can i have some? – she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t think, and his fingers penetrated her body. Her pussy was so wet and ready it felt great. He moved the tip of his fingers inside her, looking in her eyes and touching her in that spot that made her shake uncontrollably.
– Kuro-chan, fuck me – she hold his wide shoulders tight, feeling how he lowered her pantsu and making her sit over him with her legs spread at the sides of his body.
– I won’t say no to your warm and wet body sweetie – he put a hand on her back while lowering his own trousers and underwear. He hold her tight and whispered in her ear – enjoy this, seeeeekkuuuuushi onna…

She felt his huge, warm, and hard dick moving slowly inside her body, deeper and deeper while his groans made her melt. He grabbed her ass to make her move slowly, up and down his cock, getting the whole inside. She looked into his eyes while he penetrated her, his lips half open, his eyes half closed. It was all pleasure and nothing else, she couldn’t breathe, she just wanted more and her lips moved, whispering just one word.

– More…

She moved her hips over his body, making him moan while digging her nails in his chest. They had their clothes on but she doesn’t care, it couldn’t be hotter than it was. He touched her lips with his tongue, and she, all aroused, riding his cock, licked it with a smirk.

– Girl… hayaku… iki-so-da – his dick felt so huge, thick and warm… way more than before. He couldn’t move, his muscles were tense and he closed his eyes with that pleasure face that made the girl move faster and harder. He moaned behind his teeth and she did as well when his cum filled her body – sugoku ii… girl…
– Oh my… kimochi, senpai… I want more – he smiled, that grin again, and they kissed laughing as they heard footsteps coming from the corridor.


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