I didn’t know if I should put this one as a fic or a short story. I also has my doubts because it’s a bit… huhuu… you’ll see. There’s a girl around, a friend, who loves Tomoya as much as I do. He drives us absolutely insane in the same level. So I made a thing for her. It’s pervy, so pervy I’m even a bit embarrased of making it public because, well, I’m involved xDDDDD

Hihiii… ^/////^  I hope you like it because I love it!! ♥ ♥ ♥


The girls saw him approaching the door of his hotel room talking on the phone, even more nervous than the day before at the concert. Both girls watched him, captivated with just his presence, simply watching his actions, how he laughed, how he spoke … it was too much for both. Moni gave Tifa some nudges and she finally responded, nodding and feeling butterflies in her stomach. When he finished talking on the phone and opened the door, she went towards him with courage, jerking her dress to make her boobs more visible. She has self confidence, but when he smiled she felt her legs trembling.
– Nagase-san? – She said, touching her hair, trying to look sexy.
– Hai – he answered with that voice of his, that extremely sexy voice. It was only a moment, but he looked at her breasts helplessly, giving her a little more confidence in what she wanted to say.
– Nice to meet you, she is Moni – she pointed to her friend, who couldn’t help giggling when he looked at her straight in the eye. He chuckled when he heard her name – and you can call me Tifa.
– Oh, well, hajimemashite – he bowed slightly laughing even more, the girls did it too.
– I suppose you’re going to bed now, isn’t it?
– Ahhm, yes – he looked curious and surprised at the same time
– We thought that … I don’t know, maybe you could be a little lonely and maybe you would like… – She wanted to say it but she was too excited and Moni’s laughs did not help. She looked back asking her to be quiet.
– Do you want to have dinner with me? Are you asking me out? – He said with a raised eyebrow and that smirk that drove them completely crazy.
– No, no. Only if you want – Tifa couldn’t stop laughing, but she looked into his eyes after a deep breath – what I want … what we want – she said, taking Moni’s hand and pulling her closely to him, whispering – what we want is to fuck you, Nagase-san.
– Eeeehhh!?!? – He put a hand to his mouth and looked around to see if anyone heard, laughing excited.
– We want it badly – Moni said, ogling him.
– I can assure you’re gonna like it – Tifa smiled after licking her lips. He looked them up and down, still shocked of knowing the true intentions of the girls.
– This is just… – he said tilting his head to one side. Before he could react, Tifa grabbed his hand and put him in his room – Chotto! Oe! – Moni closed the door, laughing.
– I’m gonna explain the situation – Tifa approached him, taking off his tie. Nagase looked at them without knowing what to do and without touching them. Moni laughed, biting her nails – I have enough experience in this, I can drive you crazy and I’ll do it – she yanked the buttons of her dress, allowing him to see the red lingerie she was wearing.
– I don’t have any doubt – Nagase said as he looked at her body, swallowing.
– But she … – Tifa grabbed his face and made him look at Moni – she must be taught – Nagase looked at her with his mouth open and Tifa gestured with her hand at her friend to come closer.
– Nagase, I … I want to lose my virginity with you – he could not speak, he just stared at her.
– You see? She’s dying to have you between her legs – Tifa said pulling him from his tie and biting his earlobe, whispering in his ear as she removed his shirt buttons – Are you going to tell us you don’t want to?
Nagase stroke Moni’s wrist with his huge hand, getting her closely to him, looking at her face, making the girl felt she was going to have a heart attack. He grabbed her ass gently and smiled licking his lips faster as he always do, and both girls laughed relieved to see that he would not refuse. Moni touched his cheek, and Nagase, after stare at her lips, kissed her slowly. She played with his thick lips, bitting, licking them. He invaded Moni’s mouth with his tongue and she grabbed him by the hair, returning the kiss with passion. Meanwhile, Tifa had  already his shirt and pants unbuttoned, kneeling before Nagase and pulling down his blue underwear.
– Oh my, this is huge… – she said looking at his erect cock in surprise. Nagase looked at her with a mischievous smile and grabbed her hair, forcing Tifa to come closer to him while Moni kissed his cheeks, neck, chest, and every inch of skin that she could see.
Tifa licked his cock, from his testicles to his glans, looking into his eyes. She put it in her mouth slowly, first just the glans, then the rest. Slowly. Nagase grabbed her hair even stronger, keeling on the floor, whispering ‘kimochi‘ nonstop with his husky voice. Moni removed his shirt and hugged his back, kissing his neck and looking how Tifa sucked him eagerly for a while. Tifa took it out of her mouth and smiled to a breathless and excited Nagase.
– Moni, come – Tifa took her hand and when she was by her side, she took off her shirt – your turn – she said laughing. Moni also laughed and looked at Nagase biting her lip.
– I want you so much, Naga-chan …
She touched his cock gently, watching him with desire and at Tifa took off her dress, smiling at her and raising her eyebrows. Moni licked it slowly too, with no hurries, and Nagase apparently loved it as much as when her friend sucked it to the bottom of her throat. Tifa removed her bra moving her arms around his shoulders, grabbing Nagase’s hair as she sought his tongue lustfully. She felt him moaning against her mouth because of what Moni was doing and she also moaned, feeling Nagase brushing his fingers over her panties.
– Tomoyaaahhhmm..! Please, don’t stop! – He kissed and touched her more eagerly while Moni masturbated him laughing and looking at both dying of pleasure.
– Let me fuck you – he said to Tifa, but she stopped him.
– No, she goes first – both looked puzzled at her – if you fuck Moni being too horny you’re going to hurt her.
– I’m already too horny, but as you want … – He stood up and removed his pants. Tifa sat on the bed waiting for them and Moni also got up. Once he was undressed, he took her to the bed. Tifa watched them laughing, they were having a great time – I can’t wait to tease you girls… – Moni laid on the bed and he removed her jeans.
– Don’t be nervous – Tifa said removing Moni’s bra.
– It’s difficult – they couldn’t take off their eyes from Nagase. Tifa sat behind her, making her laying at her breasts as Nagase removed her panties.
– I don’t want to hurt you, but you’re too small…
– Just fuck me … – she implored, causing Tifa’s laugh.
– Maybe you can’t get the whole, did you see that? – She whispered at her friend’s ear, who swallowed when she looked at Nagase’s huge cock. He was placing between her legs, ready to penetrate Moni, but Tifa stopped him again. – Wait a minute! I know that you feel eager to do it, but first you must—
– Do it yourself, I’ll look – he said again with that pervy smile of his. Moni looked at him with wide eyes – I’d love to see both of you having fun together…
Before Moni could react, Tifa moved her hands down her body, caressing her pussy and gently pinching her nipple with the other hand. Moni moaned surprised, drifting though she was not sure if she wanted that to happen. Tifa looked at Nagase, so horny that she didn’t care who was with her, she just wanted sex. She was dying to fuck him but if he wanted to look, he will look. She felt Moni’s pussy getting wet increasingly between her fingers, and smiled when she heard her moans. Nagase approached them while masturbating, kissing first one and then the other girl. He rubbed his cock against Moni’s pussy, and the girl moaned louder. Tifa put her hand on the other side, trapping his cock to make him feel the rub even more. Nagase grabbed Moni’s hips as he got Tifa’s breast in his mouth, licking and biting her nipple.
            Moni felt how he was making preassure to get into her body, and Tifa moved from where she was to see it better, still touching her friend’s clit. Nagase gritted his teeth as he watched himself sanking inside Moni, who received him with much more ease than the three of them expected. She just got the glans and a little more while Tifa stroked his testicles, masturbating her friend too, more excited than them.
– Aahhh! Itaaiii! – Moni said with both hands clutching the pillow as he entered a little more inside her body.
– Relax – Tifa said kissing her softly on the cheek – it will stop hurting soon.
When she leaned forward to give her the kiss, Nagase grabbed Tifa’s underwear  lowering it, rubbing his hand through her pussy, making her moan. Moni looked Nagase in the eyes, who alternated his wild glare beteen Tifa and Moni, not sure on who he should focus. But all things are in moderation, so he focused on both girls at the same time. As Tifa said, Nagase’s cock stopped hurting Moni after a while but that was because he was doing it really well. He moved very slowly and he didn’t penetrate her too deeply. As she started to feel something much more pleasant, Moni rose her hips, and Nagase penetrated her more deeply, but he didn’t gave her everything yet. Tifa bit the pillow while Nagase’s fingers moved fast and smooth on her clit, as if he was touching the strings of a guitar.
– Tomoya, Iku! – She said with tense muscles, flexing the toes. Moni watched her friend bite her lip as she pinched her own nipples moaning shakily ‘Naga-chan, atashi mo[1]!!’.
– Come here Tifa, put it in my face – Tifa stand as she could next to Nagase who licked her eagerly. Tifa’s moans were outrageous and Moni was excited just by listening them.
– Hayaku[2]Naga-chan! – She said. While Tifa was cumming in his mouth, Moni cummed feeling him way too deep. Nagase grabbed her hips and tried to penetrate her to the bottom but the girl moaned in pain. He kept fucking her faster but less deeply, gasping between his open lips.
– Kimochi Moni-chan … – he said as he could, stroking the skin of the girl as Tifa lay beside her, panting from the intense orgasm he had just gave her.
He grabbed Moni’s hips and put her on all fours on the bed, holding her by the waist and thrusts inside her again. Tifa looked at her touching her breasts while she observed Nagase. Moni was moaning nonstop, feeling him too deep inside, more than her body could endure. It hurt but she didn’t want to complain because she wanted to have more orgasms. Tifa grabbed one of his hands and started licking his long fingers with lust, really horny just because she was touching his huge hands.
– You are really tight Moni chan … Do you like it? – Only with that sentence and his moans, she had another orgasm.
– Of course she likes – Tifa said smiling – Can’t you see how blushed she is? She’s dying for you, Tomoya. – Moni tried to smile, but she couldn’t. Too many moans.
– And you? – Nagase said with his thumb on Tifa’s lips, who licked it slowly.
– What about me? – she said smiling.
– You… – his voice trembled everytime he get inside Moni – You don’t want me to fuck you? – He told Tifa as he slapped Moni’s ass while bitting his lips, making the girl’s moans turns into screams.
– I want you to cum inside me at least once tonight…
– It hurts … – Moni said helplessly after a while. Nagase took his cock out, letting her breath all she couldn’t do until now because of her orgasms and pain.
Nagase lay in bed and told her to sit beside him. Tifa looked amused as she masturbated his wet cock slowly. He turned his torso in bed, licking Moni’s pussy, who moaned stretching his legs and lifting her hips. Tifa straddled over him, kissing his chest and neck as she heard Moni’s moans while he wanked her, licking and fucking her pussy with his fingers. He sucked and kissed, making her feel things she never felt before, moving his tongue over her clit while looking into her eyes. Moni felt his brown and wild eyes pierce into hers as she felt that the most intense orgasm of her life was going to happen.
            At the same time, Nagase grabbed Tifa’s thigh, moaning as he felt the girl slowly began to ride his cock. After thrusting him inside her, she gasped, clutching her boobs. At first, she moved smoothly, but she broke down because of his moans, making him getting roughtly and deeply into her body. Nagase let a moan go out from the back of his throat, having a shiver of pleasure that made him suck harder than usual Moni’s cunt. The girl moaned shakily as she felt that she was cumming in Nagase’s fingers and mouth, her legs won’t held her and Nagase was licking her too roughly. She lay beside him, sweaty and looking shocked how Tifa made him get completely inside her body.
– Tifa chan, kimochi!! – Nagase said through gritted teeth leaning his head back in the pillows. Tifa licked his adam’s apple, his chin, his sweet mouth that tasted like Moni’s.
– Iku Iku..Tomoya…. – he grabbed her by the neck to kiss her deeply and by her ass to fuck her harder, resting his feet on the bed and taking control of Tifa’s body – Tomoya!! Tomoya!! – Moni felt like touching herself again when she saw them fucking so wildly.
– Damn! I’m gonna cum!
– Moni, come here! – Tifa pulled her arm and made Moni get closer, standing both in their knees kissing and licking Nagase’s cock and testicles.
Tifa masturbated him quickly and forcefully, and despite he tried to watch them, Nagase had to close his eyes, puffing and moaning loudly as he clutched the bed sheets. He looked back at the girls just when his sperm stained their faces, looking at how they licked him, caressing his body. She didn’t think it twice, Tifa sucked his cock, cleaning it and making him moan again even though he had no more to cum. The girls cleaned up the mess with the sheets and each one lay aside Nagase, that wrapped them with his arms.
– Where have you been all this time? – He said both of them, kissing their hair. The girls laughed feeling absolutely happy, staring at his beautiful face. Tifa was stroking his chest while Moni strocked his jaw and cheeks.
– Moni, I’m sure next time it’ll hurt less – Tifa said looking at her. Her friend smiled.
– Why it doesn’t hurt you? It’s really huge.
– The practice, I guess …
– Then we have to practice a lot – she said looking at Nagase as she bit her lip, pocking his cheek with a finger – Ne, Naga-chan?
– Oe, give me some time to recover …
– I don’t think so… – Tifa said grabbing his cock again – you’re not sleeping tonight, Tomoya.
The girls looked at each other and laughed when they saw him giggling. They felt happy, they felt satisfied, but they’ll never have enough of that man. They’ll always would like more, and they would be more than willing to give him everything he needs: Their heart, their friendship and their bodies. Especially their bodies.

[1] Me too
[2] faster

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