The Boss

So, the inspiration for this one came from two different sources. The first is a scene from a fic of mine, “Then, Now, Towa“; and the second is this commercial, that I share with you as a gif set ♥ (how I love gif sets…)

 I love Nagamaki (Nagase + Maki ) couple, they’re my otp one true pairing) and they’ll always be ♥

All the unfs for so much beauty. I hope you like it


– You seem stressed – she said sitting on his desk, caressing gently his legs with her feet – you should relax.
– I’m at work – he answered smiling, looking at his papers – not now.
– Then stop me – Maki said, taking off the buttons of her blouse as she laughed, because he didn’t do anything to stop her. Instead, he leaned back in his chair staring at her, laughing and covering his mouth with his huge hand.
– Here? – he said rising an eyebrow.
– You actually are ok with the idea, don’t you? – She touched his crotch with her feet, and he moved his hand up her thigh, tenderly, licking his own lips – Nagase-san – she said pretending to be excited – I need your signature in some papers… – Nagase grabbed the phone.
– Don’t let anyone get into the office, I’m busy with important issues – he hunged up and stood, laughing, his hands under her skirt, pulling her stockings and panties down – but it has to be a quick thing.
– Whatever, just do me – she said pulling him from his tie so they get closer – I like it so much when you dress like that…

She heard him opening his fly and just after that, she felt his cock against her warm body. He grabbed her neck and pulled his mouth to hers. He had to ask her to shut up when she moaned as he penetrates her softly. Maki laughed as he bit her lips, slowly entering inside her body. Nagase leaned his hand on the table and pulled more than the half of the things from there to the carpet. He was wrinkling his ‘important’ papers with each thrust he gave her. She grabbed his back kissing him, feeling every inch of his flesh, trying not to moan, and a little nervous because someone could come in and catch them squarely.

– There’s only half an hour for the meeting – she whispered – you better hurry if you want to be presentable by then.
– Shut up – He kissed her deeply, moaning a bit but not much, because he couldn’t be heard. She kept laughing, nervous – Maki-chan, I like it so much…
– Tomoya-kun… – She said in his ear while she felt his huge cock deep inside her body.
– Kimochi… – she lifted her hips, fully aroused, so turned on by what she was feeling and his deep moans. He grabbed her waist and he started to fuck her so roughly that it was almost impossible not to scream.
– Don’t you dare… don’t cum on me – She told him.
– Open your mouth – Nagase made her kneel on the floor, clutching her hair. She licked his wet cock looking into his eyes, as she knew he liked – Maki-chan… iki-so-da…

He spilled into her mouth, and she swallowed it all. She looked into his eyes while he was biting his lips, trying to avoid moaning. When she finished, Nagase was shaking imperceptibly, moaning and sweating. Maki got up from the floor and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

– Don’t forget the folder with the schemes – Maki said after she found her underwear.
– See you at the meeting – he tenderly kissed her lips – my beautiful girl.


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