Impian [EN]

Impian is a Malay word for dream, but it’s a deep meaning. It’s not the same dream as “I’d like to go to Ireland”, it’s what makes you move everyday, the reason to live for. It has a deep meaning ♥
Compared to my other fics, this one is cheesy and too lovey-dovey (there’s wild sex, obviously xD), exactly like the girl who asked me to write it xDD Wawa and me (Tifa) are the main characters with Nagase Tomoya and Kokubun Taichi. I tried to find some pics of both guys together but there’s no normal pic xDD and the ones which are normal are from 2000 or even before that. Just take a look…
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Anyway, here’s the fic. I hope you like it and SORRY FOR MY MISTAKES, it was my first long gif and I’ve got to correct it sooner or later, uhhhgg! xD
Wawa ran upstairs, she opened the door of her home and ran to the kitchen, where Tifa was cooking. Without saying a word, she hug her, still with the opened letters in her hand.
– What the hell?! – She said, scared of her friend’s reaction. When she looked at Wawa, Tifa was surprised to see that she had watery eyes.
– We’re inside, we did it – Tifa stared at her without understanding for a few seconds, until she realized what Wawa held in her hand.
– No way… – Tifa took her letter abruptly, reading it repeatedly until the information was assimilated. She began to laugh nervously while hugging her friend, producing excited squeals.
– I knew it, I knew we could achieve it – Wawa said while rubbing her eyes, crying and laughing at the same time – now I’d like to reproach the result of our effort to those who told to us our dream was impossible.
– Did it say when we start? – Tifa was reading the letter again
– On monday. Tomorrow. – They looked each other, frightened – I’m not ready.
– Neither am I…
Both screamed at the same time, jumping in the spot. They worked really hard to get into that company and in that particular job. Although both already had a college degree, once the girls met it was impossible to stop them when they agreed to fulfill their dream. And there were people who opposed, almost everyone told them that they were crazy. But their closest family and their mothers support their cause. Although some of their sisters (from both) also thought that bad things. Nevertheless, despite having a relatively secure future with their studies, they studied a module: Wawa hairdressing; Tifa makeup and aesthetics. And besides that, they also get the official pappers that recognized them as Japanese, advanced students. After saving a huge amount of money, they went to Japan to fulfill their dream. They rented a tiny apartment , both of them gave their curriculum and a few weeks later they were jumping full of joy in their kitchen.
– Well, ok, we have to relax – Tifa said, trying to be rational, though nothing about their plans was – we’ve got the job but that doesn’t mean that we’ll work with them. Maybe we’ve got to makeup NEWS or Arashi boys…
– No please, not Arashi – Wawa said wrinkling her nose.
– And although we get to work with them – she wanted to stay with a serious face but just by imagine the situation she smiled – we can’t took for granted they’ll notice us.
– No! Tifa! I refuse! – Wawa said, smashing the table with her hands – After changing our lives completely for this dream we can’t have that attitude!
– But it is a possibility …
– No! We’re gonna make it! If we already get this far… the hardest part is already done. At least we are going to meet them at Johnny’s studio… – she stopped talking, daydreaming.
Both were experts in daydreaming and they did it too often. Sometimes, when they saw a program on TV about the guys, in the advertising break they both stayed in their own worlds, without talking and with stunned and identical smiles on their faces. That was happening at that moment.
– I can’t wait a whole day…

They ate as they talked and fantasized about what might happen, with what they could do and with the situations that they might be involved. They spent half of the afternoon daydreaming and the other half deciding what they would wear the next day. They must wear proper clothes to go working but regardless that fact both wanted to catch their eye. After dinner they tried to go to sleep, but neither managed to do so. They were puffing, tossing and turning in bed, nervous, until finally Tifa knocked on  Wawa’s bedroom door.
– Come in – when she saw her friend, they both laughed – I won’t sleep tonight.
– It is impossible, I’m too nervous … just to think that I’m going to see him up close I get on my nerves, I don’t even want to imagine the moment when I have to touch his face to put him the make-up.
– We’re gonna be so close … and I will touch his hair… I don’t know how I’m going to avoid the impulse of smelling it.
They were with that attitude well into the night, until they both were lying in bed, falling asleep without even turning off the light. Next morning they jumped out of bed as soon as they heard the alarm. They dressed up giggling, they couldn’t eat anything. Puffing and with their hearts racing, they took a taxi to Johnny’s studio and once they get there they presented their documentation at the reception, where they have a card that identify the girls as part of the staff. A middle-aged woman was waiting.
– You are the new girls? – They nodded and presented themselves with their real names. Wawa and Tifa were just nicknames, their names were rather longer and confusing to that lady – Nice to meet you, I’m Toshiko Ikeda, come with me – The girls looked each other and followed her. When they stopped in a long white hallway filled with doors with little signs, Toshiko handed them some papers – here’s the schedule for this week. Do not worry if you see many different names, you will always be in the same place – she opened the door at the right side of the hall and entered in a spacious room with large mirrors and chairs before them. There was a sofa in the back – here you have everything you need to work with and if is something is missing you just can tell us. Is everything clear this far?
– Then we will work in here – Wawa said . Toshiko nodded.
– Yes, but you’ll probably have to go with the group to the set because sometimes you’ll have to give them some retouches. Although that’s not always the case. As you work try not bother the guys, don’t talk to them unless it’s absolutely necessary. They come here to work, not for fun even though it doesn’t look like that – both girls smiled – You have been very lucky to get this job, it has a high demand and I have to warn you: I’ve seen too many people getting fired. Occasionally I’ll pass over here to take a look at your work, and to help you if you need it. Questions? – Both shook their heads, a little scared – ok, then I’m leaving. Prepare the material, you will begin soon. Gambare! – The girls waited for Toshiko to leave and they look their timetables eagerly.
– Do you see TOKIO somewhere? – Tifa said nervously
– Here! On Wednesday. Tomorrow we’ll see them- they both smiled.
– And now who do we have? Sexy Zone? Who are they?
– Some kids … – Wawa said, dropping herself in the chair, unwinding the hairdryer cable, setting their utensils ready for work. Tifa did the same.
And Wawa was right, they were friendly and quiet kids, or at least they were apparently. The girls were combing and making up them a little nervous because it was the first time, but the result was perfect. And the same happens with the members of SMAP! (even though they had to strive a little more because of their age) and the next day with the boys of NEWS. When the girls saw them passing through the door, they smiled widely and got pretty nervous, like a foretaste of what they were going to feel the next day. While Wawa was combing Massu’s hair, Tifa was applying makeup on a quiet (something strange in him) Koyama, who dind’t move his face because he didn’t want tot to ruin Tifa’s job. The boys were chatting about superficial stuff, about plans, about what they had to do in a few moments.
– Ah! Tegoshi, I’ve seen Kokubun san down the hall and he asked me about you – Tifa saw Wawa staring at Shige with the comb in a hand and Massu’s hair in the other. She had to silence her laughing.
– Why is he here today? He’s not supposed to work until tomorrow – Tegoshi said – He’s probably looking for me to play football again, I guess.
– They are always doing things, huh? The senpais – Koyama said when Tifa finished his make-up – always up and down doing anything but playing music.
– I envy them – Massu said watching his new hairstyle made by Wawa – everyone loves them.
– You say that as if we are hated – Koyama replied laughing. Someone knocked on the door and they looked to see who was – We were talking about you!
– Really? – Wawa inhaled through the nose outrageously as soon as she saw Taichi at the door and she tried to focus on Shige’s hair, but Tifa stood in front of her to do the boy’s make up, because she wanted Wawa to be closer to Tegoshi.
– Were you looking for me? – He said this while Wawa strighteners began to pass through his hair. Taichi approached him and therefore Wawa, she felt she would faint eventually. Tifa didn’t take her eyes off the situation with a smile, excited too by the presence of Taichi.
– Yes! I’ve been proposed to play football next week, the weekend more specifically and I thought of you, if you have some time for me.
– Will the usual people be there? – Wawa didn’t know how she was concentrating to not burn Tegoshi’s hair while looking at Taichi. She couldn’t help it, she had to look at him.
– Yup, well, actually I don’t know if Nagase is gonna come because he said somehing about a motorbike convention of his – just by listening his name, a smirk appeared in Tifa’s face. Shige noticed.
And when Tifa saw Shige raising his eyebrows smiling, they ended laughing. And then Wawa started laughing too, but much more nervously. Taichi looked at her and their eyes met for the first time. Wawa couldn’t breathe but at the same time she wanted to scream.
– You’re new, right? – Taichi said to her with a smile, the kind of smile that she liked so much. She nodded, feeling her cheeks burning. Then Taichi looked at Tifa – you two are much younger than most of the workers I’ve seen over here – the girl smiled back. Taichi looked like an older brother with whom act crazy while Wawa was dying to get lost in his arms – and really beautiful – he said leaning towards Wawa and looking at her closely. She can barely breath, not daring to look at him again.
– Don’t bother the girl! – Koyama said to Taichi
– He doesn’t bother me – Wawa whispered immediately.
– Of course not, I’m charming – Taichi blinked many times and very fast making everyone laugh.

After that, he said goodbye, and the girls ended their work, which they did fairly quickly. When they say NEWS goodbye, Tifa pushed her friend while she was trying to keep things in place.
– You must be happy huh? You’ve seen him, and he said you’re pretty – Tifa pocked her cheek with a finger making her smiling widely – Taichi said you’re pretty, Ms Ko-ku-bun.
– Shut up! – She shoved her friend – he told us both!
– He was looking at you, closely. Really close- Tifa imitated Taichi and Wawa put her hands over her face laughing nervously.
– I don’t know how I managed to stand on my feet, I’m serious.
– Well, let’s see what happens tomorrow when you touch his hair …
– Stop saying those things! Let’s see what YOU’LL do you when you have to Tomoya in front of your eyes.
– I’ll die – they both laughed out loud as they finished picking things up.
Every time they went out there, they looked everywhere searching for them, but they weren’t lucky. Tifa gasped at the sight of a tall man wearing a cap, but it was a false alarm. They went direct to the exit to get a taxi when they heard “See you tomorrow!” They saw Taichi saying goodbye with a cheerful smile, making Wawa laugh uncontrollably, squeezing Tifa’s hand too strong.
– Ow! How can you hurt me so much being so tiny!? – She said laughing.
– Sorry! I’m nervous! He smiled1 Have you seen his dimple?
Tifa laughed, listening how wonderful and beautiful Taichi was all the way home and during dinner. Wawa was totally excited and with good reason, she had finally met the man of her dreams and he said she was pretty. The girl was in a cloud, she couldn’t stop smiling even though her cheeks hurt and couldn’t stop talking about Taichi even though she saw that Tifa was getting bored of the topic. That night she went to bed feeling like the happiest woman in the world, thinking that she could live like that the rest of his life just by seeing his smile every day. And in the same mood she woke up the next day, trying to calm down Tifa’s anxiety.
– Would he like it? – She said entering in Wawa’s bedroom without knocking. She wore black pants that fits her like a glove, a tight T-shirt in a bright red with a great and sexy neckline and her black, long hair falling over her shoulders.
– Well … – Wawa looked herself, she was wearing a long pastel blue shirt and white jeans under it, with her hair neatly combed and collected under the shawl – now I feel that I’m too … demure.
– Taichi will love how kawaii you are, don’t worry. I’d like to be as kawaii as you… – Tifa said going towards her room to get finally ready to go.
– Yeah, sure, then give me some of those huge things you have in there – Wawa said pointing to her breasts when she saw her in the hallway of the house.
– No! – Tifa said grabbing her boobs – Tomo-chan will love them! – Wawa laughed.
– Don’t call him Tomo-chan, ok? – Wawa said a moment later as she got into the taxi – be careful with that.
– I’ll try but… I don’t know how I’ll react once I see him…
The closer they came to the studios the less they talked. Wawa bit her nails nonstop and Tifa looked at her clothes over and over again, puffing while they were walking to their workplace. When they entered, the boys hadn’t arrived yet and the girls began to prepare the stuff in silence. They had stomach aches, their pulse shook and they couldn’t stop their puffs and laughs. When they heard the door, both turned at it, greeting Leader, who was the first to arrive, dressed in the usual tailored suit for Kakeru program. Gussan and Mabo get in the room a few moments later. The girls wanted to scream, to hug these men, to touch them while jumping around the room, but they were limited to smile at them and tell politely to please sit on their sites.
– If you don’t mind, start with me – Mabo said. The girls nodded and went towards him, very nervous. Tifa couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy he was with his hair unkempt and disheveled while Wawa make his hairstyle as he always wore with a huge smile on her face.
– Where are Nagase and Taichi? – Gussan asked to his companions.
– I was about to ask the same thing –  Leader said– they’re always late.
– Nagase is always late, Taichi is punctual… usually – Mabo said looking at the mirror while the girls worked. A phone rang and Gussan answered it quickly.
– Moshi moshi … ah, hello darling – both girl smiled with a warm and kind feeling looking at his sweet face while he was talking to his wife – what? Oh, wow! but I’m sorry, I can’t—-ah, he wants to talk to me – the girls looked at him, he looked worried – What happened to you boy? – he stood in silence a few seconds – come on, when I go home I’ll buy you anything you want okay? Surely it hurts less now, huh?
– What happened? – Leader asked a moment later closing his eyes when Tifa began to put the make-up on him. Wawa moved towards Gussan too, fixing his hair while Mabo went out the room with his mobile phone, staying in the hallway.
– One of my children has fallen from the bike in his way to school and he broke his wrist.
– Eeeeh? – Wawa said worried, Gussan smiled at her.
– Don’t worry, he’s okay but it still hurts him and he cried a little while talking with me.
– That’s normal – Tifa said without thinking, it felt normal to her because they always watch them talking on TV, so it felt like they knew since always – it’s like when a child falls and is waiting to his mother. Hours later he’ll start to mourn remembering the damage he suffered before.
– Exactly! – Gussan said to her – Do you have children?
– No – she smiled and she wanted to keep talking, but at that moment she heard a laugh in the hallway that sounded very familiar. She looked at Wawa, who stared back with a smile and looked to the door automatically with her heart completely revolutionized.
– Where were you? – Mabo said in the hallway.
– And what are you doing there all alone? – Taichi said. The girls looked each other and Wawa resisted the urge to scream, biting her lip. Tifa focused on Gussan’s makeup without taking her eyes off the door.
– Sorry, my fault – entering with Taichi was Nagase. The girls greeted them briefly, plethoric of joy – I told Taichi that he could came here with me but I delayed a bit.
– I can say, looking at your face, that you haven’t sleep – Gussan said. Nagase nodded with a smile as he sat where Leader was, who got up to let him seat once Wawa had done his hair. Taichi sat down watching Tifa tying the cloth to Gussan’s forehead for the  Kakeru show of the day.
– By the way, I forgot to tell you – Nagase said with a smile looking at him while Wawa began to combing his hair. Tifa was dying of envy, she wanted to touch him too – You’ll never guess who was dumped by a gaiyin
– Nagase! – Taichi said pointing to the girls with his head.
– Ah! – Nagase looked at Tifa’s eyes for the first time, the girl didn’t know how she could stand – I’m sorry!
– Don’t worry – she said smiling very nervous, Wawa looked at her with a big smile as Tifa bent over Taichi to do his make up – we’re not offended – then, she giggled looking at Taichi.
– What? – He said this with a smirk.
– You don’t seem to have so many freckles on TV – Wawa looked to see if what she said was true as he looked himself in the mirror.
– Where are you from? – He asked, looking at Wawa. The girl tried to talk but the voice didn’t go out at first. But she whispered:
– Malaysia …
– Oh! Some people told me that your language is really beautiful, but I’ve never heard anyone talking Malay … – Taichi said smiling, making Tifa wait to continue her job – Tell me something.
– What? – She was extremelly tense and she pulled the can of hairspray directly against Nagase’s nape, who gave a sharp yelp as soon as he felt it, making Tifa laugh. In that moment Taichi was looking at Wawa and Nagase has his eyes on Tifa. That was paradise for the girls.
– Tell me something in your language – Taichi was smiling, and for Wawa was hard to think of something even in her mother tongue, but she finally said:
– Awak ada dalam impian saya. Awak indah di mata saya dan sentiasa membuatkan saya tidak boleh bernafas[1]– she said it almost whispering because she was really embarrassed, but she said that feeling it wholeheartedly.
– What does that mean? – Nagase said while Tifa finished Taichi’s makeup and so do Wawa with his hair – you have told him directly.
– It is … a silly thing, that’s all … – Wawa said, and Tifa looked at her giggling because although she didn’t understand it, she had distinguished impian and she knew what it means.
– You know it! – Nagase said to Tifa while she approached him. She felt like screaming  as soon as she touches his skin, and she couldn’t stop staring at his thick lips – are you also Malay? You don’t look like her…
– I’m not – she laughed bending over him and getting closer to his face, feeling his eyes deep into her soul – I’m Spanish.
Meanwhile, Wawa approached Taichi, who was silent since she said the sentence. The girl was frightened because she thought that perhaps he understood it, wondering if she just made a blunder, but when he smiled she could breath, feeling ok. Or at least as ok as she could be considering that Wawa was running her fingers through his hair. She wanted to stay stroking it forever but she focused on combing, not hurried at all. As Tifa, who was working slower than she usually do, looking carefully every feature of his face: his nose, eyebrows, thick lips, the mole beside his left eye … those brown eyes that looked at her with amusement.
– And you’re not going to say anything in your language? – Tifa couldn’t stop smiling and couldn’t help a long sigh before she said:
– Me muero de ganas de sentirte en mi cuerpo, de tocar tu piel, sintiéndo como te vuelves loco en mis brazos[2]– She looked into his eyes, feeling that she was going to pounce on him, and Nagase didn’t say anything, he just looked at her with his mouth half open.
– What’s going on? – Gussan said sitting on the couch, laughing – I feel like I’m missing something …
– Me too – Nagase said as she turned away from him, leaving space for him to get up from the chair. But the makeup fell to the floor because of her trembling hand, and when she bowed to pick it, she saw Nagase looking at her neckline boldly – and I get the feeling that I’m missing something interesting – he said in a whisper, with a smirk while getting up from his chair.
Taichi also stood up when Wawa finished combing his hair, and before he could walk a step further the girl approached him and she fixed his tie. Realizing that he was smiling, staring at her, really closely, she went again all red as a tomato, laughing nervously when he finally went out. The girls followed the five men towards Kakeru’s set. Both were very excited to be there and watch the program in the front line, without any cut. They began to talk with the guest of the day, which had been dressed elsewhere, and laughed with them the whole time. They didn’t want to talk about what just happened because they were surrounded by people and were supposed to be working, not trying to conquer the men of their dreams, but the truth is that they wanted to talk so badly that it was driving them insane. They didn’t need any tweak on them, so they leave saying goodbye to the technical team as they went to their workplace to store things. Once the door had been closed, Wawa dropped into a chair, her face in her hands, holding a scream while kicking the air. Tifa leaned against the door with a smile from ear to ear, biting her lip with her eyes closed, thinking about Nagase.
– It’s been amazing, I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry – Wawa said with her hands on her chest.
– I want to see him again, I want to get that close to him again …
– How is it possible to be more handsome up close!? And I’ve touched his hair … we’ve talked to them.
– By the way! What did you say in your language? – Wawa translated it and Tifa did the same with her sentence. They both laughed, accomplices – I need to listen to music.
– And I need the toilet.
While Tifa was playing ‘Mr Sampling Man‘ on her phone, Wawa was in the bathroom which was in the the back of the room. Tifa was singing, bursting with happiness as she stored the makeup, hairspray, combs and other utensils in their places. When she was more excited with the song, moving her hips with the hair dryer as a microphone and singing: ‘One, two, three, four, five, karada o hikizutte okiagaru’  she saw Wawa out of the bathroom, looking at the door with a hand in her mouth. Tifa turned, feeling how she was dying of embarrassment when she saw Taichi with a smirk.
– Are you Tokio fans? – He asked while Tifa turned off the music.
– Very much – Wawa said laughing at her friend. Taichi came to where Tifa was and picked up a mobile phone.
– I forget it – he smiled again, making Wawa happy without realizing it. He was about to leave when Nagase cut his way through the door with some papers in his hand.
– I have two bad news, one for you – he pointed at Taichi – and one for you – when he told that to the girls, they felt their happiness disappearing – and both things are related. I can’t go play football on Saturday, sorry – he said to Taichi.
– And now what? We had already formed teams …
– I have to work, a CM – Nagase said with a shrug – and I don’t think I’m gonna arrive at time.
– Well, anyway and just in case, we’ll be in Shibuya at 17:30, at Tokyu Hands, in the roof.
– Yeah, I know where you say but as I told you I don’t think I’m gonna make it. And you – he said looking at the girls, Tifa grabbed the hair dryer against her chest and Wawa crossed her arms, scared – I’m really sorry but one of you has to come to work with me on Saturday. It is your free—
– I’ll come – Tifa said with a smile that showed how much she liked the idea of ​​being alone with him.
– Oh, okay then – Nagase smiled back and gave her the papers – your boss has told me you have to leave this signed at reception.
– Okay, thank you very much – the boys smiled again and left, saying goodbye.
– Lucky you!! – Wawa said pushing her away. Tifa was happier than before. Much more pleased.
– Did you keep in mind where they’re going to play football? – She said when they got in the taxi.
– Yeah, I know where it is. We saw it when we went to Shibuya, Do you remember?
– You better go there on Saturday.
– I can’t do that! – The thought of seeing her beloved playing football delighted Wawa – I can’t sneak in there just because I want!
– What do you mean? It’s a public place, you can be there without problems.
– I don’t know Tifa…
– If you don’t go I’ll stop talking to you – Tifa said pointing her – I’m serious. You’re dying to see him playing football, don’t be silly…
Although the next days they worked with guys like the ones in Kanjani8 and V6, the girls couldn’t stop thinking about Saturday. And the closer the day was, more excited they were. At 16:30, three days later, both were out of their house, trembling and shaking because of the excitement. They didn’t talked to each other in the cab, they just couldn’t.
– Good luck – Wawa told Tifa when she left the taxi in Johnny’s studio.
– Same. Don’t be silly and talk to him if you get the chance.
– I don’t know…
– See you at home.
She smiled again and separated from her in almost the first time since they lived together.
Wawa walked through the busy streets of Shibuya seeking the Tokyu Hands, a huge shopping center that had a soccer field on the roof. When she reached the building, she looked at a map in the entrance and saw that there were only two elevators that led up there. She hurried into one of them, without being at all sure of what she was doing but with eager to do it. When she reached the top, she found that the track where people play football was surrounded by a metal fence, top and sides, and outside there were some seats. At the other side of that place she saw a couple, but they seemed to be ‘busy’ so she didn’t bother to came closer. She was looking at the field, imagining Taichi scoring a goal with a smile on her face when she heard noise over her right side. She looked and felt her heart beating almost out of his chest.
– Hello! – a smiling Taichi said – What are you doing here?
– I just… – she wanted to look into his eyes but she was too nervous and ended looking elsewhere – I was over here and I noticed that there was a football field in the roof. So I…
– We’re going to play now – he said with a smile, pointing to a group of men who came with him – Stay if you want! Also, do me a favor, please. Here – he gave her his phone, which she took with care – if Nagase calls, tell him to come here okay? – She nodded and smiled, amazed because he was treating her with a lot of confidence – By the way, what’s your name?
– Wawa – Taichi smiled at her.
– Okay Wawa chan, you better cheer me up, ok? – The girl giggled when she heard her name from the lips of the man she loved. Taichi looked at her smiling until suddenly his face changed when he saw the couple that was in the back of the field passing by.
– What happens? – She asked as soon as she saw his expression, serious and angry.
– That’s Nagase’s girlfriend, and that wasn’t Nagase – Wawa looked back quickly but they had already left. That was bad news for Tifa, and also for Nagase.
– They were kissing when I arrived – Tacihi looked at her sucking his teeth, taking his phone from Wawa’s hands.
– I can’t think about what would happened if he were here… – he moved the phone to his ear, worried.
************************************************** ********************
Tifa’s heart rejoiced as she saw Nagase coming down the hall. It wasn’t in the usual place, it was on the set where they’re going to record the CM and she was brimming with joy because she’d just put her makeup to the beautiful Satomi Ishihara. A really nice and pleasant girl. Although that feeling of joy completely changed when she saw that Nagase stopped dead with the phone in his ear. He wasn’t smiling anymore and Tifa saw that look in his eyes that she’d seen before, and she didn’t like it at all. She saw his hand moving through his hair and he changed his sad expression to an angry one. She didn’t know who was the person on the other side of the phone, but he was very upset. Then he sat down, with his smooth and abundant hair loose. It wasn’t Tifa’s specialty but she’d seen Wawa doing it so many times that she simply copied her style. Nagase wasn’t speaking, he was sending a message with the same serious face. When she finished combing his hair, she approached him looking directly at his face.
– Nagase-san, I need you to look up a little – he looked at her and nodded, keeping the phone inside his pocket. He looked to the side, thoughtful and biting his lower lip – Are you okay?
– Huh? – He looked at her face, her boobs, and face again. He said nothing for a few seconds and just looked at her – yeah, I’m fine. Sorry you had to come here.
– It’s okay – she said smiling. He also smiled and Tifa noticed happily how he looked her body and then, her eyes
– I think you didn’t tell me your name…
– Call me Tifa – Nagase raised his eyebrows and smiled more broadly – is not my real name…
– Can I know it? – She giggled at his curiosity.
– Pili, but call me Tifa.
– Piri chan? – She laughed looking into his eyes. Just listening how he said her name… it was too much to handle – well, I’ll call you Tifa if you want. But Piri chan is nice.
– Thanks … – she turned away from him so he could get up, walking towards Satomi-san while she greeted him cheerfuly.
Just before they started recording, Tifa saw him sighing, just as serious as before. But then, he looked directly into her eyes, with a grin that made her legs tremble.
At first she didn’t dare to speak out, but over there were another women encouraging different guys. Wawa has still Taichi’s phone in her hands and when she saw that he approached the goal, she couldn’t help it.
– Ganbareeee, Taichi kuuuuun!! – She said, hopping on the site. But Taichi failed. Still, the boy looked at the stands and smiled, causing her blushing while giggling. One of the women looked at her with a smile.
– Are you his girlfriend? – Wawa felt her cheeks burning.
– No!
– I’ve never seen him smiling like that a to girl who’s not his girlfriend.
Wawa stared at the woman amazed of what she was saying. And she kept encouraging him increasingly harder, clapping when he scored a goal and smiling until her cheeks ached. When it was all finished, he approached her, sweaty and panting.
– Did you have a good time? – She nodded, a bit excited to seeing him like that – I’m busted, I have no longer the strenght of my younger days…
– Don’t say that – she said – you’ve done well.
– Thanks Wawa chan. Nagase hasn’t called right? – She returned the phone to him – I’ll go to his home later, I don’t want him to be alone today. What a bad luck he has!
– Don’t worry about him. He’s in good company – Taichi squinted. Wawa felt she had said too much.
– You’re just talking about the girl you work with, huh? – She didn’t know what to answer – it looks like she likes him.
– Don’t say anything.
– He knows, it’s obvious – Wawa stood up and realized that people had left, only the two of them were up there – I feel like eating something cold, I’m dead heat. Want some ice cream?
– Huh? Me?
– Of course you – Taichi said laughing – come on, I’ll invite you.
They went down together in the elevator towards an ice cream shop where Taichi asked her to buy the one she liked the most. And she did, watching him eating a vanilla one.
– Umai – he whispered. They were walking together towards the mall exit. It was like having a date with him, she felt so happy… as she was going to levitate from one moment to another. If he just catch her hand that would be just perfect … she couldn’t help it and laughed aloud
– What is it? – Taichi said.
– I’m happy.
– Is the ice cream the reason? – Wawa looked at him, who looked into her eyes with a smile that filled her heart with a warmth that took her breath away.
– It’s just… everything
– I’m still curious about what you said to me on Wednesday.
– I’m not going to tell you.
– If you don’t want to tell me it’s because you’re embarrassed, it’s not a bad thing, huh? – He stopped, pretending to be angry at her and making the girl laugh, shaking his head – it’s ok, I’ll find out sooner or later. Do you live far away?
– A little, but it’s ok, I’ll take a cab.
– Don’t spend money, I’ll take you in my car.
************************************************** ********************
Tifa took her things when they finished filming the CM, saying goodbye to the others and to Ishihara san while she looked at Nagase askance. As she passed next to him, he looked at her smiling.
– Tifa chan, if you’re gonna leave that in your workplace is faster if you take over there – he pointed to a door opposite to where she was going – there’s another studio but if you keep walking there’s another door that leads almost next to where you wanna go.
– Thanks Nagase-san – She said, walking where he told her.
They had barely spoken in all evening but she was more than satisfied with those smiles from time to time and how he looked at her when he thought she wasn’t noticing it. She knew she wasn’t special, Nagase was just a pervert, but she liked it a lot. When she walked towards the other study she smiled, realizing that it was the Kakeru set. The only light came across the next study. After confirming that no one was looking, she approached to Nagase’s chair, sitting on it, chuckling and dropping the makeup at the table. She took the pen he used, looking at the electronic board in front of her, knowing that he had touched it.
– What are you doing? – She looked up and saw Nagase smiling, loosening his tie. She got up immediately, getting nervous and with her heart racing. She didn’t know how to react.
– I was curious to see the blackboards. – Tifa went towards the other side of the table when she realized she had left her makeup behind.
************************************************** ********************
– He’s not answering it – Taichi said looking at the phone while waiting for the green light.
– He must be working – now, it was easier for Wawa to talk to him, but she just kept getting nervous everytime he looked into her eyes. And she was almost all the way looking at his profile, that small nose and freckles on his face. He was totally disheveled and he smelled very manly. Still she would love to bury her face in his chest.
– I suppose so, but it’s getting dark – he pointed to the sky – I don’t know, it’s weird – he drove in silence for a few seconds until he sighed and looked at her – Do you live alone? Or with your boyfriend?
– I live with Tifa – he looked at her without understanding – the girl who works with me. We live together.
– Really? Lucky that they have caught the two of you for the same job.
– Yes, we are very lucky – she smiled. He had no idea of how lucky she was feeling at that very moment.
– So… no boyfriend? – She shook her head – well, then I’ll be able to invite you to more ice cream the next day without fear of being hit.
– Huh? The next day? What do you… Why did you say that?
– If you don’t want it’s okay – he said looking at her, scared because she was almost screaming – I had a great time with you today, that’s all. And I like your smile – after telling that, Wawa’s smile became huge, clutching her face, stifling a cry of joy.
– Whenever you want, Kokubun-san.
– Call me Taichi – he said as he got a strand of her hair under the shawl, stroking his cheek before moving his hand again towards the wheel.
************************************************** ********************
Tifa turned around without looking at him and tried to grab her things from the table right where she was, but she couldn’t. She put a hand on the table to gain some impulse but she just grazed it with her fingertips, hearing Nagase laughing. Then she felt how he was setting behind her, reaching and catching her things, almost lying down on her back. She felt his warmth, she felt his body when he crushed her against the table. And after he left aside the makeup, she felt how he moved his hand towards the front of her body, putting his hand under her skirt, stroking her thigh, ending inside her panties.
– Why are you so provocative? – Tifa breathed hard, gripping the edge of the table with both hands as she felt Nagase’s fingers sinking between her labia, inside her vagina, moving them slowly.
– Nagase, what— She asked in surprise, but still she moved her ass, rubbing it with his crotch, feeling hornier than ever in her life.
– I turn you on, right? – He whispered in her ear as he masturbated her. She listened how he opened his fly – Or not?
– Yes, of course you do – she stifled a groan, it was hard to stand – but it’s just-
– I don’t care where we are, I just want to be inside you and you want it too. – the girl trembled from head to foot, feeling Nagase’s lips on her neck, his fingers touching her skin in a sensitive and expert way, getting wet. She repressed the moans grabbing the table until he pushed her forward, pulling her panties down and lifting her skirt – You better cover that mouth to keep yourself quiet because you are going to be dying to moan and scream for a while, sweetie.
She felt how he gently touched her with his cock and she couldn’t help her moans. And she felt how he was penetrating her slowly as a whisper came from Nagase’s lips. He grabbed her ass with one hand and put the other in her mouth, making her came closer to him, breathing down her neck as he get inside her body carefully. She felt every inch of his lover inside her, moving slowly. When he began to fuck her faster, he bit her neck, also suppressing his moans. Tifa was dying of pleasure and happiness to have him inside after wanting it for so long. Moments after she screamed against his hand that she was cumming, Nagase took his cock out of her body and placed her face up on the table.
– Spread your legs and take me deep like a good girl – and she did, delighted with how he behaved and the things he was saying. Tifa grabbed his erection, wet, hot and extremely hard, jerking him as she brushed his glans with her vagina.
– Do me harder, Tomoya… – she whispered when he put it again inside her body, leaning over her as he grabbed her hips.
Tifa put her hands on his cheeks and looked into his eyes as she felt him get to the bottom, bitting her lips until it hurt. She laid on the table as he stood up. She saw him swallow, closing his eyes and clasping his eyebrows with pleasure as he fucked her harder. Tifa masturbated herself while he was moving his hips against hers, whispering how much he loved it over and over again. After making her cum in a really intense way several times, he moved away, pulling her by the arm. She stand on her knees, on the floor. She didn’t ask, she just licked and get Nagase’s erection deep into her mouth, who groaned with pursed lips, grabbing her hair. He lean in the table with his hand while she swallowed his cum, grabbing his ass, looking how he has his lips half-opened as she realized that he hadn’t kissed her even once.
************************************************** ********************
Wawa didn’t want to get off the car, she didn’t want to say goodbye. She wanted him to enter her home, she wanted to prepare the dinner for him, making him falling in love with her madly. She wanted him in her sheets, she knew that more than ever. Taichi got out and opened the door, holding her hand to help her as she went out the car.
– You don’t need to do this – she said, actually delighted.
– Sure I do! that’s how you have to behave with a princess Wawa chan – he accompanied her to the foot of her home’s stairs, and she smiled without knowing how to say goodbye.
– See you on Wednesday, right? – She nodded – I’ll wait with eager. I’m going to miss my favorite smile.
– Thank you … Taichi-san.
She waved and went upstairs in a hurry, trying to open the door with the urge of scream at the top of her lungs. She also wanted to tell everything to Tifa soon. When she turned to say goodbye again, she gave a little jump back. Taichi was beside her and he placed a hand on her shoulder, kissing gently her cheek and smiling for the last time before going down the stairs and into his car. He hummed a song while Wawa looked at him with one hand where his lips had been. She went into her house, and after tightening the pillow against her face, she screamed.

[1] You are my dream, and you’re so handsome that I can hardly breath
[2] I can’t wait to feel you inside my body, touching your skin, feeling how you go crazy in my arms.


When she felt less hystericall, she looked in Tifa’s room but she hadn’t arrived yet. She hoped it was a good sign and maybe she would come also with good news. She remembered what had just happened and the conversation between Nagase and Taichi. Wawa bit her lip while preparing their dinner, worried. It seemed that Nagase was more angry than sad, so she hoped her friend would have comforted him. Tifa arrived an hour later.
– Wawa – she heard her speak, and just by listening the tone of her voice she knew something was happening. Wawa looked at her friend, who ran towards her arms, laughing like crazy.
– No way he kissed you … – said Wawa
– No, he didn’t do that – when Wawa looked at her friend more closely she saw the mark on her neck.
– What have you done?! Did you—!? Did you done… THAT!?!?!
– He took me by surprise at the table of kakeru, he’s been… so… – she screamed as Wawa covered her mouth with her hands.
– Really?! – Tifa nodded, Wawa grabbed her shoulders – Nooooooo waaaay!!!
– It was better than I imagined…
After Tifa’s description of what had happened and how he had offered to bring her to the house on his motorbike – moment that Tifa spent as if she was in heaven hugging his waist tighly – Wawa looked at her quizzically.
– And he didn’t kiss you even once?
– No, but it didn’t seem weird to me. I noticed at the end, … it was all so dirty…
– We’ve got absolutely nothing in common – Wawa said laughing.
– And what about you? Did you go to the match?
– Yes! And I saw him playing – she described her evening without omitting a thing while her friend smiled, softened with every detail that Taichi had with her – I can still feel his lips on my cheek – she said with her hand in the same place again.
– I’m not gonna tell you what I can feel if I close my eyes… – Tifa said, shivering.
– Tifa!!! – The two were laughing out loud, but Wawa became in a serious mood slowly – hey, did’t you hear the conversation he had with Taichi?
– No… Which conversation?
– On the phone
– He was talking with Taichi? I didn’t hear anything because I was away from him but he seemed angry … and a little sad.
– It’s just… please don’t get mad, Tifa. Apparently we saw his girlfriend with another guy.
– Whose girlfriend? – Tifa frowned more and more. Wawa didn’t want to talk about it but she felt she must.
– Nagase’s girlfriend was kissing another man when I arrived – Tifa was shocked by the news, assimilating it quietly and biting her nails. Until she sighed.
– You know what? I don’t mind. He could have a girlfriend or whatever but he fucked me and that’s what matters.
– Really?
– I mean it, but I’m worried because I don’t want him to be sad. If I made him feel better I see no problem, I even feel good because he was cheating that bitch with me. Besides, it was what I wanted from the beginning, sex with him.
– You have it easier than me … – Wawa said looking at her hands.
– Are you kidding me? Nagase just fucked me and that’s all.
– And that’s all?!
– It’s just sex. But you’ve been told that your smile is his favorite and Taichi treats you like a princess. I think you have more chances.
Tifa started pocking her friend on the side with a finger while giggling, making her blush. They made their dinner together, and ate quite happy and satisfied with how things were going. Once in bed, Wawa smiled hugging pillow with her eyes closed, recalling the sound of his voice and everything he had done that day, feeling extremely happy and felling asleep with a big smile on her face. However, Tifa could not sleep, she was glad because she had sex with him, and he also took her home in his bike. But she couldn’t help thinking about what had happened with his girlfriend. He felt bad because of that slut infidelity, and that’s why he used Tifa to feel better, there wasn’t another reason. He wasn’t really interested in her. And also, would he be ok? It took her a lot of effort to sleep, and when she made it, she didn’t rest.
            The following days were tiresome and slow until Wednesday arrived. They knew nothing about the guys until that day. The make-up and hair sessions went two by two as they did before, Mabo and Gussan first. Mabo was really serious and eager to end with that soon. Tifa smiled at him when their eyes met and he kinda smiled back but very briefly. Both girls were sure that under that attitude of cool and tough guy was a tender little heart. Gussan smiled at them while he looked stuff on his phone and they both looked at the door as soon as they heard a giggle. Taichi greeted them with that happiness that characterized him, entering with Leader and sitting when they finished with the other two. He looked at Wawa through the mirror and the girl looked back at him with a coy smile. Nagase get into the room yawning and flopping on the couch with one arm over his eyes, and Taichi immediately looked at Tifa raising his eyebrows repeatedly.
– Stop it… – Wawa said laughing, giving him a little push while Leader watched without understanding their secret codes. Tifa looked at him and then at Wawa, with a face that said ‘he knows’. When Leader was done, Tifa looked at Nagase.
– I’ve finished with Kokubun-san, call him – Wawa whispered while Taichi looked at them with happy eyes.
– Nagase-san – she called, but he did not seem to hear a thing. Gussan was on the phone and Leader went into the corridor with Mabo. So the girl went up to him and gently touched his shoulder – Nagase-san?
– Huh? – He removed the arm from where it was, looking sleepy. He smiled – Tifa-chan…
– Sit down please – she said smiling too and putting her hair behind her ears. When Nagase stood up she felt a strong desire to hug him, but she took a breath and went where Taichi was, making up him while Wawa combed Nagase’s hair.
– You seem nervous – Taichi whispered to Tifa, laughing as she looked at him feeling shy, and she wasn’t shy at all.
– I’m not… – she said while Wawa giggled.
– Let’s see what happens when you get into Kakeru’s set – Nagase laughed while Tifa was getting bright red.
– Kokubun-san! – Wawa laughed, covering her mouth.
– You won’t look at that table with the same eyes huh? – He said giving Nagase a push
– Shut up – he said trying not to laugh. They stayed silent, with the girls smiling.
– Wawa chan – Taichi said looking at the girl when Tifa finished with his make up – Don’t you think my hair it’s too long? It’s a bit annoying over here.
– Should I cut it? – He nodded so she took the scissors, standing in front of him – close your eyes, please – he closed them while his lips curved slightly into a smile as she trimmed his bangs. Every time she removed his cutted hair, she touched his face with her fingers. She didn’t notice but she stared at him spellbound, until Tifa giggled – Ok, you’re ready.
– Thanks sweetie – he said watching her very closely. Wawa wanted to kiss him so badly she even licked her lips – much better – He got up from his chair and looked around – we’re on our way – he told Nagase – you’ll join now, right?
– Yeah, just give a me a minute – Nagase said while rubbing his face before Tifa started to make-up him.
– Wawa chan, let’s go – Taichi said, leaving Tifa and Nagase alone in the room.
– You need to sleep more – Tifa told him, covering the dark circles beneath his eyes. He made a noise, nodding – Are you okay? –  he opened his eyes and looked at her. Tifa stare at him with the makeup in her hands, not moving a muscule.
– Tifa… about what happened the other day…
– I’m not going to say it to a single person if that’s what you’re asking. But Wawa knows.
– Ok – he shrugged – I also wanted to apologize.
– Why? – Nagase scratched his cheek looking aside, then he turned to look at her
– I won’t say I regret what we did because it would be a lie, but it was … I just heard about some stuff before we did… that,and I wanted… I just… – he didn’t know how to say that  he did it out of spite towards his girlfriend, but Tifa really appreciated his honesty. She smiled.
– I know. Wawa told me about your conversation with Taichi.
– And you’re not mad at me? – She shook her head.
– If that cheered you up, I’ll be always happy to help – he laughed, and when Tifa saw his smile that close she felt intensely how much she loved him – Maybe it’s not much, you won’t trust me or you already have someone better, but if you need to talk about anything I want you to know I’m here.
– Ahm … okay – They went together towards the set and she sat next to Wawa, who observed her sighing in a sad mood.
– What happened? – She whispered.
– Nothing important – Tifa answered, smiling reluctantly.
Wawa gave her a suspicious look but she didn’t asked because they didn’t talk about these issues in there. When they finished recording, after laughters and wrong kanji guessings, they cleaned up and left. When the girls went down the hall, they heard Taichi talking right behind them.
– What do you do when you’re with your friends and motorbikes?
– We test them, we make races… What do you want us to do with a motorcycle? – He was talking to Nagase and the girls walked a little more slowly – we’re gonna meet this weekend, join us!
– Men only?
– No, some of their wifes or girlfriends are always around.
– As long as she don’t show up… – they walked in silence for a few seconds.
– No, I highly doubt it.
– Then it’ll be worthwhile. Can I take someone with me?
– Is there anyone to bring? – Nagase’s voice sounded amused.
– Wawa chan! – Wawa stopped dead, her heart racing like insane – Do you have any plan for this weekend?
– No … Why? – She melted at his dazzling smile. She wondered how could he be that perfect, that beautiful. His happy eyes just made her fall in love with him over and over again. It was insane.
– Maybe you want to come with me to watch him racing – he said looking back at Nagase, who was looking at his phone.
– I would love to go with you – she said laughing uncontrollably.
– Perfect, give me your number and I’ll pick you at home.
Wawa smiled broadly as he said her telephone number to him. Tifa felt bad looking at them. Not jealous, it was more as if she was left behind. But she closed her lips, she wanted her friend to had a wonderful date with Taichi because she knew it would make her extremely happy. She’ll ask her to do some photos. They turned to enter in their workplace while hearing whispers behind their backs. Just before Tifa shut the door, Taichi stopped it with his hand.
– Hey, do you wanna come too? – He said. She wanted it more than anything in the world, but …
– I don’t know – Wawa looked at her with wide eyes, Tifa couldn’t help looking at Nagase’s reaction, who was focused on his mobile phone. Taichi realized and after looking at Nagase he looked back at her.
– Just come – he said raising an eyebrow with a wicked smile.
– If I’m not a bother I’ll go – she shrugged and said goodbye to the guys. A few minutes after they closed the door and when they were going to go home, Wawa grabbed her shoulder.
– What’s wrong with you? – She asked in a whisper.
– Nothing – Tifa lied – I just don’t want to be a third wheel. It is a date, you’re going to be together …
– I know you’re lying, look at your sad face!
– It’s nothing Wawa, I really mean it. It’s all good.
She picked up her things and left there. She never liked to talk about her problems with people. It was different on the Internet because they were written messages and she could control more or less what she wanted to say. Also, she didn’t want to cry in front of her friend. Wawa looked at her blankly. Tifa always had told her everything and had relied on her at bad times but now she wouldn’t tell what was wrong. And clearly something had happened while she and Taichi had left them alone.
– I think Nagase needs to talk to her – he said a few hours before, leaving the room.
– About what? – Wawa said, walking beside him, feeling in a cloud.
– It’s about the other day. He didn’t want to explain but he said he must had some words with Tifa. Sometimes he’s too private…
And apparently so was Tifa. And Wawa failed when she tried to guess her situation in the following days, even moments before Taichi came with his car on Sunday, although she was clearly discouraged. However, Wawa’s heart was overjoyed, despite she was sad because of her friend’s mood, she couldn’t do anything but feel happy. She didn’t know what to expect but everything was going so well it was scary. Days before, she determined that she would let things flow. When she felt the vibration of her phone they went out of the house and down stairs there was Taichi waiting for them. He was in shorts, with a normal t-shirt, but yet more handsome than ever.
– What a good company!! – Taichi said looking at them – Why did you come so pretty?
– Thanks Kokubun-san – Tifa said entering in the back of the car, closing the door after sitting. She winked at Wawa from the back seat.
– Princess … – Taichi said as he opened the door. Whenever Wawa was beside him, she could not help her smiles. – I’m glad you come with fresh clothes, Nagase says it’s very hot there.
– I hate heat – Tifa said looking out the window – I prefer winter a thousand times.
– I’m fine – Wawa said.
– I should have worn a dress like you, I’m going to evolve to a roast chicken – she wore a black tank top and tight blue jeans. Wawa was wearing a pastel pink gown with laces over the skirt.
– It’s very nice – Taichi said looking at her.
– I bought it in Shibuya, I’m glad you like it – she said. They looked, smiled and remained silent.
Tifa suspected that this lack of conversation was because they didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, because from time to time, she saw from where she was sitting how they looked each other giggling. It was so obvious that they liked each other it was ridiculous. They came to a disused airport and right there they had already mounted a tent with chairs and refrigerators. And a big group of motorcycles, large and expensive ones. Wawa pulled Tifa by the arm indicating where was ‘Tom’, because when he dressed to ride a motorcycle he was no longer Nagase.
– How is it that you’re not dying of heat? – Taichi said in greeting looking at his motorbike suit, all tight and black.
– Ah, I’m ok – that’s what he said, but under his cap he was sweating. He greeted them with a smile. Wawa looked at her friend, who smiled for the first time since Wednesday – if you want to put yourself out there, where are those dudes with cameras.
– Damn, at full sun – Taichi said
– I told you. And it’s so hot because of the asphalt. But if you want you can stay in the tent, it’s chilly. But you’re not going to see anything… here, take this for me – when Nagase took off his cap and let his hair down, Tifa aspirated and she didn’t let it out until a while later, when he was walking towards the bike with a helmet in his hand.
– Fuck, he’s hot… – she finally said releasing the air in a whisper. Wawa laughed at her friend who stayed spellbound. They sat on the floor, though Taichi brought a folding chair for Wawa. It was those lovely details what drove her crazy.
– Are you okay? Too hot? – He said while squatting beside her. From Wawa’s chair he was closely to her height, and really, really close. It’d have been so easy to kiss him…
– I’m fine.
– If you feel too hot just let me know and I bring something from the ice-box.
– But we haven’t paid anything – Taichi waved his hand
– And you won’t – she smiled and looked at Tifa. She was hugging her legs without taking her eyes from Nagase, biting her lip. Taichi looked at her too with a smile and put his arm over Wawa’s legs, making her gasp and giving Tifa a little push with Nagase’s cap on her arm.
– You hold it – Tifa took at it and quickly, she held it against her chest, staring at Nagase. He was stunning with his hair like that, talking and smiling with his friends so naturally. She’d love to be talking to him, wipping the sweat from his forehead while offering him a beer. But she had no choice but to stare at him from her sit with his cap in her hands. When she thought that anyone wasn’t looking, she put it close to her nose. She felt so excited just by smiling his scent, she let out a weird groan. He was wearing his helmet, sitting on the bike and starting it up. A guy poured water down over the rear wheel.
– Why do they do that? – Asked Wawa
– I have no idea – Taichi replied – maybe because of the tires… I guess. Don’t know much about bikes …
– You don’t know how to ride a motorcycle? – Wawa said looking at him trying to annoy him a little. Taichi looked at her pouting.
– I’m not as cool as Nagase with the motorcycles but I know how to do many things!
– I don’t think so … – Wawa said laughing. She pointed at Nagase – Look at him! kakoii…
– oh, really? Let him do an English test and let’s see who’s kakoii then. Did I say in English? In Japanese!!
– Don’t be angry Taichi kun – Wawa said – just kidding.
– Yeah – he crossed his arms – Nagase is always the cool, tall, handsome guy.
– But you … – Taichi looked at her, and she could not speak, blushing.
– What?
– Nothing – She looked away, red with embarrassment.
– If you were going to say something nice just say it, baka!
– I can’t! – She laughed and looked to the other side just as the acceleration noise of Nagase bike startled them.
He was burning tires as the bike accelerated, testing it, the sound of the engine, making a large cloud of white smoke when he finally started to move. Tifa stood up to see him better, with the cap still pressed against her chest.
– What if he falls? – she asked Taichi – he won’t get hurt, right?
– It won’t be the first time, for sure – Taichi said. Wawa was looking at her friend with a smile – You like him really much isn’t it?
– Very much … – Tifa said it without thinking, looking how Nagase turned back on the bike. Taichi grabbed Wawa’s arm and he came so close to the girl that she clenched on the chair.
– We must do something – he whispered while Wawa’s heart beat faster and faster – Nagase should fall in love with Tifa.
– Why do you want to help her? – She whispered. Their cheeks touched, so warm and soft… she wanted to kiss him. Badly.
– Because I can’t stand his girlfriend.
– Is he dating her, still?
– I think so, I don’t know, he doesn’t want to talk about it because he knows I don’t like her – Wawa sat straight when she saw Nagase approaching them, taking off his helmet – Did you win? – Taichi asked him – we couldn’t see it from here.
– No… but whatever. Have you heard how it sounded? I just fixed it, is one of the few bikes that I have with two seats.
– How many you’ve got? – Wawa asked.
– A few – he said smiling – let’s go under the tent, I’m gonna die here and I have to change my clothes – they followed him and sat in the shade
– I’m going for a cool drink, Do you want anything? – both nodded and Taichi went to the coolers. While the two girls were alone, Tifa grabbed Wawa’s hand while looking Nagase took off what he was wearing. He was right in front of her.
– When are you going to kiss him? – Wawa put her hands to her mouth, stifling a gasp.
– Me? Kiss him? – She laughed nervously – I can not …
– And why not? He’s not going to refuse.
– No, that’s … I would die from embarrassment! – She put her hands to her cheeks, laughing.
– Do not be silly, you caaaa… – Tifa raised her eyebrows with her mouth open when she saw Nagase staying in underpants, just in front of her. When Taichi arrived with the refreshments she shoved him away because she couldn’t see Nagase’s beautiful underwear, legs, ass and everything.
– What the…? – When Taichi realized about the situation he began to laugh like a fool, and those giggles became laughters when Tifa sat straight with her cheeks burning as soon as Nagase look at them – There was only these in the ice-box – Taichi said when he stopped laughing, giving them two strawberry soda – for you.
– What about you? – Wawa said – I can share it if you want.
– You don’t care? – She shook her head, smiling. Taichi approached the table again and returned with three straws, handing one to Tifa and putting the other two on Wawa’s soda – Thanks – he sat beside her, drinking slowly while waiting for Nagase. Taichi was distracted watching the bikes beside him and Wawa was distracted watching his face: his freckles, his dark hair, his cute nose and the wrinkles of his eyes. When he turned his face to drink from his straw, Wawa was also drinking and they brushed their noses. The girl choked. Her heart about to explode.
– Sorry! Are you okay? – He said patting her back as she coughed.
– What happened? – Nagase asked approaching them with a smile, wearing a white short-sleeve shirt and jeans – don’t kill her on your first date, Taichi.
– Eeeeh?! – Wawa choked again when she heard Nagase talking about her and Taichi as ‘first date’. It couldn’t be, it was too much. Tifa looked at her with a smirk, apparently she’d been aware of what had happened.
– I’m thirsty… – Nagase said, licking his lips.
– Well there’s nothing to drink, and these are ours – Taichi said squeezing his can against his chest.
– Eeeeeeh?! those bastards didn’t let me any beer?
– Drink what’s left if you want it – Tifa said to him, offering her can.
– Should I? – She nodded, looking at his hands while he was taking the drink.
– And take this too – she said after handing him his cap
– Ah, I was wondering where it was – he returned the can to her and took his cap, tossing his hair back to put it on. But he took it off, smelling it – Why does it smell so good?
– Maybe it has something to do with Tifa – Nagase looked at Taichi without understanding. He grab the cap from Nagase’s hands – She was holding it like this – and Taichi hold it to his chest, feigning a sigh of love, impersonating Tifa who wanted to crawl inside a hole. Nagase laughed a bit embarrassed, putting his cap back on and re-taking the soda that Tifa gave him – What do you want to do now? Are we going to dinner, Wawa chan?
– Huh? – she said – but I didn’t bring much money.
– Do not even think about it, I’ll invite you. – The girl smiled – are you coming Tifa?
– No – the girl looked at her feet, still embarrassed – I’ll go home.
– Really? – She nodded – then I’ll take you – Taichi said.
– No, no, no. I don’t want to bother again, I’ll take a taxi, don’t worry about me.
– Don’t be silly Tifa-chan!
– I shouldn’t have been here with you two in the first place. It would’ve been more comfortable for you to be alone. It was a date.
– That’s nonsense – Wawa said blushing and starting to get angry with her attitude.
– I can take you home – Nagase said after taking a last sip of soda – but I have to ask someone for another helmet.
– I don’t want to bother… – she felt anxious just by thinking about touching his body again – really I’m fine if I take a taxi.
– You’re no trouble – he spoke without looking into her eyes, which made her feel sad – I’ll be right back, give me a sec.
– So everyone’s happy! – Taichi said standing up and offering his hand to Wawa to also get up. She smiled and when he walked away she took a deep breath, looking at Tifa.
– Then I’ll see you at home? – She told Tifa, who nodded – don’t you ever say that you bother me. You don’t.
– My presence is annoying because if you were alone you’d behave in a different way.
– Cheer up, he’ll take you on his bike and it’s a long trip! – She nodded again, though she wasn’t cheerful at all.
– Tifa … – Wawa crouched at her side – tell me what happened. What did he told you when you were alone on Wednesday?
– Taichi is waiting in the car – she said – don’t make your boyfriend wait for too long.
– He’s not my boyfriend – she let out a smile as she got up – promise me you’ll tell me at home – Tifa shrugged and waved her hand.
– Have fun, and give him a kiss!.
– Shut up!! – Wawa looked back and saw Nagase looking at her, smiling with raised eyebrows. She almost run into the car.
– She likes Taichi that much? – Nagase asked.
– Yup! – Tifa stood up and grabbed the helmet he gave her, walking with him towards his bike.
She couldn’t stop thinking about how tall he was, looking at his wide back, thinking about kakeru’s table and what she felt that day. After a deep breath she put on his helmet, getting up in the bike. She hugged his waist and stucked to him as close as she could, wishing the way home to never end.
************************************************** ********************
– Do you mind if I pass by my house before we go to the restaurant? I forgot my wallet.
– If you’re going to invite me there’s no choice, right?
She was actually dying to see his house, it was so personal… she was enthusiastic about the idea. Whenever she was at his side, her cheeks ended aching because of smiles, everything was much better than she imagined. And it was hard to believe that he was inviting her to dinner. Everything was going very, very well. She didn’t want to have doubts about the situation but it was difficult, it was a dream came true… she shooked her head and got out from the car when it stopped outside a building.
– Taichi-chan! – Both turned at the voice of an older woman – Where have you been? I’ve been waiting over half an hour …
– Mom! Why didn’t you phone me? – Wawa froze where she was staring at the lady, who had the same pleasant smile he has. She didn’t know how to behave, whether to approach or get into the car again.
– And this girl? – His mother looked at her smiling – that’s one of the cutest face I’ve ever seen.
– Ah, it’s a co-worker, Wawa-chan.
– Nice to meet you – she said, bowing.
– I don’t want to interrupt your date, here – she gave Taichi a bag – I did it yesterday and I saved a little for you.
– Food? Thank you! – His mother smiled, running her hand through his hair.
– Yeah, I’m leaving. Be safe and have fun.
– Next time ring me – when the woman said goodbye to his son they entered the house, up in the elevator to the fourth floor. Only the size of the lounge was Wawa’s house.
– Oh my…
– Come in, don’t stand there. I have to look for it. I swear, I had it with me but it must felt somewhere. If you want to go to the rest room is that door over there, next to my bedroom.
Wawa moved closer to see it while he was looking around the house. There was a huge bed and a huge wardrobe, a desk and many soccer t-shirts on the walls, some of them signed. She was struck looking one of the Japanese National team, with many signatures.
– I’ve got it at London Olympics – he said startling her and leaving his phone in the cabinet in front of the girl – It made me really happy – he bent down to look under the bed, screaming happily when he found it. Just at that moment, his phone began to vibrate. A woman’s name appeared on the screen – Who is it now? – When Taichi looked at the phone, his expression changed and he got nervous – wait here a moment.
He came out and closed the door. Wawa didn’t know who would be but she was important enough to left her alone without any explanation. She didn’t like it, but again she shook her head trying to stay positive. He returned about ten minutes later, apologizing. He smiled at her in such a lovely way that she forgot her concerns. But just before leaving the house, Wawa noticed the slippers beside Taichi’s ones. They were pink and small, really girly.
************************************************** ********************
When they stopped at the traffic light, Nagase lifted his helmet’s visor and turned to ask Tifa if she was okay. She nodded, staring at his profile, his thick lips curving into a smile. He slaped her hands softly. Despite being clutched to his chest, the feel of his hands in hers made her heart leap wildly in her chest. When they got home she went down the bike reluctantly.
– Thanks Nagase-san –she said giving his helmet back.
– What do you do now? – Tifa looked at him feeling that hope she was trying to avoid at all costs. She didn’t want to have any fake expectations with him.
– I have to buy food. Our fridge is empty.
– Need a lift?
– It’s right there – she pointed across the street.
– I’ll go with you anyway, that drink has given me more thirst. I’m dying for a beer.
He got off the bike and walked with her, pushing the cart while she was taking things. They looked like a married couple. She didn’t want to think about that kind of stuff, though she was smiling like an idiot. When she tried to pay, Nagase stood in front of her, giving the beer to the cashier, taking out his credit card. He turned a deaf ear to her complaints and paid her purchases too.
– A gift because of coming to see me today – he said as an excuse.
– Gift? What a nonsense … – he grabbed both bags and left the mall – Give me one, they are heavy.
– Meh… Which one is your house?
She took him to the door, trying to take a bag from him before climbing the stairs, but he ignored her again. She opened the door and he entered without permission, taking off his shoes pulling the heels with his toes. He left the bags on the kitchen floor.
– Wooh! – he said tired but smiling – can I go to the bathroom before I go?
Tifa told him to get into the door next to the exit, it was a tiny bathroom but it has all the necessary. She got into her room – which was right opposite the bathroom – to drop her things, switching on her computer. It made a very strange noise and crashed. Tifa sat in the chair but even though she touched everywhere it didn’t react. Nagase went into her room.
– Do you know why did it crushed?
– What’s wrong? – Tifa explained it while Nagase crouched beside her trying to fix it without success – If this light is not on… – he said standing beside her – press restart button, I can’t give you other solution.
When Tifa looked to her side she met Nagase’s fly dangerously close to her face. He didn’t realize because he was watching some computer games she had on the shelf above, but Tifa was feeling that the temptation was too big to handle.
************************************************** ********************
Wawa got into the car, overthinking about what just happened. The shoes could be from a visit made by his mother or some relative, but she kept thinking about a secret girlfriend. And the woman on phone could be his manager perfectly. She had to stop thinking that way, that negative attitude was not going to help the conquer of Taichi’s heart. Suddenly, she felt him looking at her and realized it was a while since she was minding her own business in silence. He didn’t even started the engine of the car.
– Are you ok? – Taichi said. She tried to find an answer that wasn’t the truth.
– I’m worried about Tifa – that was true. But more like a half truth…
– Would you like to eat with her?
– But she said she didn’t want to.
– We can meet another day, the two of us. If she needs it you should be by her side, right? – If Taichi was thinking about second dates she had nothing to worry about. A big smile appeared on her face.
– You can stay for dinner at home, if you want.
– Food prepared by you? I love homemade food!! – his smile was so happy ¡she felt a nice and comfortable warmth in her heart.
– I know you love eatting… – She smiled wider. All doubts disappeared from Wawa’s mind.
When they get home, they looked each other. Nagase’s bike was still there.
************************************************** ********************
A few moments earlier, Tifa was torn between her instincts and what her rational mind told her. She couldn’t look away from his fly, it was impossible.
– I love this game! I lost it and I didn’t play since then… ow, but it’s in Spanish…
– Nagase, did you really like what happened on Saturday? – She forced herself to look at his face. He nodded, looking back to the games, with an expression she couldn’t read.
She took a deep breath and got up from the chair, going to the kitchen and trying to sort things with trembling hands. She heard him approaching her as she was storing things in the fridge.
– Can you give me my beer?
– Ah, yes, in which bag was it? – Tifa hunched looking for the can, Nagase didn’t answer. She looked over her shoulder and saw him staring at her butt. With a smirk, she found the can and offered it. But he made no attempt to catch it – What…?
He was so serious, he almost looked angry, upset, or something like that. And it was precisely that wild glare what made Tifa’s body shivers with lust. Nagase took the can from her hands getting closer to her and placed it on the counter, pushing her against the wall while looking at her lips. He grabbed her chin, stroking her skin with his mouth, from chin to neck, grabbing her butt with the other hand.
– I don’t recognize myself anymore – he whispered softly – I shouldn’t be doing this.
– Tomoya… – she whispered too, stroking eagerly his crotch – do me whatever you want… – she took off his cap and ran her fingers through his black hair as she felt his lips on her neck.
Tifa took off his belt, unzipped his fly, pulled down his pants and underwear and admired what she found. She took a hand under his shirt, stroking his chest as she slowly masturbated him with the other hand. Nagase stared into her eyes, putting his thumb over her lips and removing her pants and underwear with the other hand. Tifa knelt before him, making him lean against the kitchen. She stroked his cock with her lips and tongue, slowly, grabbing it with her hand. But as soon as she heard his first moan, she started sucking, sticking it to her throat, moving her tongue against his smooth and hot skin.
She saw him raising a hand to his mouth, stifling a groan, looking at her moaning with pleasure. He grabbed her shoulders to lift her and took Tifa by the waist, sitting her on the kitchen counter and looking into her eyes as he shoved two fingers inside the girl’s body. He reached down between Tifa’s tights, licking her warm and sweet skin, causing her tremors of pleasure. He was being so rough with his fingers that Tifa had to grab his shirt with both hands, stifling a scream. But despite how harsh he was, he moved his fingers in the right way, nonstop, and continued until they were soaked. He heard her moans and she heard his pervert whispers as he tasted her. After that, he make her going down from where she was, and grabbed her inner tight with both hands, penetrating her harshly from the back. Although the first thrusts were painful, it didn’t take long to make her reach the first orgasm. She felt him entry forcibly into her body, filling her with his thick and wet cock. When Nagase licked her neck, fucking Tifa even harder, and as she begged for more, she heard giggles and footsteps on the stairs of her house. She banged his hands.
– What, what happens? Does it hurt? – He said breathlessly, moving slowly inside her as he kissed her cheek. Tifa shook her ass for a few seconds squeezing against him, biting her lip as she felt him deep inside. Until she heard the giggle again.
– Get dressed! They are at the door! – She pushed him away, putting on her panties and trousers. Nagase looked at her, confused, still with a huge erection – get in the bathroom – without getting the pants completely on, he run towards the restroom and closed the door just as Wawa opened the street one. As an excuse to her weird breathing, Tifa took the bag that was fuller and lifted it over the kitchen counter when her friend greeted her.
– Did you go to the shop by yourself? It’s a huge bag!
– Fuf! – She said panting and stroking her forehead – I know. Luckily, Nagase helped me – she filled up a glass of water and drank a sip, trying to breath and stand; her legs were shaking.
– Where is he?
– In the bathroom, what are you doing here? – she picked up his cap from the floor.
– Taichi-san wants to save money so he’s going to dinner at home.
– Liar! you’ve invited me! – He said as he pocked Wawa’s waist with a finger. The girl gave a little jump and giggled.
– Sit over there Taichi-san. And you, let me help – she told Tifa.
Wawa stood by her side to store things. When Nagase left the bathroom five minutes later and went to the kitchen looking for his beer, he glanced briefly at Tifa with a smirk. The girl couldn’t help giggling when he smelt his cap before putting it on. She turned back and tried to hold her laugh, but seeing Wawa look blankly at her caused her burst into laughter.
– What is it? – She whispered amused and relieved by the change of Tifa’s mood.
– Nothing, I’ll tell you later.
– But… – Tifa looked at her with a mischievous smile, rising an eyebrow – Tell me you didn’t have done it where we cook – Wawa whispered in her ear.
– Okay. I won’t tell you then. But you’ll want to know the details.
Wawa hit her shoulder several times and pushed her, making her laughters louder. When they looked at Nagase, he ran his hand over his mouth trying not to laugh as well. Taichi was so into the football match on tv that he didn’t hear anything.
 – Nagase-san – Wawa said – you stay for dinner, right?
– If there’s no problem …
– Of course not – The girls looked each other.
– Pffffff! – Was all Tifa could say before her legs loosen from laughters. At that point, even Nagase was laughing, what causes the girls laughing harder.
– Oe, oe, what happens? – Taichi said giggling.
– Nothing Taichi-kun… – Tifa said, giving them a Spanish raw ham dish that her mother had sent her – this is called tapas in Spain. It’s a little amount of food we eat before lunch or dinner. If you don’t like it, I’ll stop speaking at you guys. I mean it.
But there was no problem with the food. Almost simultaneously they both said ‘umai!!‘ Making the girls laugh. Wawa prepared Nasi Lemak, rice with coconut milk, a traditional Malaysian food. And Tifa helped as she could, obeying her orders. Once they had the food ready, they served it and sat with them. Their table was small but four people fit well. Tifa sat next to Taichi, front by front to Nagase so she can look at him better.Wawa looked Taichi eating her food, sitting in front of him, nervous and anxious because maybe he didn’t like it. But she felt relieved to see him smiling and squeezing his eyes, wrinkling that little nose as cute as a button he had.
– You like it? – She asked anyway.
– I love it! – He said gobbling.
– I could eat this every day! – Nagase said.
– You shut up! you already have a girlfriend who cooks for you – Taichi replied. Nagase’s smile became an awkward gesture and focused on his dish without looking at them. Wawa kicked Taichi below the table moving her head pointing Tifa – …or had? But there’s always someone who will cook for you.
– Well, you’ve got your mother’s food. You can’t complain – Wawa said.
– She was just in time, huh?
– In time? – Tifa asked trying not to think about Nagase’s girlfriend who she didn’t know but already hate with all her might. Wawa told him about Taichi’s mother.
– So you’ve gone to his place? That’s cool … – Tifa told her with a smile.
– Hey, you have me intrigued. How is that two girls who are from different countries live here together? – Taichi asked.
– It’s a long story … – Tifa said.
– I’m curious too – Nagase said – also, you are Tokio fans and I’m still wondering how it is possible that you know us if we don’t sell abroad.
– We know that. We’ve noticed – Tifa replied with a faked ironic smile.
– It’s not our fault – Taichi said – Leader is willing to do a world tour, but Johnny san won’t let us.
– Now that we are here don’t you dare to leave – Wawa said laughing – Summing it a lot, we met you on the Internet, we also met each other online and here we are.
– Are you here for us? – Nagase asked. The girls looked each other. If they said yes it was going to sound extreme, but they didn’t knew how to answer truthfully without sound weird – I think it’s the first time some fans moves from their country to be closer to us.
– You can’t know it baka, you’ve got a lot of fans – Tifa said.
She was talking a little more serious than usual but she was upset with him. Not because he had a girlfriend, she doesn’t care (much) as he get carried away following his sexual impulses. It was because his girlfriend had cheated him and he had returned to her.
– So you are Tokio fans? – Taichi asked after a while when their plates were almost empty. They nodded – Just our music?
– Not really, sometimes we have more fun with dash and kakeru than watching your concerts – Wawa said.
– And the dramas, of course – Tifa said.
– She has watched almost all your dramas – Wawa told Nagase – she even has a jacket from—
– Shut up! – Tifa said throwing her napkin to Wawa’s face.
– From what? – Nagase asked curiously.
– From nothing – Tifa said getting up and taking her plate to the sink.
– What did I…? – Wawa gestured with her hands looking at Nagase and whispered
– She’s just embarrassed – But Tifa went to her room. Wawa looked worriedly at her.
– Maybe she’s angry with me – Nagase said
– Why? – Taichi asked. Nagase grimaced and stood up.
– Should I talk to her? – He asked Wawa. She nodded.
– Go while I serve you some dessert.
– You even have dessert?! You’ve just made the happiest man in the world – Taichi said.
With a huge smile, Wawa went for it. Taichi didn’t know how important it was what he had said. And he also liked her food… it was like a dream come true. While her friend was smiling nonstop, Tifa relit her computer, sighing relieved when it finally started like it usually does. She heard a knock at her back and turned to see Nagase.
– Tifa – he came in, moving his cap to the side to talk to her – Are you angry with me because … of my girlfriend?
– Not exactly – Nagase licked his lips quickly looking at her, confused – I don’t care if you have a girlfriend. I’m nobody, I can’t be angry about that.
– But… – Tifa felt and saw how he looked at her breasts, gawking. Until he looked again into her eyes, smiling, a bit embarrassed- See? I just don’t know why I can’t hold myself with you.
– You won’t hear a complain from me – she said smiling. When Nagase laughed she sighed.
– But something happens… you’re not upset? – she wanted to scream ‘I love you!’ but…
– There are things I don’t understand and I get angry, but they’re none of my bussiness anyway.
– Tell me. If I’m involved I wanna know
– Can I talk to you honestly? – Nagase nodded, sitting on the edge of Tifa’s bed, right in front of her – as I told you, I don’t care if you’ve got a girlfriend, what pisses me off is that you get back with a person who cuckolded you… and you shouldn’t behave like this for anyone.
– I’ve cuckolded her too. With you. Twice. – he said, and Tifa felt that he was a bit annoyed.
– But that was a revenge, we both know it. – she though about what happened that day, ‘was that a revenge too?’ – Anyway, I won’t tell you what to do. But you deserve a better person. And no, I’m not talking about me, don’t think I’m trying to take your girlfriend’s place.
– You won’t be my girlfriend if I ask you? I mean, You’re better off just having sex? – She didn’t know what he meant with that question and she didn’t know if she should be completely honest. She didn’t want to scare him.
– Whenever you want to touch me, talk to me or whatever, I’ll be right here. I told you. – Nagase put a pout and nodded – but I want to ask you one thing – she said looking at his lips – Why don’t you kiss me?
– Well – he moved uncomfortably – I think a kiss is only given if there are feelings involved. Real feelings.
– Oh, okay – she wasn’t expecting that answer, and it hurt to hear that he felt nothing for her. She already knew but… it hurt.
Meanwhile, Wawa was serving Taichi a pudding with cream that she and Tifa did the day before. He ate it with the same joy he has when eating his lunch and she could not stop looking at him licking his lips, thinking that his mouth had to taste like caramel. Caramel, vanilla and cinnamon. She sighed and he looked at her.
– You don’t want some? – He said without swallowing what he had in his mouth. Wawa laughed and shook her head. Taichi stared curiously – Can I ask you something?
– Yes, of course.
– Will I be able to see your hair someday?
– Eh?! Taichi, that … You can’t ask me things like that.
– Why? I’m curious!
– Some things must happen before.
– What kind of things?
– What kind of— …oh, don’t ask – she couldn’t look at him. She couldn’t talk about these things with him.
– I was thinking that if you’re cute with the shawl on, without it you must be beautiful. With your hair over your shoulders… – Wawa looked at him, speechless.
He looked at her with a nice smile, watching her face closely. His fingers brushed the girl’s hand, Wawa couldn’t think clearly. She looked at his pleasant smile, at his face that invited her to kiss him. His black hair that gave him the aspect of being younger than he was, but especially her brown and friendly eyes, always full of light and happiness. He was just perfect… Taichi leaned over the table, his face close to hers.
– Wh-wha- what are you doing? – she asked
– That mole is so cute – he said pocking her nose with a finger right where she had a mole – I want to know if you have more where I can’t see them…
Wawa was petrified. She could only stare at him, so excited she though she was shaking. Taichi caressed her with that same finger down her cheek, her chin, her lips. She looked into his eyes, he looked into hers. She didn’t know what he was thinking but he was smiling at her, so close she could almost feel his breath.
– You won’t understand anything… – Tifa said coming out from her room. Taichi sat back and continued eating the pudding, giggling. Wawa was unable to move.
– I don’t care, I miss this game. I loved it. Do you play online or something?
– Yes, of course. Diablo III and Call of Duty Online. But I have no one to play because my friends got bored soon.
Call of Duty Online?! Play with me! You’ll find me by 78Tom47, write it down or you’ll forget.
– I doubt it – Tifa said sitting down and smiling slightly when she saw the pudding – Tom47 is the number of your suit when you ride your bike and the 78 is your year of birth. It’s really easy…
– Wow … – Nagase looked at her with a smirk.
– I’m TifaKurosaki, I’ll send you a message or something. Now eat what we’ve done with love. – She looked at her friend who was looking at her hands.
Tifa tapped her foot under the table. When she looked, Wawa seemed to come out of the world she was. But she couldn’t look at Taichi. Had they almost kissed? Was it real, or just her imagination?


– Thank you for everything – the guys said at the door moments later.
– You weren’t a nuisance actually – Tifa said, smiling.
– I’ll call you, okay? – Taichi said to Wawa. The girl nodded with a weird smile.
They looked down the stairs, watching Taichi getting in his car and Nagase up on his motorcycle. The girls said goodbye a last time and they and went into the house. As Wawa closed the door, Tifa grabbed her hand and sat on the couch.
– What happened between you two?
– He was saying things… I just can’t repeat it! He asked about my hair and touched my nose, and he was so close when you came out of the room.
– How close?
– Very close – Wawa snorted, fanning herself with her hand. Tifa smiled broadly as Wawa told her everything in detail. She was really happy for her.
– You did almost all the way through his heart! This guy goes for what he wants, huh?
– And now I don’t know what to do! – Wawa said smiling.
– Do nothing. Let him do all the job. It’s what I do and it works for me.
– Oh, oh! – Wawa started to jump on her seat when she rememberd what she found that evening – What happened today? Did you do it again? Seriously?
– Oh yes, seriously – the girls laughed and continued talking about their day.
In the meantime, they cleaned up the living room and scrubbed the dishes, wearing comfortable clothes. When Tifa was going to her room she realized Nagase had left the game in the table, so she let it in her room. They said good night each other and went to bed, because next day they had to work. Just when Wawa closed the door of her room. the bell rang. Tifa stared the front door and heard her surprised friend opening hers, with the same expression she has. Tifa opened, just sticking out her head because she was in shorts.
– What are you doing here? – She said with a smile she could not help.
– Hello again – it was Nagase, he has nice clothes on and smelled so good that it was hard to think – I forgot the game and as I was going out I passed by to pick it up.
– Oh yes, wait a sec – she saw her friend peekeing from her room, she was also in pajamas and she was much more shy than her. Besides she wasn’t wearing the shawl. She picked up the game and gave it to him.
– Were you sleeping? I know that tomorrow morning you’ve gotta work and I didn’t want to bother, but I really wanna play…
– No, no. I was awake – She couldn’t help but smile like a fool.
– By the way, give me your phone and I’ll send you a message when I can play online. I guess you have the afternoons free, right? – Tifa nodded and said her phone number smiling even more. She couldn’t stop thinking about how handsome he was. When she saw him looking at her legs, she didn’t think twice.
– Ahmm, would you like to came in and—
– Naaagaaaseeeee!! What’s taking that much!? – It was a female voice. It came from below followed by an insistent horn chirp. Tifa’s smile faded.
– Sorry Tifa-chan, another day. See you Wednesday.
He went down stairs smiling, hastily apologizing like crazy with that woman and getting into his car. Female protests reached her and Nagase’s laughter too. She went directly to her room, ignoring Wawa’s questions. She got into bed and covered her head, wishing that it was day time soon. The nights were too long.
            And for Wawa, the days were too short now that Taichi was texting her asking how was her day. She shared her joy with Tifa, who didn’t want to talk about Nagase’s visit from last night. The only thing she said was that he wanted the game and nothing else. And even though from time to time she looked more quiet than usual, she always wanted to know everything that Taichi was asking her, hopping with joy every time he wrote something nice. On Monday evening, he sent a picture from Dash island of himself, all wet and with a huge shell on his hand. They were dying of envy. But it wasn’t until Tuesday that she get a surprise as well as a concern. They had returned from work and Wawa was in her room, from where she heard Tifa’s commands and yells while playing video games with Nagase. When her phone rang she looked at it without knowing what to do. Until she answered.
– Taichi-san?
– Hello – his voice sounded strange – I have a favor to ask, if you could.
– What is it? – Said she worried.
– My mother has gone away on holidays and no one is around. I feel like I’m gonna get sick, would you go to the drugstore and get me something to keep me from getting worse, please?
– I’m coming, just give ten minutes – she said jumping up from the chair, dressing and holding the phone. She heard him sneezing.
– Do you remember how to get to my house?
– I remember the address.
– Thank you Wawa chan.
When she hunged, she finished dressing, took money, a purse and looked in Tifa’s room to see her benting over the computer with huge headphones which has a microphone.
– Fuck my life!! Kill that fucking camper[1]back there. I’m tired of his shit!!
– Tifa… – Wawa said gently, not wanting to scare her because she couldn’t hear anything from the real world. It was amazing how many bad words were coming out of her mouth while playing.
– Can’t you see him? are you blind or something?! Just go back! Finally! Thank you! – Wawa could hear Nagase’s voice from the other side of the headphones, she really had it loud – ok, ok, I’ll calm down –she said laughing – sorry Tomo-chan.
– Tiiiiiifaaaaaaa! – She tried it turning on and off the light, and it seemed to work.
– Wait here, Wawa calls me. Stay hidden and don’t get killed for God sake – she dropped the headphones and turned her chair, looking at her.
– Now you call him Tomo-chan?
– Did I? – she said scared – omg I didn’t want to… what would he think?! – Wawa laughed of her terrified face.
– Taichi is sick and and he needs me to do him a favor – Tifa raised an eyebrow.
– A favor? Huhuhuhuhuuu…
– Not that kind of favor! – She said blushing.
– Well, you’ll tell me everything. I’ve gotta go back with my man, he needs me – she said pointing to the screen – I love to hear him whining and squealing.
Wawa laughed and let them play alone. She was walking through the door when she heard her friend saying, ‘Didn’t I told you to stay hidden?!’ Tifa had great time playing alone, but since she played with Nagase it was much better. She even looked happier.
            First of all, Wawa went to the pharmacy and then she took a taxi to Taichi’s house. She had no idea of how she would manage to be with him without having some kind of seizure, the two of them alone at home… From the moment he asked for help she didn’t hesitate. She was dying to take care of him and when he opened the door, she wanted to hug him. He was disheveled, his nose was red and even though the temperatures were rather high, he had a blanket around his body.
– Hi – he said smiling bewildered – come in please.
– Do you have fever? – She looked at him worried. She wanted to touch his forehead but she was so nervous she didn’t.
– Not right now, that’s why I asked you to bring me medicine. Just tell me how much I owe you.
– Don’t be silly – she said sitting with him on the couch, taking some pills and giving them to him – How did you caught this cold?
– Probably because yesterday I spent the night with wet clothes and cold wind rose on the island. I took a hot shower as soon as I arrived, but I’ve gotten cold in the body. I have to be ok for tomorrow’s kakeru.
– Don’t force yourself. 
– I can’t be sick… I’ve got to work…
– Do you have some hot meal? Would you like me to do something for you?
– Do not bother, really.
– No trouble, you silly boy – she said, rising, going to the kitchen to make a vegetables broth – if you don’t eat well you won’t get better.
She was so happy taking care of him she couldn’t help but smile while cooking. She heard him sneezing from time to time, and every time she looked at him, he was half asleep, watching TV, and blowing his nose with a handkerchief. She left the vegetables boiling to see if he needed anything.
– Huh? – Was his answer – I’m fine. But it’s hot in here now… – he said removing the blanket. Wawa covered him again with it.
– Don’t. You have to sweat to get better.
– But I don’t have fever… – Wawa approached him, not sure what she was doing. She put her hand on his forehead, brushing his hair back.
– Do you have a thermometer? – She said. He looked at her with a cute smile.
– Up there in the cabinet – she got up and took it, Taichi lifted his arm and she put it inside his shirt, feeling how badly her pulse trembled. She placed it under his armpit.
– Tighten the arm against it so it won’t move.
– Thank you so much for your trouble – when she moved her hand from inside his shirt Taichi grabbed with it. Wawa looked at his hand, huge in comparison. How could he have such big hands being so short?
– It’s no bother, really – she said almost in a whisper. She was so nervous she couldn’t even laugh as she always did with him. He was silent, looking into her eyes, turning his gaze to her mouth, who felt like screaming.
– The food is going to get burn – Wawa didn’t move, she couldn’t. When she stood, perhaps too quickly, she went to the kitchen.
She cooked while suppressing the nervous cries she accumulated in her throat every time she remembered Taichi’s eyes into hers. Despite being sick he was still handsome as always. He drank a bowl of broth smiling. When he almost finished it, his phone started to rang.
– Can you pick it up saying I’m too sick to talk? – He asked Wawa. She looked and saw the woman’s name again.
– Do you really want me to do that? It’s Azuki san – he nodded, Wawa swallowed and answered – Moshi moshi? – She get silence as an answer.
************************************************** ********************
Tifa-chan, you’re a bit scary – Nagase said laughing. They were making a break between games for dinner, but still talking.
– Sorry! I get stressed playing video games, I’ve always been.
– You get stressed? Sometimes you sound like an angry yakuza.
– I’ll take that as a compliment – He laughed again.
Yeah of course, why not. By the way, I couldn’t play the game you lent me because I understand nothing.
– I told you – she said swallowing her ramen – I don’t understand why don’t you buy it again, it’s not that you have a lack of money…
– I’m lazy, what can I say. So you’ll have to help me understand the basic words because otherwise it will be impossible to play.
– I’ll help you in whatever you want but it will be impossible anyway.
Ahhh?! You don’t trust my language skills?
– Your language skills? I’m sorry but no – He cracked up and it sounded as he had spit the food. Tifa laughed too when she heard him coughing – Tomo-chan, please don’t die. I have no money to get rid of prison for killing you – Nagase laughed again. After that, they were few seconds in silence.
Why do you call me Tomo-chan? – She was silent, her face getting all red and beating her forehead with her hands. She felt stupid – not that I mind, is just you’re the second person in my life who calls me that.
– I’m not sure if I want to know who is the other… – she said.
My mother – Tifa laughed helplessly.
– Are you kidding me?!
I love to chat and play with you. It’s as if we knew each other of a lifetime. – Tifa felt her heart pounding in her chest like insane – I think you’re the first woman who is my friend. It never happened to me before – he said while eating.
– Well … I’m glad to be your friend. I really am – she was happy, but at the same time it was a bummer. She sighed and smiled – You just like chat and play games? Is there anything else you like to do with me? Or… to me? – She heard him chuckle.
Do I have to answer? Really? It’s not obvious? – She sighed again. She didn’t want to talk about that but she did. It was a difficult situation.
– Well, you want to kill some bastards or are you tired? – She heard nothing on the other side – Nagase? – When she heard him sighting, her heart jumped on her chest.
No, I have to go. Tomorrow I’ve gotta work and I have to sleep more as you told the other day.
– Yeah, true – she said, afraid because maybe she upset him – See you tomorrow then.
Ja ne, Tifa chan – If someone were with her in the room, they could read her lips perfectly as they said with no sound ‘Aishiteru, Tomo-chan’.
************************************************** ********************
Who are you? – Finally a voice on the other side of the line.
– Ahm… – Wawa looked at Taichi, nervous – I’m Wawa, a Kokubun-san’s coworker. He is sick and can’t answer now, but I can leave the message from you.
Co-worker? – That woman fell silent again – What are you doing there!? – She looked at Taichi, who snorted and took the phone from her hands, turning it off.
Wawa wanted to ask who she was, she wanted to know. But at the same time didn’t want to, she was afraid of the answer. That woman demanded some explanations… just as she was a girlfriend. Or ex-girlfriend. Taichi dropped the bowl with the rests of broth at the table, and lay on the couch while whining, with his head on girl’s legs. He wasn’t looking at her, he watched tv, but she felt extremely nervous and excited. She didn’t move a muscle, just looking at his profile. She was feeling such an intense love she ended stroking his hair while Taichi had his eyes closed. She ran her fingertips down his cheek, brushing the strands from his face to watch him better. It felt so good watching him, being at his side. She was happy. Suddenly her stomach growled and Taichi laughed at her.
– Why don’t you eat too? – He said turning, looking into her eyes.
– No, no. What is left is for you – She said – I’ll eat at home.
– Ow, it must be evening already and you’ve got to get up early tomorrow.
– Yes, well. It’s okay.
– No… – he sat on the couch. Wawa’s legs were warm, as her heart – I also have to get up early. And I feel much better, thanks for everything – he smiled. Wawa stared at his freckles, his beautiful smile.
– If you need anything else do not hesitate to call me, okay? And if you get worse too – she said as she stood up.
– No, I’m fine. The cold and headache are gone. I have only a little stuffy nose and tomorrow with Tifa’s makeup no one will notice if I’m sick or not.
– Okay then… – Taichi walked her to the door, where she put her shoes back and smiled nervously, clutching the handle of her bag with both hands – I’ll see you tomorrow.
– Thank you, sweetheart.
It happened before she could even think about it. Taichi put his fingers on her chin and leaned, giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. Wawa breathed in surprise, clutching the bag so hard she dug her nails into the palms of her hands. His lips were warm and the kiss felt as caress. He was so sweet she melted, she was on a cloud. And when he looked at her, smiling, she wanted to jump into his arms. But she couldn’t move. She took the elevator with her heart fully accelerated, got into the taxi wanting to scream but she hold it until she opened the door of her house and saw Tifa peeking from her bedroom.
– Oh my, oh my, oh my – Wawa said looking at her, hopping hysterically.
– What? What is it? – Tifa said laughing
– I have…, he, OMG Tifa! – She put her hands to her face and cried out in the top of her lungs.
– Shushh!! Did you kiss him? – She said gripping her shoulders. Wawa wanted to nod but she was so nervous she didn’t know what to do with herself.
– And how I’m going to look at him tomorrow?!
– With those beautiful eyes you have! – Tifa hugged her – Did he say I love you or something?
– No! – Just thinking about it made her feel hysterical.
They keep on with that fangirl mood the rest of the night and next morning Wawa was still excited about what happened last night so she couldn’t stop smiling. And Tifa smiled every time she looked at her, infected with her happiness. So when they meet the boys it was with an amazing happy mood. To their surprise, the first to enter was Taichi, which as always walked happily to his chair, looking only at Wawa, as if Tifa didn’t exist. And Wawa couldn’t help but laugh like a fool, so the others looked as if they had lost something funny.
– Tifa, please, do your best with your make up today – Taichi said.
– You’re face is not that bad – Wawa said – yesterday you were worst – the boys looked  at them surprised. Wawa feared she had said too much.
– Yesterday I was dying – he laughed. Wawa looked at Tifa smiling at her while she put Taichi’s makeup.
– Girls – Mabo said suddenly as Wawa did his hair – if you had to choose which is best: dinner at home, or go out to eat and take a walk?
– Taking a walk – said Wawa
– Go to his home – Tifa said. The girls looked each other and laughed, each had a very different view about relationships – I think it depends on the perspective the girl has on you. If it’s the first date, you better take her for a walk – Mabo nodded.
– Because she could misunderstand my intentions, right? – He said raising an eyebrow. Tifa nodded, giggling.
– Maybe you shouldn’t listen to my advices since my mindset is not like that of a Japanese …
– You’re right – Nagase told her with a smirk as she approached him with the make-up – your mindset differs from every woman I ever met.
– Is that a good thing or not? I’m confused – Tifa said laughing with the boys
– Don’t get me wrong – he said, closing his eyes as she began to make him up – it’s more a compliment than anything else.
– Don’t you like the mentality of Japanese girls or what?
– They are complicated – Taichi said rubbing his eyes with his hands – and demanding.
– I bet it’s not that bad… – Wawa said. The five boys snorted and chuckled.
– You haven’t met many Japanese girls right? – Gussan said – they’re always demanding to be the center of attention, and you always have to be showing your love with gifts and stuff – the boys nooded.
– That’s a bit materialistic – Tifa said – Sometimes a glance is more than enough to show what you feel. If I were having things all the time I’d suspect.
– But certainly you won’t say no to gifts – Leader said
– It depends, if they’re excessive I would not accept them. Like an apartment, a car or something like that – She looked away just a moment from Nagase and when she looked again, she found him looking at him the phone, upset.
– It’s everything ok? – She whispered while the others chatted. Nagase looked up from his phone in a way she had to swallow. His glare always made her heart trembles. He nodded without looking at her, put the phone in his pocket and sighed.
When they went to the set, a while after, Tifa approached towards a smiling Wawa looking at Taichi, sighing endlessly.
– I think something happens to Nagase.
– Why do you say that? – Wawa stared at him for a moment, then looked at Tifa – He’s too quiet, that’s true.
– And so serious… maybe that bitch is messing with his feelings again…
They remained in doubt until the program ended. Tifa wanted to ask, but she lost sight of him as she picked up the makeup to take it to their work place. They walked thoughtful, dropping their things and went to the exit, where they met with Taichi.
– Have you seen Nagase? – He said this with the phone in his hand – I told him I would take him home…
– We’ve lost him – Wawa said.
– I left my purse, wait for me – Wawa saw Tifa giving a little run back to their work place, realizing that she was alone with Taichi. At first she didn’t know what to do.
– How are you today? Better? – She said finally looking at him a bit embarrassed
– After what happened yesterday, much better – that smile was going to kill her one day soon – we should sit over there to wait for them, I wonder what Nagase is doing, his phone is bussy.
Tifa was about to enter the room but she stood with the knob in her hand watching how Nagase was talking on the phone. He looked annoyed and when he stare at her just a second she pointed out her belongings, walking hastily to them. She took her stuff and finished collecting the makeup that had been left out when suddenly Nagase startled her with a shout.
– Are you kidding me?! I won’t liste to…!! What??! – She knew she shouldn’t have been listening to that conversation but she was petrified, surprised because he was really angry – No, no, no. Sorry but you’re wrong if you think I’m going to buy the same story again – he looked at his feet while walking nonstop when suddenly, he stood still, gasping with surprised gesture.
When Tifa was leaving, she saw him move violently with the corner of her eye. Instinctively, she cringed, giving a yelp when she heard something stamping against the wall. It was his phone. Tifa looked at him and saw how he was sitting on the couch, passing his hands through his hair, with a twitch in his leg. She couldn’t move out of there, she was just looking at him. Nagase didn’t notice her presence, still shaking his leg and biting his lip hard, his brows furrowed completely. She tried again to go away but the sound of his voice, broken and full of anguish, made her stop short.
– What do I do wrong? – Nagase said. Tifa looked at him, not sure if he was talking to her or to himself – I don’t understand … it’s always the same …
– Are you okay? – He was clearly not, but she had to ask. When he looked into her eyes in such a sad way, Tifa felt a pressure in her chest. She sat on the couch beside him as she watched him shaking his head – What happened?
– Yumiko get confused, she sent me a message that was for another guy. Saying some things that she never said to me… – Tifa assumed he was talking about his girlfriend. She bit her lip, without knowing what to say to make him feel better – I give them all, I made her gifts, I care about how they are, I don’t even try anything if I see they want to go slowly, and yet… I don’t know what I do wrong. I don’t know what else to do to keep them by my side – he said gulping, joining his eyebrows in a gesture that Tifa didn’t like at all – I just wanted everything to go smoothly this time.
The girl felt her heart breaking as she saw Nagase covering his face with his hands, sobbing almost silently. She couldn’t avoid approaching him, moving her arm around his back, trying to comfort him. When he turned and hugged her by the waist, burying his face in the neck of the girl, she caressed his shoulders, holding him tight. It took a few minutes so he spoke with broken voice.
– It’s always the same, I don’t know how but I always manage to fail in all my relationships with women – feeling him sobbing in her arms, that voice and those sad eyes… it was too much to bear.
– I’m tired of seeing you like that – Tifa said trying to hold her tears – it’s not fair.
– What? – He looked at her confused. As soon as she saw his wet cheeks she didn’t hesitate. She wiped the tears away with her fingers.
– Whenever you’re not well it shows in your eyes and in your attitude. And it hurts me to see you like that – Nagase stared at her straight in the eyes – Looking at your eyes like they are now… I hate seeing you like this! I feel helpless because I can’t do anything for you.
– Why would you do something?
– Because… – She couldn’t tell him directly how much she want him, she just can’t – because I feel bad when I see you sad, I don’t like it. You’re my friend, right? – She said when she remembered what he said last night – no one likes to see a friend sad like this.
– I’m sorry – he said, taking a deep breath.
– Do not apologize! it’s not your fault!
– Yes Tifa, it is.
– No, Nagase. It’s not your fault. She… – Nagase looked at her, waiting for her opinion – I don’t know her version of the story, but judging what you’re telling me… I’m afraid she doesn’t treat you as she should. And if you want to get back to her that means you don’t value yourself either!. And that’s what angers me most about all of this!!
– If I treated her as she deserves I wouldn’t had sex with you. I just…
– What?! If you’d treated her as she deserved you would ended your relationship with her as soon as she cheated you first, and you won’t be as sad as you are – he bit his lip again, worried – It’s okay if you want a stable relationship with a woman, but with the one who values ​​you for who you are. A woman who treats you well. Not a pretty face who doesn’t love you or respect you – she saw that he was in tears again, and she just wanted to hug him but if she did, he was going to get worse. So she got up, swallowing her feelings – Come on, let me makeup you again and let’s get out of here, Taichi is waiting.
Meanwhile, at the entrance of the building, Wawa had some difficulties trying to breath while Taichi’s fingers were lightly caressing hers. She wanted to take his hand, but she didn’t dare. She was eager to lay her head on his shoulder, but there were a lot of people… and besides, it was a crazy idea. She moved nervously in her seat.
– Tifa is taking too long, right? – He phoned Nagase and put down the cell, annoyed – now it’s off. What is going on here?
– Do you think…? – Wawa said covering her mouth with her fingers – Maybe they are together – Taichi looked at her laughing.
– Like us yesterday? I hope so – Wawa couldn’t look into his eyes anymore when he mentioned the kiss – I’d like to— Oh! Here they are! – Nagase walked towards them with his hands in his pockets. They were very serious – let’s go! – They both nodded, silently – I’ll go Nagase’s first, it’s closer.
The atmosphere was strange. Nagase and Tifa looked out the window; she sat in the back next to Wawa and he was beside Taichi in the front seat, sighing non stop. Neither Wawa or Taichi asked anything.
– I was thinking… we should do something this weekend – Taichi said to Wawa staring at her through the rearview mirror – and of course you can come if you want – he said to the other two.
– What did you think we could do? – Wawa asked.
– We could go to Shimura Zoo, if you want.
– I’d love it! – Wawa said cheerfully – you’ll come, right? – Tifa glanced at her briefly.
– I’ll be there if I don’t bother.
– You don’t – Taichi said smiling.
– Taichi, let me get down here – Nagase told suddenly as they stopped at a traffic light – I have to buy a new phone and the store is right there – he pointed across the sidewalk.
– What happened to your phone?
– Is broken, but I have the SIM card so…
– Are you coming to the zoo this weekend?
– I’ll call you – he took down without saying goodbye to the girls. Tifa’s eyes followed him as she bit her nails, feeling about to cry.
– Tifa… – Wawa said touching softly her shoulder – What happened? – The girl didn’t answer until they were far enough.
– It’s so unfair – she said as she could. As soon as they left Nagase behind, she couldn’t hold her tears anymore. Wawa grabbed her hand tightly.
– Yumiko again? – Taichi asked, looking at the rearview mirror angrily.
– I can’t do anything for him. He’s suffering because of a whore who don’t respect him at all. When I saw him crying for her… I swear to God, I want to punch that bitch in the face- She couldn’t stop crying with anger.
– Well, but they broke up definetly, isn’t it? – replied her friend.
– That’s the worst, I think he loves her yet. Or at least he is in love with the idea of ​​having a woman by his side forever.
– Let him some time to realize that you are there for him – Taichi said with a smile to comfort her.
– Come on Kokubun-san, that’s not going to happen. I’m his friend, he doesn’t see me as anything else.
– I don’t think so – he parked the car as they arrived and turned on in the seat – he talks about you. Ok, he talks as if you were his friend, but there’s the fact! He talks a lot about you and that’s something important, right? – Tifa wiped her tears – don’t lose your hope, be confident. I know that in the end you’ll win his heart.
– No, no, no. Taichi don’t say those things to me. I don’t want to… Thank you very much for your encouragement – he tried to answer but she wouldn’t let him talk – Try to be with him now, he shouldn’t be alone. And advice him to make good choices. See you. – She got out and walked up the stairs of her house in a hurry. Taichi looked at Wawa.
– She is completely in love with him, ne? – Wawa nodded, worried about her friend. She got out and so did Taichi – convince her to encourage Nagase, I want them to come to the zoo this weekend. So we’ll be a couple of lovebirds, I want to get that idea in his head.
– Lovebirds? – She said as they went upstairs, towards the front door.
– Yeah!: Tifa and Nagase, You and I – he put a hand on her waist and held her fingers with the other hand – and if we do this occasionally in front of them maybe they’ll do it too – he leaned to kissed her.
And this time it was a longer one. Wawa felt his breath tickling her cheeks and his lips tasting hers. He lovingly pressed them again and again, as she held his hand, touching his chest with the other, enjoying his soft lips, carried away by her feelings. And her feelings were so strong… Taichi opened his eyes and ran a finger down her cheek, then he kissed her nose affectionately.
– I’ll call you soon, okay sweetheart? – She nodded, looking into his eyes, wanting to kiss him again. And as if he was reading her mind, their lips met again briefly.
Wawa stared at him walking down the stairs while leaning on the doorframe, feeling so lucky she didn’t believe it. She get in the house with a warm feeling in her heart so she wanted Tifa to feel the same. But when she knocked on the door of her room, the girl didn’t answer. Wawa felt so in love her chest even hurts. If her heart was still beating at that speed and that often she would have an attack anytime soon. A month before, Taichi invaded her thoughts in the most unexpected moments, but now it was a constant presence in her life. She smiled all the time and everything seemed beautiful. When Tifa came out the day after of her room (she didn’t went out for dinner the night before but Wawa heard her coming out at dawn to eat something), Wawa just hugged her. Her friend returned the hug and smiled. No more was said about Nagase’s sadness because when she tried to talk about it, Tifa’s mood went sad too. That day they had to work with Kanjani8 boys, and that made Tifa’s mood improve considerably. Just to see them coming through the door made her smiling widely. She was making up Nishikido when she realized that the boy would not stop staring at her breasts. And she wasn’t showing a great neckline as she did with Nagase…
– Ehm… – Tifa said looking at him. When he realized that he had been caught, he apologized embarrassedly, but he looked at them again soon after.
– You horny devil! – Subaru hit him in the neck with a folder, making them laugh.
– I’m staaaarving – Yoko said as Wawa combed his hair – as soon as I’m done today, I’m going to eat until my tummy explodes…
They were laughing again when suddenly, the door opened. A girl, short, thin, brunette and with an angelic face was looking at them with a strange expression.
– Ahm… Who of you girls is Wawa-chan? – She said.
– Me… – the girl opened her eyes widely and giggled in a derogatory way.
– I’m Azuki, does my name ring a bell? – Tifa looked at them blankly, until she remembered her conversations with Wawa, opening her mouth surprised.
– Nice to meet you… I guess… – Azuki smiled and approached her. She grabbed her arm.
– I don’t want you near Taichi-kun. If I find out that you approach him I’ll—
– Hey, hey, hey! – Maru approached Azuki and removed her from Wawa before Tifa could do it – let’s calm down here…
– Shut up, this has nothing to do with you, idiot – she blurted out.
– I think you should go – Subaru said, rising.
– You’re not gonna to intimidate me, you dwarf – Tifa dropped the makeup whispering ‘that’s enough’. She pushed Azuki’s shoulders who took several steps back outside the room – What are you doing?!
– You won’t touch Wawa again, did you hear me?. And if you do you’re gonna talk to me first. Are we clear?
– What the…?! – Tifa looked out the door and saw a security guard. She called him.
– This girl is bothering the boys, Would you kindly show her the exit? – She closed the door listening Azuki’s complaints and looked at Wawa – don’t listen to her. She’s crazy.
Wawa looked at her, worried, but until the end of work they won’t talk about it. Especially in front of them… Though they wanted to talk about it; they asked Wawa about her relationship with Taichi, but she did not say a thing. She didn’t want to talk to Tifa until they got home.
– She’s his girlfriend. I’m sure – Wawa said, worried.
– Don’t jump to conclusions …
– They talked in his home, then I found the pink shoes. Not to mention her reaction when I spoke to her through Taichi’s phone.
– Look, we don’t know who she is or what relationship she has with your boyfriend, so calm down.
– He’s not my boyfriend …
– Come on! – Tifa said rolling her eyes – he’s your boyfriend since we went to Nagase’s bikes demonstration, that’s a fact.
– And now, what should I do? Should I go to the zoo or not?
– Do not be silly Wawa! Call Taichi, and ask him directly.
– I can not do that… What if he said she was his girlfriend? – They remained in silence for a while, thinking. Until Tifa’s phone rang. It was Nagase – oh, look, I can ask him – Tifa took a deep breath and answered setting the handsfree.
– Hello! How’s your new phone?
– Well, a normal phone I guess. Hey, I wanted to play the game but I don’t know how to start it…
– Oh sure, look where it says ‘nueva partida’ [2]– she said in Spanish. They heard him whisper ‘nuueva parutida…’ and Tifa couldn’t help but laugh at him.
– Ah, finally. Thank you.
– One thing, do you know who is Azuki and what kind of relationship she has with Kokubun-san? – Wawa touched her nails nervously, puffing.
Azuki? that’s his ex, isn’t she? – She looked at Wawa with raised eyebrows and whispering ‘I told you so’.
– I guess that’s her
– Why do you ask?
– Nothing, just gossiping a little. Hey, if you play online let me know, now that I played with you I don’t want to play alone anymore. It’s boring…
…Thanks Tifa-chan – the girl felt herself blushing.
– Thanks for what? – She laughed nervously. Wawa nudged her with a smirk. Nagase was silent. He said nothing.
– I’ll play later. Maybe this afternoon, I don’t know.
– Come to the zoo this weekend too, relax and have fun with us. I love to do things with you two guys… – They heard him sigh.
– I’ll call you.
She hung up and stared at the phone. Wawa was a little more comfortable knowing that it was an ex, but she still didn’t understand why Taichi treated her as a friend. Perhaps they ended well but it was clear that this girl was feeling things for him. Whatever she liked it or not, she had to talk with Taichi if she wanted to get her ideas in order. She just couldn’t bear the thought of him kissing her while he was seeing another woman. But that was impossible. Taichi was not that kind of guy, right?

[1] People who plays hidden so they won’t get shot, but hey kill every placer they found.
[2] ‘new game’


The Friday night – or morning because they were not sure how many hours they’ve been cooking – both girls were singing in the kitchen while preparing bentos with background music. Although Wawa spoke with Taichi by phone, she didn’t dare to ask about Azuki, still with fear of who she might be. Meanwhile, Tifa kept sending funny messages to Nagase with photos of both girls faking sad faces, asking him to come to the zoo. And they didn’t know whether by choice or because he wanted the girls to leave him alone, but Nagase finally agreed.
– Buf… – Wawa said as they finished the bentos – it was a lot of work but they’re really cool.
– Now let’s hope they like the taste – Tifa said laughing – we’re goona sleep just five hours, tomorrow I’m gonna need tones of makeup to cover my sleepy face.
– Good thing you know how to do it – Wawa said laughing.
When they got up next day, both were completely sleepy. They dressed in thin clothes because at the zoo it was going to be hot and with the boys companion, even hotter. Tifa had to sit down with Wawa for a while before leaving so the girl could calm down, breathing deeply. She knew it was her chance to talk to his boy about Azuki but she wasn’t brave enough to do it. They heard a knock on the door, so they opened to a smiling and overexcited Taichi.
– With that hat and those shorts on you look like a thirteen year old kid – Tifa said laughing at him. Wawa though he couldn’t be cuter.
– Come on! The taxi is waiting downstairs – as they leave the house, they saw Nagase looking in through Tifa’s room window.
– Could you tell me, sir, what is so interesting about my room? – She said.
– Aren’t you afraid? Someone could split the window at night and get in – He said smiling and walking alongside. The three of them had to look up to talk to him, especially Wawa.
– No, but now that you mention it…
They got into the taxi and went to the train station. Both boys had caps and Nagase wore sunglasses too. Yet occasionally people noticed them.
– Aren’t you anxious to arrive? – Taichi said to Wawa, brushing his fingers through the girl’s ones once they were seated on the train.
– Yes, of course I am but animals…
– Are you afraid? Don’t worry, there are a lot of security – looking at a smile like that made Wawa feel she had nothing to worry about. She felt so good, comfortable. Being with him was easier than she ever thought. But again, she remember Azuki, feeling a knot in her stomach.
– Don’t make it lie down! – Tifa yelled at Nagase who wanted to store her bag in the overhead compartment
– Huh? Sorry… – he said handing it back – What do you have in there?
– You’ll see – Nagase took off his sunglasses and looked at her curiously.
– I hope it’s what I’m thinking because Wawa-chan hasn’t separated from his backpack either – Taichi said smiling.
– What do you think it is? – Nagase asked.
– You’ll know soon… – He leaned over Wawa and whispered in her ear – I’m looking forward to have my yummy lunch.
Taichi was all the way talking and Wawa listening intently, but both, Tifa and Nagase, were falling asleep looking through the window. The ride was less than an hour but with the movement of the car it was impossible not to doze.
– Hey, what’s wrong? – Taichi asked to Wawa, who didn’t want to respond – on Thursday I noticed you were acting weird towards me. Have I done something to upset you?
– No, it’s… we’ll talk but not now.
Taichi looked at her worried, put his arm around her shoulders and gave her an affectionate kiss on the forehead. Wawa bit her lip, curling up against him. She doesn’t want to have those doubts but she couldn’t help it anyway. But regardless of whatever his answer will be, she was determined to enjoy that day first. She could worry later. Nagase and Tifa stepped off the train, sticking their yawns to each other, laughing when they realized. They entered the zoo feeling a little more cheerful and nervous, like children. They stood at the entrance, looking at the map.
– I want to see the lions – Nagase said
– That soon?! No, let’s wait… – Wawa looked shocked, making him laugh.
– Look, we can get on the road to the left, we see the birds and wolves first and then we can go all wild and rockish with lions – Tifa said.
– But that’s backwards as the map sais we should go – Taichi complained
– Bah, what’s the difference? – Wawa said to him, grabbing his nose as he laughed
– The thing is to watch it all right? Though I have no hurry to see the bugs… – said Tifa, shivering with disgust.
They were watching the animals: their surprising colors, their beauty, how ugly some of them were, how rare the others, being most of them stinky. Tifa has a great time watching the wolves, all asleep but precious. Wawa went all the way behind Nagase and Taichi, trying to get far from the animals but watching them curiously. They looked beautiful, (the animals, though the boys were also precious), but she can’t help to be afraid. Nagase and Taichi maintained a ‘conversation’ – or something like that – with the orangutans as the girls cracked up. They were so comfortable with them… And at the half of the tour, Taichi grabbed Wawa’s hand, making her heart happy because he treated her like his girlfriend in front of everyone who were there to watch. Nagase and Tifa noticed and looked at them smiling derply, making the girl blush one more time.
– Look at its face! C’mon Wawa, you can’t be afraid of a koala, it’s adorable!
– It’s very cute, but let me be here and that animal in there, thank you – Taichi laughed. He was about to say something but he was interrupted.
– Taichi-kun?! – They turned around and someone jumped into the arms of the boy. It was Azuki with a friend, they couldn’t believe their eyes.
– What are you doing here? – Taichi said with a weird expression.
– What a coincidence, right? – That girl was all smiles. She was also wearing a white dress that seemed made for her. Wawa didn’t know what to do or how to react.
– If this is a coincidence I’m a fucking nun – Tifa whispered, not wanting to even look in her direction, feeling angry.
– Excuse me? – Azuki said looking at her. She couldn’t believe she was speaking to her directly. She was about to answer but Nagase put a hand on her shoulder, playing down the situation.
– Ahm, by the way, this is Inari-chan.
– Yes, I remember her – Taichi said waving his head looking at Azuki’s friend
– I think you don’t know her, Nagase-san – Nagase looked at her curiously. Too curiously. The girl was thin and she was so beautiful that any woman would feel annoyed by her side.
– I’m going to see the kangaroos – Tifa said, lowering his voice and she hissed as she passed Nagase – I’ve seen enough bitches today – he made a surprised sound followed by a giggle at her comment. Wawa didn’t know what to do. She wanted to be with Taichi but she surely didn’t want to be with those girls.
– I’m going with her – he said finally.
– Oe, chotto[1]!, Don’t go alone – Taichi said grabbing her hand. Azuki’s smile turned into a look of disgust, but only a few seconds.
– We can go together! – She said.
Taichi didn’t refuse, so Wawa had no choice but to endure the situation. They had screwed up the day. She found Tifa watching the kangaroos more serious than usual. Azuki was constantly drawing Taichi’s attention: She asked him to take pictures; she didn’t stop talking and saying ‘do you remember when…?‘ Nagase was tense since those two appeared. Their plans had been completely shattered. Until Taichi asked the magic question to Tifa when Azuki and her friend got into the rest room.
– Did you and Azuki know each other?
– Sure we do! Last Thursday she went into our workplace in a very unpolite way – Taichi and Nagase’s looked surprised – she insulted the eito boys and… – She looked at Wawa. She didn’t want Tifa to tell him, but she wanted him to know it at once.
– Did she say anything bad to you? – Taichi asked Wawa
– That’s why you asked me who was Azuki – Nagase said to Tifa, who nodded absently. She was upset with him because he looked at the other girl. She knew it was stupid but she felt like that – We should do this: you go you to the insects zone Tifa doesn’t like and I go with her to see the lions that you don’t like – he pointed at Wawa – See you in a few hours at the Hayashi picnic area.
He didn’t let them time to say what they wanted to do; he put a hand on Tifa’s back and carried her to the left while Taichi went to the right with Wawa. They were silent, thinking, and Wawa didn’t know how she would bring the topic up. They entered the area of ​​the insects and Taichi took her to a bench. He sat down with her.
– What did she say to you? – She couldn’t look at him in the eyes, she was very nervous and scared about what he was going to answer. She couldn’t speak, she just wanted to cry. After seeing how pretty Azuki was, she didn’t felt pretty enough for him.
– She got mad because I was at your home. She told me not to get closer to you.
– Majide??!? [2]– He looked at her surprised and offended, shooking his head – it’s always the same…
– Who is she? – Taichi looked into her eyes. She was so worried she was almost in tears, with a heavy heart – What’s her to you?
– She’s my ex-girlfriend, but she won’t leave me alone!
– Why did you broke up with her? It seems that you get along.
– At least I try, but she’s too possessive. A girl lose her interest about me because of her harassment once and I don’t want that to happen with you too
– Taichi-kun – Wawa looked at her hands – I don’t know why you came close to me since we met. I don’t understand your reasons, but I… – she bit her lips, it was really difficult to say what she was saying, she had to take a deep breath – I like doing things with you. Being with you… I lo—
– At last! I find you! – Azuki stood before them – Why have you gone without us? I said we were going to the bathroom. Where is Nagase? She didn’t go away with that fat chick, didn’t he? – She giggled with her friend. Wawa was offended but it was Taichi who stood.
– Azuki, I don’t know how did you knew today I was going to be here with them but I’d like to be alone with Wawa-chan – It was like giving her a slap without hands, the girl looked at him in disbelief and Wawa felt so happy she wanted to laugh at her face.
– With that one? – Azuki said pointing – I do not understand. Have you ever looked at her?
– That’s the problem, Azuki. You only care about what it’s outside and she is the sweetest, more loving and kindest person I’ve ever met – Wawa watched him with her mouth open – You’ve never worried about me as she did in just two weeks. But if you want to talk about appearance, I prefer her a thousand times – Azuki looked as if he had said the biggest outrage.
– Are you blind?!
– No, I’ve seen you without makeup and she’s way more prettier than you. And she didn’t wear color lenses either. I hope never see you again, really. You have disappointed me so much… Let’s go Wawa-chan – he offered his hand to the girl who took it and walked beside him. But she stopped half way, now that she had heard what Taichi thought about her ,she felt brave enough.
– Azuki-san – The delicacy and good ways of that chick disappeared, looking at Wawa full of hate – Tifa’s not fat, what you are is jealous of her curves. You should stop hurting people or no one’s gonna love you.
She smiled and walked with Taichi who squeezed her hand tightly, chuckling. They went directly were the butterflies were because Wawa wanted to see them badly, and they were there all alone. She smiled as she never did, the butterflies were beautiful and they were of many types and colors. She felt Taichi’s hand on her waist, so she looked at him. He stroked her cheek, with that rabbit smirk that made his front teeth more visible than usual. Wawa laughed, and Taichi kissed her. He gently stroked his fingers on her cheek, slowly going down her back as he kissed her again and again. She couldn’t help it and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, approaching him, feeling him close. Taichi hugged her around the waist and, very gently, stroked her tongue with his, giving her what she felt as the sweetest kisses in the world. She didn’t want to go away from him, she wanted his taste to stay in her memory forever. She felt his smile on her lips so she opened her eyes to look at him. There was no need to say anything. They laughed accomplices when they heard someone approaching them and she turned around. Taichi held her by the waist as she sighed, resting his chin on her shoulder. Wawa saw the butterflies, but they were also fluttering in her stomach like crazy.
************************************************** ********************
– Sugooooooi[3]!! – Nagase said when he saw the lions that close. The guide gave to the people in the bus pieces of meat hanging from a metal pole. She saw how the animal approached eating eagerly.
– How beautiful they are … – Tifa said staring – but their smell is awful – Nagase laughed.
– It doesn’t smell so bad…
– But you like strong odors – she said wrinkling her nose – go ahead, give them my piece of meat.
She looked to the lions, but only occasionally. It was better to look at him, his little boy’s smile and his faces of surprise and fear when the lion ate the meat. Nagase realized she was smiling when he heard her sighing.
– What? – Nagase said – you have these animals in front of you and you look at me instead
– I just want to see you always smiling like that – Tifa said poking his dimple with a finger – And if you won’t, I will insist until you smile okay?
– Tifa-chan, I don’t know how to thank you for this…
– Don’t be stupid! – She said laughing nervously because of his glare – you don’t have to.
– Of course I have! You’re the only one who has though about me these days and with each message I had, you always made me smile. You made me feel less… alone. I also wanted to talk to you, is one of the reasons why I made Wawa go away with Taichi.
– You want to talk to me? – That could be good or bad, but she was hysterical in any case.
– Why did you cry?
– When?
– When I left the car on Wednesday.
– Taichi talks too much… – she said feeling awkward, crossing her arms and looking at the lions – I just felt bad for you. That’s all.
– And now why don’t you look at me?
– I’m not comfortable talking about this…
– About your feelings? The other day I opened myself to you, why don’t you do the same? – Tifa shook her head.
– I can’t. I don’t want to. Things are fine as they are and I don’t want to screw it up so stop asking questions. You don’t want to know – she said it all in one go, she was more than hysterical. She won’t declare her love for him in a bus full of people and with the stink of lions as a background. She won’t declare her love for him. End of story.
– Taichi also told me what you said in the car – Tifa looked at him with wide eyes. So there was no need to declare, Taichi did it for her. She rubbed a hand over her eyes.
– Remind me that I have to kill him slowly, I want that little demon to suffer.
– At least tell me, do you love me or it’s just you like me? – Tifa snorted, she wanted to get out of there.
– Come on! you’re not stupid! you know how I feel about you. Taichi told you! And you have to feel it every time you touch me! Or look at me! Or everytime you’re talking to me! like right now!!
– Okay, okay. I won’t ask again. – They were silent for a long time while Nagase looked in wonder at the beasts run from one side to the other, looking for food. She swallowed and looked at him.
– Please, don’t change your behaviour with me now that you know…
– Don’t worry about it, baka – he said pouting like he usually does.
She wasn’t sure about that. When a man notices a woman’s feelings, they always change their attitude towards her. But she had no choice but to trust him. They got off the bus and went to the picnic area, Tifa complaining because the stink of lions had been impregnated in her hair and Nagase calling her whiny and exaggerated. They met Taichi and Wawa, sitting in the shade of a tree, talking in whispers while holding hands.
– What about the butterflies? – Nagase asked.
– Precious – Wawa said with a cute, relaxed face. Taichi laughed as he watched her.
– Are we gonna eat or what? I’m starving… – Tifa said. The girls opened their backpacks and took the bentos out.
– I knew it! – Taichi said with a smile as Wawa gave his – Kawaii! – He cried when he opened it – I love it! – He took one of the rice balls, to which Wawa had stuck seaweed to create a soccer ball.
– Do I have one too? – Nagase was smiling like a child when Tifa gave him his bento. She laughed at him – How did you do this? – Tifa made a skateboard cutting a beef steak. The wheels were made with rice, and she also wrote TOM above the steak-skate.
– And beneath of it there’s lots of vegetables! – they looked but they didn’t try it.
– Eat it! – Wawa said laughing. When they did, they grinned like fools whispering how good it was. They ate almost in silence, they were hungry because of walking that much.
– Did the others come back? – Tifa asked after swallowing the last piece of meat. Wawa nodded.
– Good thing you weren’t there. You’d have gone crazy with the things she said.
– They’re already gone – Taichi said – they won’t bother you again.
– I don’t understand what did you like about Azuki – Nagase said smoking a cigarette – all about her body is fake.
– Oh! Are we gonna talk about fake girlfriends? Because your ‘so famous’ girlfriend has some surgery on her… – Taichi said pointing to Nagase’s chest with the chopsticks, over where his tattoo was – and when I say some I mean the whole girl – Tifa stood up suddenly and turned away humming – Where are you going? – Taichi said laughing.
– I don’t like to talk about some specific topics when I’m having a good time, like politics for example. And that one you’re talking about  is also one of them.
– About Ayumi? – Nagase said. Tifa put her hands to her ears and started humming louder with eyes closed. Wawa was laughing hard leaning on Taichi’s shoulder – What the…?
– She doesn’t like the girl… – Tifa hummed stronger.
– ¡No wonder why! – said Taichi over her humming.
– Okay, okay, urusaaaaii! – Nagase grabbed Tifa’s arm so she looked at him.
– Have you finished? – He nodded at her with a lopsided grin, gazing up and down her body – Don’t do that, you idiot! – She smiled as she sat next to him with her heart fully revolutionized.
They continued with the jokes, imitating animal sounds they heard and making noise for a while until it started to get dark. They packaged their things and went to the train, where the four laid all exhausted. They were that tired because of so much walking, but they laughed even more. Nagase felt asleep with his mouth open and Tifa rested her head on his shoulder as she didn’t mean to. Wawa saw everything and she laughed quietly as she could looking at Taichi. She was lying over him, his arm around her waist. Taichi’s had to woke all of them up and quieter than before they took the taxi, leaving the girls first at their home.
– I feel guilty, you’ve paid for everything – Tifa said to Taichi before leaving.
– You’re clearly not from here – Nagase said laughing with the taxi driver.
– It’s okay, it’s normal. I want to do something like this soon.
– I already have one thing in mind – Nagase said – but we’ll talk.
– How misterious you are… – Wawa said laughing. Taichi went out the taxi with Wawa to say goodbye and Nagase called Tifa from the passenger seat window. She walked towards him smiling while he looked at her body up and down. He asked her to come closer with his fingers. When she was close enough, she whispered.
– I know how I’m gonna say thank you, baby – Tifa gave a laugh followed by a loud ‘HA!’ Short and strident. The driver looked at them curiously.
– Don’t play with fire Tomoya-kun – she replied, whispering in his ear.
– Maybe I want to get burn, Tifa-chan – he raised an eyebrow, still smiling. Tifa couldn’t do anything but look at his mouth.
– You know where I live then… – she bit her lip and walked away hearing his laughers.
When she went upstairs she went down again because Taichi was kissing Wawa deeply right on the doorstep. She turned and looked at Nagase moving her palms upward and shrugging. Nagase gave one of his loud laughs that made Taichi get separated from Wawa.
– Taichi – she said before he left, grabbing his hand – maybe it’s a silly question but I want to be sure. What are we?
– You are beautiful, now that you ask me – he kissed her, holding her so strongly he lifted her up as she laughed – and I’m your happy boyfriend.
– We are? – she was officially, the happiest person alive
– Of course we are! You are my girl, my sweet girl.
– Tifa is watching – she said looking at her friend’s face who was watching the scene with tenderness.
– Ooooookaay, I’m leaving. You’re a pain in the ass, we need some privacy here – Taichi said looking at Tifa, pretending he was angry.
– Take her to your house, baaaaaaaka!
– The day will come and you’ll be living alone! I’m going to kidnap her! – Taichi said from under the stairs, making them laugh.
The first thing Tifa did was giving a huge hug to her friend, and then, she told her what Nagase had just suggested downstairs. As always, they spent the rest of the day talking about everything and the next day – Sunday – they spoke by Skype with Taichi, who was on the island again but this time with more clothes on. Nagase also peeked from behind goofing with gussan, whose hair was wet. And that night, Wawa spoke with Taichi again, an hour after she said goodnight to her friend.
– Where are you? – She said talking softly.
– In bed, you too? – She laughed nervously.
– Yes. Tifa has already fall slept I think…
– And you shouldn’t sleep late, you’ve gotta work in the morning and it’s already one-thirty!!
– I don’t care, I was waiting for you.
– If you want me to stay you have to put the camera on.
– Ehhh? No, no, no. I’m in pajamas.
– And I’m in my underwear, Come on! let me see your smile before go to bed – that argument convinced her. She put the camera on, smiling like a fool as soon as she saw his smile as a greeting. He was shirtless and she felt her pulse quicken like crazy. But Taichi’s expression changed for some reason. He seemed surprised.
– What is it? – She said, puzzled.
– I had no idea you had such long hair…
– Ehhh!? – She was so eager to talk to him and had been relaxed for so long at home that she hadn’t put the shawl on. But thinking it twice, at that point it won’t matter.
– It’s beautiful, I’m dying to touch it. And it looks so smooth. How long is it?
– You’ll see – his eyes were sparkling. Wawa was delighted about his reaction.
– Let me see your legs.
– What!? No, no, no – she laughed, thinking about herself showing off her legs out from under the sheets.
– I’ll show you my little body and you’ll show me yours – he stood up making bodybuilder poses. Wawa had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing, looking where she was not suposed to look. He wore breeches and she won’t see a thing, but…
– You crazy man… – Wawa said when he sat down, laughing – how is it you’re not cold? temperatures have dropped tonight a lot.
– Because I’m hot blooded – he said pouting, as if he were a girl – Now your turn. At least show me a shoulder, give me something sweetheart – he winked laughing nonstop with her.
– I can’t… It’s embarrassing…
– What if I was there with you? Would you show it to me?
– That’s a different thing… – she heard a knock on Tifa’s room followed by a yelp but she ignored it. She must be playing video games.
 – And why is that? Just one shoulder, and I’ll leave you alone – Wawa had a fit of laughter.
She was very nervous, but she could do it. She wasn’t sure of what she was doing but he asked her so hard she couldn’t say no. She pull down a bit her pajama shirt and pushed her hair back, watching Taichi’s expression without losing detail. He licked his lips and sighed, running his hand through his hair.
– Now I want more – he laughed – promise me that next time we meet I’m gonna see you hair
– Okay… – They stared at each other in silence for a long time without saying anything. Only sighing. And that seemed enough for them. Wawa kept hearing doors open and close, maybe Tifa was sick or something – Taichi, wait a sec, I’m going to check if Tifa needs something.
She got up from bed and looked out, finding Tifa walking towards her room with a bowl of strawberries and her Hara-chan jacket on. Her friend stratled and almost dropped everything on the floor.
– What is it? You’re noisy…
– And what are you doing awake at this hour!? Go to sleep, it’s late.
– Same to you! – Wawa saw a light under the door of the rest room – turn off the light.
– Okay, okay, good night – she was curious about Tifa’s rush but she got back into bed and grabbed the laptop.
– What’s wrong?
– Nothing, she got hungry. It happens to her from time to time at this hour
– You have very long hair – Wawa nodded smiling – I want to stroke it and feel it in my chest as you lie down with me. I can’t wait to wake up next to you.
– Taichi … – the room and Wawa became heated with his words.
Sleeping and waking up at his side was one of her dreams to fulfill. And what would happen in between. But first she had to get married, that was she had been told since childhood. But the truth was she didn’t know if she would be able to bear it. He looked so intently, watching the screen, and she knew he was looking at her.
– If I were there your clothes would be on the ground – he said looking at the camera, so it seemed that he was looking into her eyes. She shivered with his intense glare and words. Despite she felt cold,  a very specific part of her body was really, really hot.
– W—what are you saying??! Don’t… Taichi…
– I think I should go to sleep. I don’t want to offend you and I’m thinking about inaproppiate things considering the few clothes I have on – he laughed – good night princess, sleep well.
– Oyasumi Taichi kun.
When he cut the connection, Wawa’s heart was going so fast she thought she would die in that very spot. No one had ever said those things to her, she never felt a man’s desire for her. It was something completely new to her and she liked it. On the inside, she wished his desires to be fulfilled, and the sooner the better. Then she wondered if he would be touching himself, thinking about her… she had to scream on the pillow. She wasn’t able to sleep, she was too nervous. And Tifa kept getting in and out from her room.
************************************************** ********************
A while ago, just when Wawa began to talk to Taichi, Tifa was lying in bed with the laptop, covered with the sheet up to her waist, only with her panties on. That night was cold so she put on her favorite jacket, the one Nagase had in his drama ‘Nakuna Hara-chan’. It was warm and it reminded him so much that she was happy wearing it. She was watching a scary movie with the lights off and at the best scene she heard a knock on the window. She shouted, remembering what Nagase said the morning before and after lighting the lamp bedside her, she opened the curtains. She screamed again as she saw Nagase standing out there. She opened the window and cold air sneaked into the room.
– What are you doing here?
– Let me in, I’m freezing – she was curious because the alcohol she smelt from him. She tried not to make noise when she opened the door, but he didn’t even let her close it. He pushed her against the wall and began to kiss her neck caressing her thighs.
– Na-Nagase, what are you—? – His fingers tried to lose her clothes in a hurry.
– I’m addicted to your moans, I need to hear them again… – Tifa was tempted to let him do what he was doing, right there with the door open.
– But… Nagase, Chotto! – Very reluctantly, she pulled him away from her, closing the front door. She get inside the bathroom to avoid waking her friend up – you’re drunk.
– A little, but why do you care?
– You smell awfully – she laughed when he looked at her annoyed – What are you doing here? – He sighed
– I’ve drunk too much to take my car and the pub was close to your place so I thought that…
– Why didn’t you take a taxi?
– I’ve spent all my money and I don’t want to get more money from a machine because I’m gonna spend that too.
– Ok, you’re going to take a shower, eat something and then you can go in your car if you want to.
– And don’t you want to… – he looked at her with raised eyebrows and nodding with a pervert smirk.
– When you’re not drunk. I just want you in full swing – she left him there laughing and listening his curses.
She went to the fridge, grabbed the bowl of strawberries – bought that morning – and some chocolate syrup. When she went to her room, Wawa opened the door, making her jump.
– What is it? You’re noisy…
– And what are you doing awake at this hour!? Go to sleep, it’s late.
– Same to you! – Tifa get nervous when Wawa looked at the rest room – turn off the light – she said.
– Okay, okay, good night – When Wawa closed the door, Tifa heard her speaking. She should be with Taichi on the Internet. Better that way.
It’s not that she wanted to hide Nagase but maybe her friend didn’t like the idea of a man being in the next room at that hour. Maybe it made her feel uncomfortable. She waited sitting on the bed watching the rest of the film. When Nagase came into her room – long after the movie ended – he closed the door too hard.
– Shh! Wawa is sleeping – Nagase looked at her, much more sober, and laughed pointing at her jacket.
– Hara-chan! It’s almost the same! – Tifa laughed embarrassed.
– Yeah, well, take this and eat – he sat beside her with the bowl of strawberries in his lap, smiling as he gave a bite and then throwing choco syrup over it. So he ate almost all (unless the ones Tifa stole) until he lay on the bed, sighing with his hands on his tummy.
– You’ll fall asleep… – she said looking at him with her arms around her legs.
– Oh, sorry! Should I leave? – He got up – I came without warning and at this hour. I’m sorry…
– No, no, no, no! Don’t go…! – Tifa realized she was sounding a little desperate – …if you don’t want to – she said trying to fix the situation.
– Can I sleep here? – she nodded, smiling.
Nagase then took off his pants, keeping only the short-sleeved shirt on and tucking his legs inside the sheet. Tifa swallowed and lay down beside him, turning off the light. Through the curtain, the moonlight get into the room. He was lying on his back, thinking about whatever he was thinking as he chewed his lip non-stop. Tifa looked at him: his amazig lips, his weird and beautiful nose, his mole, his wet and disheveled hair… he was so hot she wanted to scream.
– I love watching Taichi and Wawa together – he said smiling – They are the perfect couple, right? She’s tiny, like him – He looked at her. He was so close…
– Yeah, I’m really happy for her, her dream came true. But I get very jealous everytime I see them together. Especially when he hold her like he does – Nagase gestured, curious – I guess it’s been long since anyone hold me like that – although she said it laughing, it was pretty sad – a tight hug from your man’s arms so you can’t even move… is one of the best feelings in the world.
– Really? Come here – he put his arm around her waist and the other around her shoulders, pulling her against him. Tifa said nothing, she just closed her eyes and hugged him back smelling his shirt, a mix of smoke and his aroma. She huged him tightly, shivering as she felt his fingers touching her waist under her jacket.
– You care about me – Nagase said – but you won’t tell me how you feel. And I wonder if you’re okay.
– I am right now – she said against his neck with a trembling sigh. Nagase separated just a bit from her and looked into her eyes.
– Are you sure? – His mouth… it was so close…
– Nagase, I’m sorry – Tifa said, feeling her heart about to leave her chest to never come back
– Sorry for wh—
She didn’t let him finish. She didn’t know if he would ever do it, but it was a need for her. She moved her hand to stroke his cheek as she pressed her lips to his. Nagase didn’t move, he didn’t touch her, but she couldn’t care less. Her lower lip got lost between his, so thick and hot. She stroked them, squeezed them,many times, and he didn’t move. But she felt him opening his mouth a little, and Tifa, grabbing his hair and almost making him lay over her, put her tongue in his mouth. When she felt his, a groan went up from her  throat, and she began to kiss Nagase deeply. She kissed him so intensly she could barely breathe. He tasted like strawberries, he tasted like chocolate, and she moved her tongue against his and between his lips. She bit them even, but she tried to calm down, kissing him slowly again. She didn’t want to stop, but she had already fucked up the situation enough for the rest of the night. She knew what he thought about kissing, and she also knew that he didn’t love her.
– Te quiero tanto[4]… – she whispered against his mouth in Spanish. Nagase was breathing heavily and suddenly, Tifa felt terrible about what she had done. She turned back in the bed and pressed her hands to her chest. Nagase didn’t move.
************************************************** ********************
Hours later – while Tifa was trying to fall asleep without success – Wawa was dreaming. And in the dream she was again looking at Taichi playing football. And again they were alone in the stands when he finished. But in the dream things were different. Wawa came closer to him because she didn’t feel ashamed anymore, wipping his sweat with a towel. She didn’t wear the shawl, in fact, she was naked. Naked in the street and in front of him. And against all odds, she didn’t care. Taichi was sweating, and took off his shirt getting closer to her. The kisses were so real, also his touch and his aroma. It was his taste, it was his tongue against hers wildly, his hands were around her waist. In the dream, Wawa began to moan when Taichi’s long fingers pried her body: her shoulders, her neck, her breasts, her waist, her hips and… when he reached that spot, Taichi looked at her with such desire she care nothing about anyone. She just wanted him inside. She felt very clearly his fingers caressing her most sensitive part, making her trembling. She noticed that his underpants were down and just when she touched it, while he masturbated her, Wawa woke up.
            It was the first time she woke up having an orgasm, it had been so real that she could hardly breathe. She couldn’t believe it was daytime and she didn’t get up for a while, she wanted to dream about that again. But she had awakened within minutes before the alarm ringed. Dead of rage, she got up and went to shower. She heard some noises from Tifa’s room, but she assumed that she was awake so she didn’t bother to enter. She was still aroused because of her dream, her breathing was not the one of a normal person. She was sure that if she had Taichi before her, she would let him do whatever he wanted. And her mind began to wander while taking the shower. And when the water jet touched her sensitive part, she had to let go. But of course, she tried not to moan the name of her boyfriend too loud…
************************************************** ********************
She couldn’t sleep at all. And she startled because he hugged her waist. She looked at the clock in front of her and saw that it was about to dawn. She couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss, his indifference, and she looked at the hand that was in front of her body without being sure of how she should react. So she just got carried away and she did what she wanted to do. Tifa touched with her fingers his, clasping them. To her surprise, Nagase squeezed her hand. He was awake. She turned back in bed and she saw his sleepy eyes. She wanted to hug him again, kissing his cheeks while whispering: ‘ohayo’. But she didn’t move.
– Ohayo – his sleepy voiced turned her on so much she had to swallow.
– At least you have slept well… – she said.
– Hmm… It was hard to sleep after the kisses you gave me yesterday, but once I achieved it, I slept well – Tifa move her hand to her face, noticing that she still had Nagase’s arm around her waist.
– I’m so sorry Tomoya…
– I dreamed of you, despite you were by my side – she felt him pulling her against his body. She looked at him – and in the dream we were still kissing. But… – he grab her tigh, placing it on his hips – we did something else – when Nagase pulled the girl tight to his body, she felt how hard he was. She wouldn’t say no – I was eager to fuck you last night but I thought I shouldn’t…
– What a waste of time – she said looking at his lips
Nagase laid over her, grabbing the other tigh, rubbing slowly his dick against her panties as he breathed in her ear. Tifa bit her lip all aroused pulling his shirt, taking it off. He opened her jacket looking at her bare breasts. He moved a hand around her waist and pulled, lifting her back off the bed as he got one of the girl’s breasts in his mouth while touching the other. Tifa gasped hard as she felt his tongue, fingers and teeth digging into her nipples, grabbing Nagase from his back and his hair. He slowly moved one hand down her body, touching her clitoris and making her panties soaking wet.
– I love when you are so wet it covers my fingers so I can lick it off.
– Please… – Nagase looked into her eyes and she grabbed his hair with both hands, whispering to his mouth – don’t stop…
He knelt on the bed, removing her panties, watching her body as he brushed her clitoris. Meanwhile, he touched the girl’s lips with his other hand, and she caught it licking his fingers obscenely. He grabbed her hair and pulled his mouth to hers without kissing, thrusting his fingers inside her body abruptly. He moved them so fast that even the bed shake, and Tifa couldn’t do more than squirm with pleasure. When he stopped masturbating her to take off his underwear, she made him lay on the bed faced up, sitting over him. She removed her jacket throwing it away, moving her hips as she rubbed against Nagase’s cock, looking at him ogling her. He whispered: ‘oh yeah, tease me before you please me, baby’ with his growly voice, making her smile. She felt him against her nether lips, hot and ready for her, but she bent down. And she licked his huge erection slowly, over his most sensitive part, looking how he was getting excited more and more. He moaned and hissed, grabbing her hair. And after she shove it down her throat and leave it there within a few seconds, she went up his body. He was still moaning because of her blowjob. She grabbed his cock with one hand while she placed her legs on either side of his hips again. Nagase looked at her a bit confused but as soon as he realized what was going on, he grabbed her ass.
– You’re driving me crazy – he whispered getting into her body, and she felt him so intensly she had a fabulous shiver of pleasure. She moved slowly, rhythmically with his breathing and his whispers. She saw his tattoo, but she didn’t mind at all; it was her who was riding his cock.
– Now it’s my turn to make you moan, Tomoya – she leaned over and kissed him again. Nagase lifted up his hands, one to the Tifa’s nape, with which he pulled her hair to one side so he could stroke her back with the other. And he kissed her intensely as she moved over him slowly.
– Tifa-chan… – only that whisper against her lips, made the girl horny as she ever was.
She crouched over him, resting on the tips of her toes. She put her hands on his chest and moved her hips hard against him. Over and over again, feeling his hands squeezing her breasts, her waist, her thighs, her whole body. Nagase was trying not to moan but it was really hard to hold the whimpers. Her nails digged into his chest while she had a really long orgasm over his hard cock. He sat up and hold her tigh, smiling, panting and kissing her neck.
– Lay over there – Nagase pushed her, placing her back in bed with her head where the feet would go. Tifa moved her legs around his hips and he fell on his knees, sitting on his legs. He leaned over the side of the bed and grabbed his pants, from which he took out a condom. He put it at full speed – I want to cum while I fuck you – he said, grabbing the girl’s thighs, sticking them to him to move inside her brisckly and sharply.
– T-Toommmoooyaa… taaaameeee[5]… – it hurt but she loved it at the same time. It felt so deeply that she kept having an orgasm after another. She clung to the sheets with both hands as he pressed her thighs against his body, staring at her boobs moving with every fast rush.
– I love fucking you so much… – he said lying down on her, holding her as she kissed him – I can’t hold it anymore… Tifa… – he monaed as he swallowed
The girl held him by the shoulders, kissing him deeply, listening to his moans with her tongue in his mouth as he was cumming. He pressed her against him for a while, kissing her nonstop sweetly. Until he dropped his head on her shoulder as she stroked his neck with her nails. He took it out, took off the condom and threw it in the trash, going to bed with her. They smiled each other and began to laugh.
And just a few minutes ago, just as Wawa closed the shower faucet – more muffled than before because of her active imagination – she heard a very strange noise coming from Tifa’s bedroom. She couldn’t be playing so early, it was impossible… Wawa went to her room with a towel around her body, trying to imagine what Taichi would say about her appearence at that moment. She longed to see his perverted side but she couldn’t help getting nervous. All she wanted was to be alone with him…
            She was considering the possibility of telling Tifa about what happened the night before or not, because it was very personal. But she could give her some advice, she knew how to react in those situations. She put on her pajamas, she had to breakfast and she didn’t want stains in her clean clothes. With her hair down and shorts, she went to open Tifa’s door when she heard a very strange noise, like a loud snort, followed by Tifa’s laughters and cries.
– Haaanaaaseeeeee[6]!! – Was what she heard when she has the knob on her hand.
– I would die suffocated between them and I would die as a happy man! – Was what she heard when she had opened. And she found her friend naked, with Nagase over her. Naked as well. And his face was buried between Tifa’s breasts, which he grabbed with both hands, shaking his head as he snorted, causing the uproarious laughter of her friend.
– EEEEEEEHHHH!?! – Was all Wawa could say. She didn’t want to look, but she was.
– Oh, hello Wawa chan – Nagase said, relaxed and with a huge smile.
– Ah!! Wawa! Don’t… don’t look Nagase! – She blindfolded him with her hands
– Do you worry more about me looking at her when it’s me who is naked? – He laughed.
– Oh no!! – Wawa left the room and went to hers to get dressed in a hurry.
How could she imagine that Nagase was going to be in the house? She had just put the shawl on when someone called to the front door. She went to open because considering Tifa’s laughter she wasn’t going to move from where she was. No one was at the door, all she found was a box with her name on it and a heart. She took it happily thinking it had to be Taichi’s. She didn’t noticed that it wasn’t any postman. She just opened it, and when she did, she screamed, horrified.

[1] Wait
[2] Seriously??
[3] Amazing
[4] I love you so much
[5] I can’t (anymore)
[6] Let go!

Among a lot of pages she didn’t read, all kind of bugs began to emerge from the box: cockroaches, spiders, worms and beetles. Wawa kept screaming when Tifa left her room only with her panties on and the jacket half hanging. When she saw her friend jumping in her bed she didn’t think it twice, approaching her. When she realized what was walking up her leg, she also began to scream.
– Tomoooooyaaaaaa!! – Both shouted. He appeared in the doorway with just his underpants, grabbing a shoe as soon as he saw the bugs. Until they were all dead, the girls refused to get down from the bed.
– Can you explain what happened here to me? – Tifa said once she calmed down, but Wawa was crying with fright.
– They were inside the box. It was for me, but I can’t even get close to it – Nagase took it. An angry expression appeared in his face as he read the pages.
– What is it? – Tifa said approaching.
– I can imagine who sent you this – Nagase said.
Tifa read all kinds of insults, from ‘ugly’ to ‘whore’ or threats like  ‘die you naughty bitch’. Nagase left it in the lounge while Tifa stayed with her friend until she felt better. Although Wawa asked what was written, she wouldn’t tell a thing.
– I thought it was Taichi’s – Wawa said, sitting on her bed – it had a heart on it so I opened the gift without thinking…
– Do not throw it away, maybe we’re gonna need it
– What do you mean?
– Don’t worry – Nagase said when he left the bathroom, scratching his crotch like if no one was there – this has been done out of spite, I don’t think she would insist more. Taichi told her his feelings for you, didn’t he?
– Whatever – Tifa said standing – you have to pull yourself together because we have to work – she smiled and Wawa faked hers.
– I’ll let you over there. Let me get my car and we’re leaving.
– Maybe you should get dressed before – Tifa said laughing.
– And you too, baka – Nagase said smiling, pushing her as she passed by.
Wawa heard how they were playing and the laughs from her room. She tried to tell herself that what just happened wasn’t that important, but she still feel displeasure. Nagase told her again not to worry before leaving them at work, and she thanked him, though she couldn’t avoid thinking about it. When they were about to leave the place, later in the evening, Taichi burst into the room worried, giving his girlfriend a hug.
– I’m sorry – he said looking at her, stroking her cheek – it won’t happen again.
– I hope so…
– Nagase told me you didn’t trew it away, right? – She nodded – keep it, just in case.
– Okay but I’m not comfortable keeping it in my place
– Let’s go, I’ll take you home.
Taichi stroke and kissed her hand all the way home, which she greatly appreciated. He was the perfect boyfriend. When they arrived at her apartment, there was a new box. Taichi grabbed it and threw it away without even looking at it. Wawa didn’t say anything, but it was starting to scare her and Taichi couldn’t stay the night with them because he had to work. On Wednesday, they wouldn’t talk about it, in fact now that their relation was more serious they barely speak to each other. On the other hand, the relation between Tifa and Nagase were all laughs and jokes, but not that day. Toshiko-san, the girl’s boss, went over there to see them work. On Friday night they heard a knock on the door of their house just before they went to bed. Wawa opened and found another box.
– Oh please, not again… – she said. Tifa left the house with a cutter, giving her mobile phone to Wawa because she was talking just a moment before. She put the box on the stair’s railing and peeked down. She opened it and knock it over the balcony.
– Aaaaaaaaaaahh!! You son of a bitch! – someone screamed.
– Fuck you, bitch! – Tifa shouted
– Say that to my face you cunt!! – A bosozoku[1]was running upstairs with very bad intentions. Wawa grabbed Tifa’s wrist and put her inside the house, locking the latch – Open the door you piece of shit!!! Fucking gaiyin, you’re gonna die!!
– Tifa, don’t go – Wawa said, scared
– That slut has hired some gangs or are they her group of friends?! – She took the phone from Wawa’s hand – Wawa recieved another package… – she could hear a voice on the other side – yeah, it’s a brute who seems to be a woman trying to scare us.
– I’m calling the police – Wawa said when she heard the door banging.
– No need – Tifa said grabbing her arm, with a smile – your knight in shining armor is coming soon – she was silently listening to what Nagase said on the phone and she laughed – of course you are a knight too, you baka – Tifa got into her room with the phone, smiling like a fool.
That girl stayed at the door, occasionally giving a shout to let them know that she was out there. Wawa was really scared, she didn’t understand how Tifa could be so calmed. She went to her room but from there she heard that bosozoku’s shouting ‘I’ll stay waiting until you leave!‘ And Tifa replying ‘Well, I hope you’re comfortable then!‘ making that girl goes hysterical. Wawa walked into Tifa’s room to find her lying in bed laughing while reading a book.
– Stop provoking her!
– Don’t be nervous, they are coming and then she’ll leave us alone.
– But they won’t be here forever, What if they come another day and I’m alone? – Wawa couldn’t believe her eyes – Please, tell me you don’t have your window wide open
– It’s hot in here! – Tifa said laughing – and don’t worry, this type of chicks are much ado about noth-
– Whose motorcycle is this?! What a piece of shit! – It was Nagase’s loud voice from downstairs.
Both peered out the window to see how the girl run downstairs. They nearly jumped out of bed and left the house, looking at the street from the rail. Taichi was parking the car while Nagase was standing in front of that girl. He grabbed her shoulder and whispered something. She turned, grabbed her bike (a really ugly one) and left. Nagase looked upstairs greeting and smiling at them as Taichi came upstairs.
– Are you okay? – He approached Wawa, giving her a kiss on the cheek.
– Yeah, yeah. It was Tifa who has fought – Taichi looked surprised
– I didn’t fought! I throw her the bugs, it’s different.
– And you’ve shouted her awful things.
– What do you want? Should I ask her to leave in a pleasant way? – Nagase came to where they were – and what did you say she get the fuck out of here that fast?
– She recognized me and I told her that if she wants to punch me it was ok, but she would have serious troubles if she does.
– And money solves every situation… – Tifa said rolling her eyes, going into the house
– Useful, right? – Nagase said laughing and coming after her, slapping her ass. Tifa looked at him bitting her lip – you should pack what you are going to need during the weekend.
– Where are we going? – Wawa asked Taichi. Tifa looked at them surprised.
– I have a house in Yonaha Maehama and you’re invited – Nagase said.
– Where is that? – Tifa asked
– In Miyakojima – the girls looked each other, they had no idea. Taichi laughed
– It’s in Okinawa, I think you’ll like it.
– Wait a second – Tifa went into her room, clutching Wawa’s hand – let’s see where they’re carrying us… – when they found it, both gave a shout. It was a tropical island just for rich people – tell me you’ve got the swimsuit here …
– Yes, of course, but—
– If you don’t get hurry we’ll miss the plane – Nagase said smiling.
They got nervous, shouting from room to room what they were going to pack while boys laughed. They helped them storing everything and before they could react, they were at the airport. For the first time in their lives they travelled in a first class flight, though it was very short. They had to take a boat to the island and when they arrived, a car to the house. From the outside it looked huge, especially considering that it was the only house around. It was surrounded by natural vegetation and sand. Just in front of it, there was the sea, a few meters far.
– Why are the lights on? – Nagase said carrying his things and Taichi’s, who was wearing the girls’ bags.
– Maybe they’ve prepared it for you? – he asked
– I doubt it, I don’t like people coming into my house if I’m not there – he remained silent and they listened, just before coming in, a laugh – no way… – he threw the bags beside the door and went into the home with rage . Taichi did the same, trying to calm him down. The girls, frightened, followed them – What are you doing here?
– Huh? Tomoya?? – When they entered they saw a tall, thin girl with dyed blonde hair who looked like a top-model. She had a phone in her hand, lying on the couch as if it was her home. Tifa changed her expression from scare to disgust when Wawa grabbed her hand whispering
– That’s his ex, the one I saw that day with another guy.
– What are you doing here?! – Nagase asked her
– Maybe you don’t remember but before our argument… – she looked at the others and pulled Nagase away from them, though they still listening to everything – we had arranged to spend the weekend here, just the two of us together because it was the only weekend I had free. I knew you were coming, so I was waiting. But I wasn’t expecting people….
– I don’t know what you’re trying to—
– Can we have a word? – The girl laced her fingers with his, taking him inside. He didn’t refuse. Tifa felt so bad she wanted to leave, but first, she wanted to catch Yumiko by the hair, dragging her to the shore.
– Ahm … – Taichi scratched his head, visibly uncomfortable – Let’s go to… let’s place our things in our rooms – Wawa nodded, taking Tifa’s hand, forcing her to open the fists. She’d closed them with rage.
– Don’t worry, she sure goes away, nothing will happen.
– The simple fact of watching him agreeding to talk with her is more than enough to make me feel… awful.
She picked up her bag and get into the room, slamming the door. Taichi accompanied Wawa to her bedroom, leaving her backpack. It was a large room, with a huge window from where she felt the sea breeze, perhaps too cold. She crossed her arms, rubbing them. Taichi approached her when he realized, leaving his suitcase in the room too.
– Are you cold, honey? – He held her by the shoulders, Wawa laid her head on his chest, nodding.
– Taichi-kun … where do you sleep?
– Here – he said it as if it were obvious. But it was not obvious. Maybe she wasn’t ready for that, sleep with him… if he tries something, what would she say? – Would you rather sleep alone?
– Yes. I mean, no! – Taichi watched her with a frown – I don’t know!, It’s …
– Hey – he laughed – don’t be nervous, nothing’s going to happen if you don’t want it to happen – Wawa looked down, swallowing – I mean it. I’m happy just by sleeping a whole night hugging you.
– You’re such an amazing boyfriend… – Wawa hugged him, smiling and much more relaxed – Let me talk to Tifa, I’ll be back in a second.
– But kiss me before you leave
Taichi leaned her against the bedroom’s door, removing the pin holding her shawl, moving his huge hands under it and placing them on his girlfried’s cheeks while rubbing them with his fingers. He smiled at her pervertly, barely touching her lips with his, kissing her slowly. When he tried to go away, she followed his mouth. Taichi, chuckling, licked her lips. From inside Wawa’s throat came a sharp whimper, excited by how curious the tongue of her boyfriend was, increasingly eager to play with hers. Wawa grabbed his shirt pushing him closer. She wasn’t sure what she was doing yet, but it was the first time he gave her such ardent kisses. Taichi’s burning tongue between her lips and his hands down her body was too much to handle, touching her in an unknown manner, lustful. When he left his hands over girl’s breasts, she felt her legs shaking, but a sound of heels made them separate. They saw Yumiko leaving the house and Nagase pulling off his cap, throwin it over the table as he moved his fingers through his hair. Wawa placed back quickly her shawl removing the clasp from Taichi’s hands.
– Are you ok? – Taichi spoke as if nothing has happened before he get into the living room, Wawa could hardly breathe. She didn’t know what she was going to do at night to hold her back. She didn’t know if she wanted to hold her back. She was going crazy.
– Yumiko asked me to give her one last chance – he walked around the room, opening the glass doors which lead to a terrace with soft cushions on the floor, a table, and hammocks. He lit a cigarette – she says she wants to be with me. Where’s Tifa?
– Oh! She’s coming in a sec – Wawa said. She felt guilty because she had forgotten about her, so she hurried into her room. Before getting into, she heard Taichi asking ‘And what did you say?‘ But she didn’t heard the answer. She found her friend looking at the moon, sitting on the windowsill with her legs dangling outside. She was leaning against the frame of the window with her arms crossed.
– I saw that bitch leaving, laughing while talking on her cutie cellphone – Tifa said.
– Come with us, he’s asking for you.
– I don’t want to. Why was she laughing? Also, I’m sleepy. Last night I didn’t sleep at all and this morning… well you know when we got up.
– You won’t eat? Tifa, think about where and with who you are, don’t stay here all alone.
– I have no desire to see him. Especially now …
– What do you mean?
– You must have seen how he treated Yumiko, he has feelings for her yet. So, please understand why I don’t want to look at him, at least tonight – and she muttered – What did that bitch found so funny?
– Oook, but I think he’s gonna sleep with you. Taichi sleeps with me – Tifa looked at her rising an eyebrow.
– Finally!
– Just because we’re sharing a bed doesn’t mean we’re going to do something – her friend rolled her eyes.
– Yeah, of course. I hope I don’t have to knock on the wall because your moans wake me up at midnight.
– Shut up! – Wawa said embarrassed and Tifa laughed – Hey, come to dinner. Ignore Nagase if you want but eat something. You’ve been all the way saying you’re hungry.
– I’m always hungry…
Tifa sighed and finally agreed. Wawa felt relaxed now after chatting with her friend. Her libido seemed to be normal again, not over the roof. Before reaching the livingroom, they heard Nagase talking angrily, so Tifa grabbed Wawa’s hand, placing her finger in front of her lips.
– I don’t give a shit! if she’s mad, what can I do? Do you want me to jump into her arms? – Nagase said – things are not going to be as she wants, I have another girl in my thoughs and that’s how things are. I feel sorry for her but my feelings goes first, and if  she get upset or cry I don’t care. Actually it was sex more than anything…
– And when is more than sex, Nagase? – Taichi said with a sigh. Wawa looked at Tifa worried, her friend’s lips were closed tight. She looked into her eyes, shaking her head, and whispering ‘I knew it’ going back into her room – Do you feel the same for Tifa? Is it just sex? Because by what you told me about her you felt more than that… – Wawa turned and got into the livingroom, looking at Nagase so mad she was going to explode.
– You were talking about Yumiko or Tifa?
– What? – He said while looking at his phone distractedly. Wawa took it from his hands. He looked at her whispering, ‘are?[2]
– All those awful things were about Tifa or Yumiko?!
– Yumiko… Why? What’s going on? Where’s Tifa? – Wawa returned the phone, moving her hands to her face, laughing with relief.
– It seemed you were talking about Tifa, could you talk to her? And bring her something to eat, she’s starving.
– We have nothing now – he said – should I call someone to bring some food?
– No, it’s ok. You just go talk to her.
Nagase nodded and knocked on Tifa’s door saying it was him. They heard Tifa screaming ‘Go fuck yourself!!’, but he got inside anyway. And when he did, they heard Tifa’s yells again, some bangs and then silence. Taichi looked at Wawa with a smirk, he got up and took her to their room, turning off the lights of the living room
– These two won’t get out until tomorrow and I’m really tired.
– You want to sleep already? – The calm that she had managed to feel was for nothing, she was hysterical again. His brown and kind eyes were focused on her.
– I want to see your hair, I can’t wait to play with it. Please let me see it.
He asked for it so badly she couldn’t say no. Plus, they were dating, and it was Taichi, her boy. She took it off slowly under his watchful eyes, and a smile appeared on his face when she dropped her hair over the shoulders. Wawa was embarrassed and happy at the same time. He stroked her hair and cheeks for a few minutes. He smelled it, and stroked the girl’s neck as he kissed her again. She was surprised by the intensity of his kisses and how strong he was hugging her. But her biggest surprise came when he took her  between his arms, making her lay down on the bed with him. He looked at the girl for a few seconds, smiling before kissing her lips relentlessly, stroking her body again. He moved his fingertips over her thin clothes, over her breasts and nipples, hardened by his touch. Wawa felt awkward, it was difficult to think and she was so nervous she didn’t know what to do with her hands. Taichi, however, knew exactly what he was doing. He looked into her eyes intently, his lips half open, and she felt him opening her trouser’s button. When Wawa felt the touch of his fingers on her panties, she reacted. She grabbed his arm holding a moan, panting, so many doubts she couldn’t keep going. She didn’t want stop him but she wasn’t ready. It felt like it wasn’t right and there was no need to say it outloud. After a long sigh, Taichi changed his lustful expression to his pleasant smile as always.
– I’m sorry – he said kissing her cheek, sitting at her side – I just…got carried away – he laughed.
– I’ll get my pajamas – She took it from the suitcase with trembling hands, getting into the bathroom the room has.
She leaned against the door, wondering whether to stop him again or lure him to keep going. Her heart was beating so fast and so strong she though Taichi could heard it from where he was. And her underwear was wet, she felt sensitive, she actually wanted to get back into his arms. Wawa felt this intense love and desire for him, but the dilemmas won’t let her react as she wanted to. His desire drove her crazy… it was a difficult situation.
************************************************** ********************
Moments earlier, Tifa sat on the edge of the bed with her face buried in a pillow as she let the pain and anger flow. As much as she tried not to delude herself, she failed miserably. She hated herself and hated him for being so cold. ‘Actually it was more sex than anything’‘, that sentence would etch forever. She heard Wawa speaking out against him, and Tifa thanked her. But it was for nothing… she just was his sex toy. And though she said she didn’t care at all, she actually did.
– Tifa, may I come in? – Nagase knocked on the door just when she was crying harder.
– Go fuck yourself!!
– Tifa … – he came into the room. Tifa got up like she had a spring under her feet, trying to be more angry than sad – oh my, please don’t cry…
– Now all of the sudden you care?! – He stopped dead, scared by her reaction – didn’t you said you don’t give a fuck?! That you’re feelings are first?! Don’t you dare now to say it hurts you watching me feel like crap!! It’s all your fault!! – She picked up a magazine from the nightstand, beating Nagase. He stumbled and fell against the bedroom’s door – When you felt down I was there for you! And now you run into her arms!! and you kissed me!! You kissed me again and again and you keep saying it’s only sex, you liar!!! – she hit him again.
– Calm the fuck down!! – He took the magazine from her hand, threwing it out the window, grabbing her wrists – I was talking about Yumiko, you idiot! – Tifa looked at him without understanding – She asked me for another chance and I said her to fuck off, just like that. She’s gone mad and—
– Bullshit! – She said – she was laughing when I saw her from here!
– That’s because she’s a whore – now that she had take all that rage from the inside, looking at him smiling like that made her feel extremely sad. And tears were flowing non-stop. She released her wrists from his hands, sitting down on the bed, wiping her tears. Nagase sat next to her and when he tried to hug her shoulders, she pushed his hand away.
– Leave me alone – she said instead ‘I love you more than she ever did’, which was her real feelings.
– Tifa…
– I don’t fucking understand why you would talk to her! she doesn’t deserve a single minute of your time and you were there drooling like a dog looking at her stunning body – Nagase sucked his teeth. Tifa had her arms crossed.
– I didn’t do that. I just wanted to know—
– As much as you have rejected her, assuming you’re not lying to me, you didn’t hesitate! You followed her, listening to whatever she wanted to say to you. After all she has done, after all you’ve gone through because of her… she made you cry, for god sake!!
– I wanted to know if at least she was going to apologize.
– Yeah, right, as if her apology has any value or something.
– Not really… – she looked at him. She didn’t understand what he was thinking but he was so handsome and attractive she couldn’t stand it.
– Look, I’m going to sleep.
– But—
– Good night, Nagase!
With her street clothes she got into bed. The cold came through the window and she felt frozen. She heard him move around the room, opening his backpack, grabbing and dropping things. She saw his back, looking out the window while smoking a cigar. He was wearing nothing but some dark cloth trousers. She felt a strong desire to hug his huge back, to feel his kisses comforting her. To hear him saying that she was the one for him. But it was just daydreaming so she shut her eyes tightly, clutching the sheets. When he finished the cigar, he laid down with her and she felt his hand caress her waist. She hit him and he shook his hand off, laughing. ‘And there’s one more person laughing for no reason at all’. He leaned over her, kissing her cheek. She felt his warmth when he lied down really close to her, but without touching. He sighed. She sighed too. She won’t sleep that night either.
Wawa took a deep breath, going back into the room. Taichi was eating a choco bar while watching stuff on his phone, and when he saw her he offered some. She refused and got into bed with him, tense and nervous. Taichi dropped the phone on the nightstand and turned in bed, looking into her eyes.
– I’ve messed it up, right? – She couldn’t understand how he could be that handsome.
– No, Taichi … you know what I feel for you right? – He nodded – it’s just I’m a bit complicated. There are things that I… – she didn’t know how to explain herself.
– Come closer, let me hold you – Wawa moved in bed, approaching him happily as she felt his arms around her.
– Can I sleep like this?
– I want you to sleep like this. I was dying to sleep by your side, but also you’ve got to understand that I really want to do other things – he stroked her hair holding her tight – but as I said, I want you to want it. I don’t want to create a situation that makes you uncomfortable.
– It doesn’t bother me, it’s just… I don’t know if I’m ready.
– It’s okay, no one has died from waiting. Maybe I’ll explode but that’s no problem if you turn away – Wawa laughed, hugging him strongly..
– You make me so happy, to be with you is like… a dream.
– Don’t wake me up then – Wawa laughed at the thought of Tifa wrinkling her nose at that corny comment, but she felt better than ever – I love you – she sighed, feeling the touch of Taichi’s fingers in her hair, falling asleep.
************************************************** ********************
Next morning, it took her a few seconds to realize she was mad at him. He was looking at her, disheveled and with that sexy beard of his she wanted to touch so badly while kissing his thick lips. He smiled and licked them before speaking.
– Are you mad at me?
– Yes – He laughed turning in bed and buring his face into the pillow.
– But Tifa – he said watching her again, closer – With who am I sleeping?
– Are you seeing her again or not?
– No. I told you, I don’t want her in my life anymore.
– Why did you let her touch your hand like that?
– I seriously don’t understand your jealousy
– Nagase … – She couldn’t believe it, she felt really angry again – it’s your exgirlfriend, you’ve cried for her in my fucking arms! Don’t you understand? – He was still smiling.
– Tell me you love me, give me my good morning kiss – he approached his lips at hers. Tifa pushed him, leaning back.
– What the fuck!? – She felt her cheeks burning, she felt ashamed though she hated feeling like that. But it seemed very funny to Nagase. She got out from bed, her heart and hair all tousled, but he pulled her, grabbing her waist and sitting the girl on his body. Her back was on his chest, and she felt his nose tickling her neck.
– Forgive me – he said kissing her at that same spot, causing her a shiver of pleasure.
– I forgive you. But that doesn’t mean I believe what you’re saying.
– I’m not lying babe.
– That’s what you say. But you’re still a man and I don’t know if I can trust you. You’ve cheated her with me twice. And I don’t want to suffer because of your incapacity of having your dick inside your trousers.
– Wow, hold your horses! I’m not unfaithful, I wasn’t happy with her. But anyway, since when are we dating, you and me? – It was true. She didn’t know why he had to give an explanation when they were nothing but friends. She got up searching her bikini. – Did you ever told me something about it? Because I don’t remember…
– Damn, Tomoya! stop playing fool, we talked about this at the zoo – she got into the service, bolting  it – besides, me being your girlfriend… is just unthinkable.
– And why is that? – he said from the bedroom.
– Because you’re unattainable. You’ve always been, I don’t even know how I managed to fuck you three times. Two and a half actually. – She heard him laughing.
– What a nonsense…
– It’s not a nonsense – she said going out the bathroom with just her red bikini. It was sexy but not too much provocative, though a lot of flesh was visible. Nagase was smoking again, looking at his cellphone. But once he watched her he couldn’t take off his eyes from her body – You know those hysterical girls screaming in the front row of your concerts? – She said, grabbing her clothes from the backpack.
– Aaaham… – Tifa turned around and found him closer than she expected. She shook his hand, like a greeting.
– Well, you’re in front of the queen of those hysterical fans. The one who screams ‘marry me‘ and cry when you sing ‘Sometimes‘. If you run away I’ll understand. – But he didn’t. He looked at her breasts insted, even after she put her shirt on.
– You know the typical naughty dude who wanks watching videos of busty girls? – Now it was him who shook her hand with a smile – a whole week until I had soreness in the arms. And you could be the main actress, I assure you…
– Oh, that’s splendid… – Nagase gave a laugh and Tifa couldn’t help her smiles. When she put on her shorts, they went to the livingroom together. They met Taichi and Wawa surrounded by food.
– I phoned saying you had your refrigerator empty and they brought breakfast for one month – Taichi said as he munched on a donut – I have no idea what’s going to happen when we order lunch…
– And this food! I think that this little cake I’m eating is more expensive than one month’s rent of ours, Tifa.
– Excuse me? Only this house costs an amount of money that neither you nor I will ever see.
– Why are you always talking about money? – Nagase said
– Because we don’t have much – Wawa said laughing with Tifa
They had breakfast as the boys argued that money was not everything while the girls replied that it was because they hadn’t to look at their wallets to make any purchase they wanted. When they were tired of eating cakes, they went for a walk along the beach. They walked with their feet in the water, so clear and cold. Suddenly, Tifa took off her shorts and shirt, giving them to Nagase, running into the sea.
– Here – Nagase told Taichi carefully watching Tifa’s upper body moving and bouncing as she run. He got into the water in his underwear while Taichi held their clothes.
– Do you wanna go with them?
– Sure! – Wawa said taking off her clothes because she has the swimsuit beneath them. When they reached the couple, Nagase was humming the melody of the film ‘Jaws’, swimming around Tifa.
– Shut up you idiot!
– Are you still angry?
– Yes – Nagase splashed water to her faking a sad face. Tifa looked away trying not to laugh.
– Look, this is edible! – Taichi got closer to Wawa leaving the shell in her hand. As soon as she realized that it was alive and moving, she gave a little cry, threwing it into the air.
– Don’t give me bugs or animals if they’re alive!
– It’s not a bug, it’s food, like you. You are my edible bug – he picked her up and began to bite her body as she screamed, laughing.
– Stop it! Taaiiichiiiii!
– Do you want me to bite you too? – Nagase said to Tifa. When she looked at him, all wet, with so little clothes on and smiling like he does, she got nervous. Nagase held her by the shoulders watching her smiling a bit embarrassed – I was looking forward to see you smiling like that – but just then, she stepped on something slimy.
– Eeeewwww! What’s down there? – She dived finding something long, thick and dark. Tifa started laughing out loud.
– What is it? – Wawa asked at her
– I just step on Nagase – she said waving a sea cucumber in her hand. When she did, a white, viscous liquid came out of it, making her jump while laughing louder – definitely it’s Nagase – he also craked up
– I didn’t need that informartion – Taichi said covering his eyes. Wawa approached her friend, whispering
– Is it true that they’re the same?
– No, not as big as that thing. But it’s not small… And what about Taichi?
– And why should I know! – Said she altered
– Didn’t you …? Really?
– No! I told you yesterday, we just slept.
– But, nothing at all? – She told her about what happened the night before, watching that Taichi won’t realize she was talking about him.
– I couldn’t do it, I was too nervous…
– And he’s right, it has to be when you feel ready. And if he’s in a hurry he can always jerk off…
They played in the water for a while: the girls on boy’s shoulders; Wawa with her arms around Taichi’s neck while swimming; and Nagase being really amazed at how Tifa’s breasts floated. When Wawa felt cold, they went into the house ordering their lunch. They brought so much seafood it was impossible to eat everything. Tifa got up picking up the dishes to wash them though Nagase told her to stay there. She also wanted to prepare a dessert. Wawa told her she’d help, but Tifa didn’t let her. And Wawa thanked her because she was in Taichi’s arms, not wanting to move at all.
            Tifa was washing the lunch dishes while the others remained on the terrace. Wawa had whispered her if it was ok to stay with so few clothes in front of the two guys, and she laughed saying it was. She was wearing her short-sleeve t-shirt and her bikini underneath, so she understood her friend’s comment. But for Tifa it was normal. When she was serving the dessert, she heard some whispering and giggling from the terrace.
– What are you doing here? Dessert will be ready soon – she told Nagase. She won’t get tired of staring at his torso full of sweat pearls, asking to be touched. But she must behave in front of people, so she focused on the ice cream. She heard the door shutting and footsteps approaching her.
– Need help? – Nagase told her when she took out the cream.
– I’m ok, I told you – she  turned her face to look at him. He grabbed her shoulder placing her front to front to his body.
– I’m not talking about the food – he lowered his hand slowly, rubbing her curves with his long fingers. He bit his lip as he was touching her, staring until his eyes focused into hers again. He moved aside strands of hair from her face with his other hand.
– Nagase, they’re out there… – Tifa whispered, starting to have fun, moving her fingertips down his chest. He smelled so manly and his glare was so wild she felt her swimsuit getting wet.
– Taichi knows we’re here. It’s okay – he fondled her lips with his fingers but she licked them, laughing as his other hand squeeze her ass tightly. Nagase licked his lips – Are you still mad at me? – She shook her head, laughing.
– I’ve been waiting for this since you took your shirt off last night… – the girl ran her fingers through his beard, brushing his nose with hers – I’ve been nervous since you smiled at me this morning – he let Tifa caress her lips with his.
– Do I have to tell you my reaction when I saw your bikini? – Tifa bit his lower, thick lip slightly, breathing his breath – and see you there with just this shirt on… you’re begging me to touch you.
Tifa grabbed his hair and his erection while he made her moan with a deep kiss. He tasted like cigarettes, a flavor already associated with Nagase. He buried his hands under the girl’s shirt, squeezing her breasts gently, lowering one hand to make it through the swimsuit panties.
– Tomoya… – she said panting – your fingers … I’ll moan if you don’t st—
– Do you like them more than you like my cock? – Those dirty whispers while panting, excited her like nothing in this world – I though it was you favorite thing but you seem to love my fingers – she moaned loudly – a lot…
– We shouldn’t… they’re out there – Tifa couldn’t speak, she could hardly move her hand to masturbate him.
– I know, I know. I just want you to cum Can you cum just with my fingers? – Tifa gasped into his mouth, making him laugh.
He lifted her shirt, lowering his lips to touch Tifa’s breasts, pulling her bikini away to tickle her nipples with his warm tongue, slowly and giggling. “You are salty”, he whispered. He didn’t lowered her bikini bottom, touching her vagina with his fingers. She put them on her clit, looking at him with desire. He moved his fingers slowly, his touch was delicious.
– Hayaku – she said feeling the stifling sensation prior to orgasm. Nagase moaned into her mouth as she stroked his cock inside his swimsuit – oh my… Tomoya, fuck me already – he laughed as she was dying in his arms. Nagase pressed her against his body, with his arm around the girl’s waist, masturbating her – iku, ikuuuhmmm…! – She began to moan, realizing where they were and bitting his shoulder. Nagase whined when she sank her teeth in his flesh but he stayed laughing and wanking her, covering his fingers with her fluids.
– It’s hot in here, huh? – He whispered in her ear, brushing her clit very, very slowly.
– Hot?… shut the fuck up… – Nagase gave a huge and sharp laugh.
– So, you don’t want me to fuck you? – He said, kissing her affectionately on the cheek as she shifted her hair away from her face.
– Leave now before I do something against your will… – he got his fingers into her body slowly. She trembled, grasping his arm with both hands.
– Uhh, I’m scared… – She removed his breeches, tired of waiting, moving up one leg to make him get closer to her hips. She moved slowly, his cock penetrating her tight body. She moaned into his mouth and he did in hers, thrusting the girl against the sink faster and stronger.
– Tomoya – Tifa whispered in his ear – more… give me more please…
– Shhhushh… – he kissed her again. But someone timidly knocked on the door, so he took his hot and wet cock out of her body – Waith a sec! I hate this… – he said trying to look as normal as he could.
– May I come in? I have to go to the bathroom… – Wawa said sheepishly as Tifa washed her hands, serving the dessert.
– Yes, of course. This ice cream is really tasty! – Tifa looked at Nagase because he kept laughing like an idiot. She saw him with his fingers in his mouth. The same fingers that had been inside her body a few seconds ago. She felt her cheeks would burst. Wawa was right there and he was… she glanced at her friend but she didn’t seem to notice anything. Thank goodness.
They went to the terrace to eat their dessert without further comment, but Tifa nudged Wawa before she went again into her boyfriend’s arms. Nagase was smoking a cigar, smiling occasionally at Tifa. He had taken out a guitar and he played parts of songs she didn’t recognize, but she watched him spellbound. It was almost night time and Tifa giggled looking at the couple half asleep on the cushions.
– What? – Taichi said.
– You just don’t know how many times Wawa told me how badly she wanted to be like that with you.
– Oh really? – Taichi said watching how she covered her face with her hands, laughing – And what else did she tell you?
– That she wanted to take care of you, to see you every day, how intently she loves you and how happy she would be the feeling was in return. So she must be super happy – Taichi nodded.
– Tifa, stop it already! – She said throwing her a cushion. Taichi was delighted – Besides, you told me exactly the same about Nagase-kun.
– Not that cheesy. I just wanted him to use me sexually speaking, and you know it.
– Lies!. You love your ‘Tomo-chan’ a lot – Nagase stopped playing, suddenly interested in the conversation.
– Can we talk about something else?
– You’re the one that who started the topic! If you’re embarrassed now I’m sorry but you deserved it, ‘Tom girl’
– Iiiiiii’m gonna lie over there – Tifa said getting up, walking on the beach.
– Is that true? – Nagase asked to Wawa when Tifa were far from them – I know I turn her on but…
– Sure it is! I’m tired of telling you – Taichi said – She is everything you want.
– I do not know if it she’s what you want, but I hope so – Wawa told him – I can assure that there’s no woman capable of making you happy as she is. She loves you, really, she does. Would you love her, Nagase-kun? – Nagase bit his lower lip repeatedly looking at Tifa’s silhouette, lying on her side in the sand while watching the sunset – because if you do so she’ll stay with you forever if you ask.
– And if you don’t ask her as well – Taichi said laughing.
He got up walking towards Tifa. Wawa watched him laying close to her friend, hugging her waist. She gave a sigh, caressing Taichi’s big hands.
– Are you ok? – Taichi said noticing her sigh
– I think we have succeeded.
– Explain that please – he said smiling
– To be with you two like this. You have no idea ​​the nights we’ve been daydreaming and talking about what we would do in case we meet you.
– Probably we needed someone who love us this much without expecting anything in return – the evening light reflected in Taichi’s eyes, making them more beautiful than usual. Wawa placed a hand on his cheek, kissing him tenderly, smiling and sighing.
– I have to take a shower.
– Me too – Wawa looked at him with wide eyes, making him laugh – but after you, silly girl.
Wawa came in the shower removing her swimsuit. Taichi loved her, perhaps not as much as she loved him but he seemed happy to be by her side. And he also desired her body. She desired him too, very much. She had to try to feel relaxed next time something sexual happens. He was her boyfriend, her man, and she wanted to feel how he possesed her body. But just thinking about it… She began to laugh nervously under the spray of the shower. She was so happy she was going to explode.
************************************************** ********************
Few minutes before, Tifa watched the waves and the sunset, a bit upset about how Wawa made her feel before. But the tranquility of the beach relaxed her.
– What are you doing here all alone? – Nagase said, his arm around her waist, his body lying behind hers, really close.
– It reminds me of my city, where I lived in Spain. It relaxes me a lot.
– Do you miss it? – Tifa nodded stroking his fingers – we should go together, I’ve never been to Spain.
– With me?
– Of course with you – they were silent, watching the sea. Tifa felt his breathing in her neck, the warmth of his body. She felt drowsy and suddenly he hugged her tightly, resting his face over her shoulder – we have fun together, right?
– Indeed – she said smiling, feeling the touch of his fingers moving a strand of hair aside from her cheek.
– We play videogames and I’d never done anything like that with a girl I liked this much – she laid on her back, looking how the sunset made him look even more attractive. Instantly, her heart began to pound like crazy – and sex… hmmm – he squeezed her waist smiling – If I’m busy working on something in the garage and you walk in naked, I promise I won’t complain that I get to fuck you on my work bench instead of finishing my work – Tifa laughed, stroking the outline of his face a bit more serious now – plus, you support me a lot. You really care about me and you’re there when I’m sad.
– Of course I care, you know how I feel about you…
– You didnt’ tell me yet.
– I did, but you don’t know when.
– The first time you kissed me? – Tifa smiled – You said something in Spanish. But that doesn’t count – he leaned over kissing her, his hand on her waist – say it.
– Tomoya… – he kissed her tenderly again and again, it was the first time he kissed her like that – I love you – she said against his lips, kissing him – I love you – She kept repeating it with their lips meeting endlessly, savoring and pressing gently each other.
He held her tightly in his arms, she caressed his chest as he kept kissing her as she’ve never been kissed. So slowly, so intensely they felt more than kisses. The feeling was stronger than any orgasm that she’d ever had.
– Aishiteru – he whispered, and she saw it in his eyes, in his way of looking at her – stay with me, please.
– Is this really happening to me? – She said, laughing nervously. Nagase picked her up and took her to the house as he kissed her. Tifa couldn’t stop laughing without realizing that neither Wawa or Taichi were there. She was focused on him, his eyes and his cheerful smile. And it was all she needed.
************************************************** ********************
Wawa left the bathroom and Taichi entered the room. The girl was wearing just her underwear so she stood clutching the towel when he looked at her with half open lips.
– I’ll take a shower – he said approaching her. She nodded clutching the towel tighter. Taichi gulped and stepped into the shower puffing. Wawa finally breathed, putting on her clothes as he was in the shower, which he ended very fast. He left only with the towel on, nothing beneath it.
– I’ll let you to get dressed, let me put this on – she said taking the shawl, wanting to look at him.
She was angry with herself for being that shameful so she forced her eyes to look at him. And when she looked Taichi, he laughed with that smile she adores. Interestingly, she felt relaxed. As background they heard a door slam and Tifa’s laughter in the next room. Taichi gently held her hand walking towards her. She realized he wasn’t completely dry from the shower when she placed her hands on his arms, feeling the moisture from his skin. But it was the wetness from his lips what made her breathe deeply. Taichi kissed her against the wall, with his hands on her waist. She hugged his shoulders. After a long kiss, he lifted her from the ground, stucked to her body so much she felt how hard his body was. He rubbed his crotch against her, panting as the intensity of their kisses increased. Taichi held her against the wall with his body so he put his hands under the girl’s shirt, touching her bare skin with his cold fingers from the shower he had just have. She had goosebumps, hardly breathing with excitement.
Hmmmmaaahhh!! Girl, stop I’m gonna cum!! – Nagase’s moans and Tifa’s ‘Shhhhhhh!!’ (followed by the girl’s laughter) get them as clear as if they were in the same room. They looked each other and laughed when they heard a bang and laughs of the other couple
– I think we should leave here – Taichi said. As a response, Tifa’s moans reached them clearly, followed by Nagase’s.
– Let’s go – Wawa said laughing, mortified.
They left the room and although Wawa has the shawl in her hand Taichi didn’t let her put it on. He was wearing just the towel when he laid with her in the cushions, closing the terrace door.
– Taichi, I’m not comfortable without the shawl on…
– It is a private beach, no one’s coming.
– But Nagase is there.
– Nagase won’t come out in a while. How can they be that noisy? Did you suffer this when he stayed at your place?
– No, I heard nothing that day. Maybe they’re more relaxed – she said laughing – they are perfect for each other. Sex is such a natural thing for both…
– So we are not compatible? – Taichi said, raising an eyebrow. She was lying on her back, he looked at her leaning on one arm. She took his hand playing with his fingers.
– No, no, we are. I suppose… But I’m nervous, I’m always nervous by your side. I’m your fan, what do you want me to do? – She said tossing his wet hair
– Baka – he said, laughing and poking her nose.
With the same finger, he stroked her cheek, the outline of her face, her nose and her eyebrows. Wawa closed her eyes, relaxed until she almost falls asleep. And in her most relaxed moment, she felt him caressing her neck, her collarbone, her arm and hand. He ran his fingers around her waist, slightly raising her pajama shirt, rubbing her belly button with the tip of a finger. He moved it up slowly, giving her goosebumps. Wawa smiled opening her eyes. Taichi stared her body in such a sweet and intense way she had to sigh. The only light they had came from a small bulb on the porch. Taichi didn’t lifted her shirt, he put his hand instead below it, stroking her skin over her bra. He looked into her eyes with a smile, kissing her cheek. Wawa turned her face kissing him on the lips, and Taichi’s fingers went down her body, brushing the edge of her pants. When Wawa felt him touching her underwear, she didn’t refuse. She was extremely relaxed and it felt right, it felt good and she wanted it really badly. She put her hands on his cheeks, kissing him with more enthusiasm as she panted.
            Taichi pulled the girl’s shirt up, leaving her just with the bra in front of him. He kissed her cheeks, her mouth and her neck softly as he lowered her pants. He hugged her waist, laying between Wawa’s legs and kissing her harder. The nerves she felt now were different, it wasn’t fear, it wasn’t embarrassement. She just wanted him, she wanted to feel him. Taichi took off the bra playing with her tongue, his hands over her breasts, gently stroking her nipples. He knelt and stared at her lying in front of him with her hair all over the cushions.
– You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life.
– Taichi… – she blushed more than ever when he looked at her naked body.
– I’m really nervous – he laughed, rubbing his face while laughing – and look at you all relaxed!!
– Not really – she said in a small voice, but smiling. The desire of feeling him was becoming unbearable.
************************************************** ********************
They were lying in bed with their eyes closed, sweating and panting after their intense minutes of sex. The girl started laughing and he looked at her with one eye open and one closed, wiping the sweat from his forehead.
– That was fast… – Tifa said – what a mess you are Tomoya…
– What did you expect?! You sucked me so eagerly and so fucking good it was a miracle I didn’t cum in your face.
– Bring me a cake from kitchen, man. I deserve it – he smiled. Nagase grabbed her face and kissed her smiling lips. He bit Tifa’s nose, making her laugh. Just before leaving the room, he looked at her saying:
– If you don’t laugh we’re through.
– Huh? – Followed by that statement, Nagase farted in a really, long, weird and loud way. Tifa covered her face with her pillow, laughing out loud. – A symbol of peace, right?
Nagase were laughing across the room when he saw something moving in the terrace so he looked outside. He covered his mouth with his hands after whispering “woh!”, he took the cupcake and ran to the room.
– You know what? – He said giving it to her – Wawa and Taichi are having sex in the cushions – Tifa choked.
– What! – Nagase laughed laying down beside her. He looked at the cake and looked back at her, smashing it against her pubes. Tifa laughed like crazy – What the fuck are you doing?!
– I feel like having something sweet – Tifa grabbed his hair and pushed his head down her body, whispering “eat my boy, eat”, making him laugh.
************************************************** ********************
He crouched in front of her running his mouth slowly up her thigh, his hands on her hips. Wawa held her breath as she felt her boyfriend’s lips over her white panties. He kissed her warm body over the cloth, his tongue went up and down, looking into her eyes. When he lowered her underwear, the girl grabbed his hair, biting her lips and moving uncontrollably her hips. Taichi’s tongue was the most pleasant and enjoyable thing she had ever felt. And he was so gentle with her… She couldn’t stand it, it was delightfully intense. Taichi stroked her clitoris with a finger, watching and licking her vagina, touching her soft and wet skin with his fingers without getting them into her body. Wawa’s biggest worry was to moan so loud her friend would hear her because she couldn’t avoid it. When she reached the orgasm she pulled Taichi’s hair while he softly penetrated her body with his fingers, pressing up while licking her clit. He kissed her lips again, grabbing her neck, masturbating her while looking into her eyes. Wawa clung tightly to the cushions, looking into his eyes, handed over to him completely captivated.
            Taichi threw the towel away and stood naked in front of her, revealing something much bigger than she imagined. She knew he was going to make it softly so it won’t hurt, but she was scared. He took the girl’s hand making her touch his erection, closing his eyes and swallowing hard as soon as he felt her small hands on his body. He whispered her name as she touched him, kissing her soft lips. He rubbed himself against her naked and wet body, slowly, pressing and getting inside her, always looking into her eyes. Wawa had her arms against her body; Taichi stroked her hair and cheeks, moving his hand down her waist and hips. He stroked her leg and she hugged his waist with it. It didn’t hurt, she was really surprised that it wasn’t. She was so wet and willing to do it that everything went perfect. But when she lost her virginity she complained. Taichi looked at her startled, holding his breath.
– Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?
– I just—
– I should have been more careful…
– …You didn’t hurt me badly – she said smiling. Although she couldn’t hold her tears when she felt the pain, as soon as he was completely inside her it did’t hurt.
He laid on her, moving slowly. It hurt her a bit, but the feeling of him inside her body was so intense she didn’t care. He knelt and grabbed her forearms as she clung to his. He moved slowly, staring and whispering how much he loved her, he wanted her and that she was the one for him. Wawa’s heart was about to explode, she couldn’t be happier. When he heard Wawa’s moans, having her first orgasm feeling a man inside her body, he moved faster. The girl kept making noises, it was so intense she could hardly think. It was all feelings, sensations and orgasms over and over again.
– Wawa… Wawa iku… – Taichi grabbed the cushion under the girl, ejaculating on it with his eyes closed. Wawa sat and kissed him grabbing his hair, looking into his eyes as he had the last spasms after his amazing orgasm. Taichi laid beside her, holding her tightly against his chest. When their breathing calmed a little, the girl shivered with cold so he covered her with his towel. He kissed her hair and pulled her against him again.
– I want to make you happy, Taichi. As much as I am, would you let me?
– Honey, I already am the happiest man alive – Wawa felt asleep, smiling with her lips and her heart.
The next thing she heard in the morning was the sound of the sea, realizing that she was naked, lying on the cushions and alone. She dressed as fast as she could, looking inside. Taichi was having breakfast all alone. Tifa and Wawa entered in the livingroom at the same time from different points in the house, both smiled and ended up laughing. She sat next to Taichi, he yawn, Tifa yawned and then Wawa. After watching his cute smile, he gave her their first good morning kiss. Tifa laughed at Nagase when he went out from their bedroom, completely disheveled and with his trousers barely on.
– Ohayo… – he said hoarsely, doing weird things with his mouth – I have soreness in the tongue.
– No need to explain it, we heard you two – Taichi replied. They saw him throwing a box of condoms in the trash.
– A whole box?! – Wawa said looking at Tifa, who giggled and nodded.
– I didn’t let him sleep… Tomoya, What are you doing? – Nagase was still looking at the trash.
– Is that a cushion?
– Don’t ask, don’t touch – Taichi said. Nagase nodded and walked away from it with disgust. Tifa squated down next to Wawa, whispering in her ear
– Nagase told me yesterday you were having sex with Taichi – she looked at her nooding, feeling her cheeks burning. Tifa laughed, tickling her while whispering – are you now his dirty bitch?
– Shut up!!! – She said covering her face
– What should we do today? – Taichi asked
– Nothing, I’m exhausted – Nagase said. Tifa went back to where she was, sitting on Nagase’s lap
– I’m sorry – she laughed
– Don’t be – he kissed her cheek, and he licked a cupcake as he raised his eyebrows, smiling at her.
Taichi and Wawa didn’t understand their laughters, all they understood was that it was too hot, that they were too sleepy and too in love.


– If they don’t stop acting dumb we’ll never leave here… – Tifa said staring through the glass of the recording studio as soon as they arrived – I though they should have finished half an hour ago, and look at them.
– But look at how happy they are!! – Wawa said smiling, sitting with her and looking how they worked – let him have a good time…
– Let him?? He arrived home at 4 a.m. yesterday because he was playing with his friends and their bikes! – she said while Wawa laughed – sometimes I don’t know if I’m with a kid or a man…
Taichi and Nagase had their backs to them, but they must be saying or playing with something because they won’t stop laughing. Gussan warned them of the girl’s presence, so they turned around greeting both girls with a big smile. Taichi pressed his face to the glass and kissed it, making Nagase’s laughs louder. Tifa sighed after laughing, and when the boys began to record more or less in a serious way, Wawa took her hand.
– What is it? – Tifa asked her 
– I have to talk to you… – she had a mysterious smile.
– Here? – Wawa nodded – Why here?
– I wanted to wait for you to be seated, I noticed before leaving my house – she looked at Taichi and then at her friend – I’m pregnant.
– EEEEEEEEEHHHH?!? – Tifa leaned back so sharply with her hand in her mouth that she felt off the chair, making Wawa laugh loudly. Tifa hugged her, laughing hysterically – Does Taichi knows?
– No, I was going to tell him as soon as we leave.
– Tell him through the microphone, can we use it a second? – She asked to the sound team. They nodded and gave it to Wawa. The three boys who were fooling around instead of singing the song of their new single, startled as they hears Wawa’s on their headphones.
– That’s my girl – Nagase said in English, winking and pointing at Tifa with his fingers as if they were guns. Everyone laughed.
– Taichi-kun… – he smiled at her looking through the glass – I don’t know if it’s too soon, we’ve only been together for six months…
– Are you going to ask me to marry you? – He said laughing
– No, silly boy – Wawa laughed – I’m going to ask you to spend more time with Tatsuya-kun because he has to teach you how to care for more than one person – at first he didn’t understood, but when Gussan hugged him his face changed.
– Congratulations, otosan! – He said slapping him on the back
– Huh? What? – Nagase looked confused. Tifa pushed Wawa aside and said into the microphone:
– She’s pregnant, you idiot! – They saw him opening his mouth wide open as Taichi went out of there, hugging Wawa so hard that it hurt.
– Wawa-chan… – he was touched, even crying while stroking her cheek. Wawa cried too, and so did Tifa as well.
– You stupid people! – She said upset – Don’t cry, dammit! I hate crying! – Gussan and Nagase also hugged Wawa. And Nagase approached his girlfriend wipping her tears, laughing at her – Tomoya, don’t – he laughed harder.
– Go to work, we’ll talk when you finish – Wawa said.
– I can’t sing now! – Taichi said blowing his nose with his handkerchief.
– Come on, you have to be more professional – Gussan said pushing him by the shoulders and tucking him into the recording room.
– We’re going to celebrate it as soon as we finish – Nagase said looking at them – and if you want we can make some babies too – he winked at Tifa.
– Oh my, not yet. But hey! we can take some practice – Nagase laughed and went into the study. When they sat down Tifa took her hand. They smiled and hesitated for a few seconds which of the two was happier at that moment but it didn’t matter because their impian was more than fulfilled.

[1] Violent Japanese urban tribe
[2]What?’ In Japanese


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